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none of the members are available (e.g. agents not logged on). To
restore the original behavior, use "leavewhenempty=strict" or
"joinwhenempty=strict" instead of "=yes" for those options.
+* By default, there is a new option called "autofallthrough" in
+ extensions.conf that is set to yes. Asterisk 1.0 (and earlier)
+ behavior was to wait for an extension to be dialed after there were no
+ more extensions to execute. "autofallthrough" changes this behavior
+ so that the call will immediately be terminated with BUSY,
+ CONGESTION, or HANGUP based on Asterisk's best guess. If you are
+ writing an extension for IVR, you must use the WaitExten application
+ if "autofallthrough" is set to yes.