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+Asterisk and Video telephony
+Asterisk supports video telephony in the core infrastructure. Internally, it's one audio stream
+and one video stream in the same call. Some channel drivers and applications has video support,
+but not all.
+Codecs and formats
+Asterisk supports the following video codecs and file formats. There's no video
+transcoding so you have to make sure that both ends support the same video format.
+ Codec Format
+ ----- ----------
+ H.263 read/write
+ H.264 read/write
+ H.261 - Passthrough only
+Note that the file produced by Asterisk video format drivers is in no generic
+video format. Gstreamer has support for producing these files and converting from
+various video files to Asterisk video+audio files.
+Note that H.264 is not enabled by default. You need to add that in the channel
+configuration file.
+Channel drivers
+SIP The SIP channel driver (chan_sip.so) has support for video
+IAX2 Supports video calls
+Local Forwards video calls as a proxy channel
+This is not yet a complete list. These dialplan applications are known to handle video:
+voicemail Video voicemail storage (does not attach video to e-mail)
+record Records audio and video files (give audio format as argument)
+playback Plays a video while being instructed to play audio
+echo Echos audio and video back to the user
+There is a development group working on enhancing video support for Asterisk.
+If you want to participate, join the asterisk-video mailing list on http://lists.digium.com
+Updates to this file are welcome!