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Update festival documenation (bug #2964)
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1.4.2 RELEASE are included. The patch adds a new command to festival
+It is possible to run Festival without patches in the source-code. Just
+add this to your /etc/festival.scm or /usr/share/festival/festival/scm:
+ (define (tts_textasterisk string mode)
+ "(tts_textasterisk STRING MODE)
+ Apply tts to STRING. This function is specifically designed for
+ use in server mode so a single function call may synthesize the string.
+ This function name may be added to the server safe functions."
+ (let ((wholeutt (utt.synth (eval (list 'Utterance 'Text string)))))
+ (utt.wave.resample wholeutt 8000)
+ (utt.wave.rescale wholeutt 5)
+ (utt.send.wave.client wholeutt)))
+[See the comment with subject "Using Debian
+ festival >= 1.4.3-15 (no recompiling needed!)" on
+ http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+festival+installation for the
+ original mentioning of it]
2) You may wish to obtain and install the asterisk-perl
module by James Golovich <james@gnuinter.net>, from