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diff --git a/apps/app_flash.c b/apps/app_flash.c
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--- a/apps/app_flash.c
+++ b/apps/app_flash.c
@@ -54,9 +54,10 @@ static char *app = "Flash";
static char *synopsis = "Flashes a Zap Trunk";
static char *descrip =
-" Flash(): Sends a flash on a zap trunk. This is only a hack for\n"
-"people who want to perform transfers and such via AGI and is generally\n"
-"quite useless oths application will only work on Zap trunks.\n";
+"Performs a flash on a zap trunk. This can be used\n"
+"to access features provided on an incoming analogue circuit\n"
+"such as conference and call waiting. Use with SendDTMF() to\n"
+"perform external transfers\n";
static inline int zt_wait_event(int fd)