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Update groupcount / db documentation (bug #4200, etc)
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@@ -38,6 +38,27 @@ Applications:
* The CallerPres application has been removed. Use SetCallerPres
instead. It accepts both numeric and symbolic names.
+* The applications GetGroupCount, GetGroupMatchCount, SetGroup, and
+ CheckGroup have been deprecated in favor of functions. Here is a
+ table of their replacements:
+ GetGroupCount([groupname][@category] GROUP_COUNT([groupname][@category]) SetVar(GROUPCOUNT=${GROUP_COUNT()})
+ GroupMatchCount(groupmatch[@category]) GROUP_MATCH_COUNT(groupmatch[@category]) SetVar(GROUPCOUNT=${GROUP_MATCH_COUNT(SIP/.*)})
+ SetGroup(groupname[@category]) GROUP([category])=groupname SetVar(GROUP()=test)
+ CheckGroup(max[@category]) N/A GotoIf($[ ${GROUP_COUNT()} > 5 ]?103)
+ Note that CheckGroup does not have a direct replacement. There is
+ also a new function called GROUP_LIST() which will return a space
+ separated list of all of the groups set on a channel. The GROUP()
+ function can also return the name of the group set on a channel when
+ used in a read environment.
+* The applications DBGet and DBPut have been deprecated in favor of
+ functions. Here is a table of their replacements:
+ DBGet(foo=family/key) SetVar(foo=${DB(family/key)})
+ DBPut(family/key=${foo}) SetVar(${DB(family/key)}=${foo})
* A queue is now considered empty not only if there are no members but if