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Move Asterisk-addons modules into the main Asterisk source tree.
Someone asked yesterday, "is there a good reason why we can't just put these modules in Asterisk?". After a brief discussion, as long as the modules are clearly set aside in their own directory and not enabled by default, it is perfectly fine. For more information about why a module goes in addons, see README-addons.txt. chan_ooh323 does not currently compile as it is behind some trunk API updates. However, it will not build by default, so it should be okay for now. git-svn-id: http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/trunk@204413 f38db490-d61c-443f-a65b-d21fe96a405b
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+Copyright (C) 2004-2005 by Objective Systems, Inc.
+Objective Open H.323 README
+Objective Open H.323 stack is a simple H.323 implementation in C. This
+package contains the core stack code. For complete H.323 stack package with
+examples or for more information visit www.obj-sys.com/open
+ The ASN.1 messaging code was developed using the Objective Systems ASN1C
+compiler to implement the core H.323 specifications (H.225, H.235,
+and H.245). Additional code was then developed which makes use of
+the compiler generated code for presenting a comparatively high level
+stack API.
+Features supported in this package include the following:
+* H.225/Q.931 - the following message types are supported (including
+ support for FastStart and H.245 tunneling):
+ - Setup
+ - Connect
+ - Call Proceeding
+ - Alerting
+ - Facility
+ - ReleaseComplete
+* H.225/RAS - the following message types are supported
+ - GateKeeperRequest / Response
+ - RegistrationRequest / Response
+ - AdmissionRequest / Response
+ - DisengageRequest / Response
+* H.245 - the following message types are supported
+ - MasterSlaveDetermination
+ - MasterSlaveDeterminationAck
+ - MasterSlaveDeterminationReject
+ - MasterSlaveDeterminationRelease
+ - TerminalCapabilitySet
+ - TerminalCapabilitySetReject
+ - TerminalCapabilitySetRelease
+ - TerminalCapabilitySetAck
+ - OpenLogicalChannel
+ - OpenLogicalChannelAck
+ - OpenLogicalChannelReject
+ - CloseLogicalChannel
+ - CloseLogicalChannelAck
+ - RequestChannelClose
+ - RequestChannelCloseAck
+ - RequestChannelCloseReject
+ - RequestChannelCloseRelease
+To run the stack test application chansetup
+ chansetup - This is a sample program developed for testing multiple calls.
+ This program allows stack testing by placing multiple calls. The number of
+ calls, duration of each call and interval between successive calls are
+ configurable.
+1. Two instances of this program have to be run. Can be run on same machine or
+ different machines.
+2. First change to chansetup directory.
+ cd tests/chansetup
+2. For running listener instance,
+ ./h323peer [--use-ip ip] [--use-port port]
+ where local ip address and port can be specified for listening to incoming
+ calls. By default, application determines ip address and uses default H323
+ port number 1720.
+3. For running calling instance
+ ./h323peer [--use-ip ip] -n <number of calls> -duration <call duration>
+ -interval <inetrval between successive calls> destination
+ where all times are in seconds. Interval of 0 means next call will be placed
+ after current call finishes. "destination" is the dotted ip address of the
+ endpoint running listener instance.
+ NOTE: More sample programs are available in the original ooh323c package
+ which can be downloaded from www.obj-sys.com/open
+Reporting Problems:
+Report problems you encounter by sending E-mail to support@obj-sys.com.
+If you have any further questions or comments on what you would like to
+see in the product or what is difficult to use or understand, please
+communicate them to us. Your feedback is important to us. Please let us
+know how it works out for you - either good or bad.