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+Asterisk applications register themselves with ast_application_register.
+They should have a short, unique name, and an exec function which takes
+as its arguments a channel and some data that might be useful for callback
+stuff. Remember to keep track of how many and which channels are using
+your application so that should the module need to be unloaded
+(particularly force unloaded), you will be able to ast_softhangup all the
+channels. An application should *never* call ast_hangup on the channel
+that it is running on (although it could conceivably hang up other
+channels that it allocates). See app_playback.c as an example of a simple
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+All modules must have at least the following functions:
+int load_module():
+ Do what you need to do when you get started. This function
+returns 0 on sucess and non-zero on failure (it is not considered loaded
+if it failes.
+int unload_module():
+ The module will soon be unloaded. If any channels are using your
+features, you should give them a softhangup in an effort to keep the
+program from crashing. Generally, unload_module is only called when the
+usecount is 0 or less, but the user can force unloading at their
+discression, and thus a module should do its best to comply (although in
+some cases there may be no way to avoid a crash). This function should
+return 0 on success and non-zero on failure (i.e. it cannot yet be
+char *description():
+ Return a description of the module's functionality.
+int usecnt():
+ Return the number of channels, etc that are using you.