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Add ISDN display ie text handling options to chan_dahdi.conf.
The display ie handling can be controlled independently in the send and receive directions with the following options: * Block display text data. * Use display text in SETUP/CONNECT messages for name. * Use display text for COLP name updates (FACILITY/NOTIFY as appropriate). * Pass arbitrary display text during a call. Sent in INFORMATION messages. Received from any message that the display text was not used as a name. If the display options are not set then the options default to legacy behavior. The arbitrary display text is exchanged between bridged channels using the AST_FRAME_TEXT frame type. To send display text from the dialplan use the SendText() application when the arbitrary display text option is enabled. JIRA SWP-2688 JIRA ABE-2693 git-svn-id: http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/trunk@306396 f38db490-d61c-443f-a65b-d21fe96a405b
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; yes or both: both directions
+; Send/receive ISDN display IE options. The display options are a comma separated
+; list of the following options:
+; block: Do not pass display text data.
+; Q.SIG: Default for send/receive.
+; ETSI CPE: Default for send.
+; name_initial: Use display text in SETUP/CONNECT messages as the party name.
+; Default for all other modes.
+; name_update: Use display text in other messages (NOTIFY/FACILITY) for COLP name
+; update.
+; name: Combined name_initial and name_update options.
+; text: Pass any unused display text data as an arbitrary display message
+; during a call. Sent text goes out in an INFORMATION message.
+; * Default is an empty string for legacy behavior.
+; * The name options are not recommended for Q.SIG since Q.SIG already
+; supports names.
+; * The send block is the only recommended setting for CPE mode since Q.931 uses
+; the display IE only in the network to user direction.
+; display_send and display_receive cannot be changed on reload.
; Allow inband audio (progress) when a call is DISCONNECTed by the far end of a PRI