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clarify the fact that voicemail IMAP storage cannot be built against a distro's binary c-client library package (at least not at this time)
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@@ -74,6 +74,12 @@ or where ever you built thfe UWashington IMAP Toolkit. When you run
'make menuselect', choose 'Voicemail Build Options' and the
IMAP_STORAGE option should be available for selection.
+Note that the --with-imap option will NOT search your system for an
+installed copy of the IMAP Toolkit c-client library; the Asterisk
+Makefiles and configure script are designed to build against an
+unpacked and compiled source tree of the IMAP Toolkit, not a binary
After selecting it, use the 'x' key to exit menuselect and save
your changes, and the build/install Asterisk normally.