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@@ -41,26 +41,41 @@ University of Washington IMAP C-Client
You will need a source distribution of University of Washington's IMAP
c-client (http://www.washington.edu/imap/). Asterisk supports both the
2004 and 2006 versions of c-client, however mail_expunge_full is enabled
-in the 2006 version. You will want to make the appropriate changes
-to the c-client Makefile, for instance:
+in the 2006 version.
+Note that Asterisk only uses the 'client' portion of the UW IMAP toolkit,
+but building it also builds an IMAP server and various other utilities.
+Because of this, the build instructions for the IMAP toolkit are somewhat
+complicated and can lead to confusion about what is needed.
-In src/osdep/unix/Makefile, set CREATEPROTO to mbxproto. This is done
-to utilize mbx mailbox format (see below).
+If you are going to be connecting Asterisk to an existing IMAP server,
+then you don't need to care about the server or utilities in the IMAP
+toolkit at all. If you want to also install the UW IMAPD server, that
+is outside the scope of this document.
-Compile c-client and verify that a c-client.a file has been generated.
+Building the c-client library is fairly straightforward; for example, on a
+Debian system there are two possibilities:
+1) if you will not be using SSL to connect to the IMAP server:
+ $ make slx SSLTYPE=none
+2) if you will be using SSL to connect to the IMAP server:
+ $ make slx EXTRACFLAGS="-I/usr/include/openssl"
+Once this completes you can proceed with the Asterisk build; there is no
+need to run 'make install'.
Compiling Asterisk
Configure with ./configure --with-imap=/usr/src/imap
-or where ever you built the University of Washington IMAP C-Client.
-Then make menuselect go to voicemail options and check the imap box
-then make, make install and asterisk will have imap storage support for
+or where ever you built thfe UWashington IMAP Toolkit. When you run
+'make menuselect', choose 'Voicemail Build Options' and the
+IMAP_STORAGE option should be available for selection.
+After selecting it, use the 'x' key to exit menuselect and save
+your changes, and the build/install Asterisk normally.
Modify voicemail.conf
@@ -87,15 +102,6 @@ Kerberos. They are defined to allow Asterisk to authenticate as a single
user that has access to all mailboxes as an alternative to Kerberos.
-Mailbox Format
-Mailboxes should use the "mbx" mailbox format. The "mbox" format does not
-support concurrent access to mailboxes, which can cause deadlock or strange
-behaviors. You can convert mailboxes from mbox to mbx using mailutil:
-mailutil copy INBOX #driver.mbx/INBOX
IMAP Folders
Besides INBOX, users should create "Old", "Work", "Family" and "Friends"