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Add some notes on using valgrind
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+If you're having certain types of crashes, such as those associated with
+memory corruption, a bug marshal may ask you to run Asterisk under valgrind.
+You should follow these steps, to give the bug marshal the maximum amount
+of information about the crash.
+1. Run 'make menuselect' and in the Compiler Options, enable MALLOC_DEBUG
+ and DONT_OPTIMIZE. A bug marshal may also ask you to enable additional
+ compiler flags, such as DEBUG_THREADS, depending upon the nature of the
+ issue.
+2. Rebuild and install Asterisk.
+3. Run Asterisk as follows:
+ valgrind --log-file-exact=valgrind.txt asterisk -vvvvcg 2>malloc_debug.txt
+4. Reproduce the issue. Following the manifestation of the issue (or when
+ the process crashes), upload the two files, valgrind.txt and
+ malloc_debug.txt to the issue tracker.