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=== UPGRADE-1.2.txt -- Upgrade info for 1.0 to 1.2
=== UPGRADE-1.4.txt -- Upgrade info for 1.2 to 1.4
+=== UPGRADE.txt -- Upgrade info for 1.4 to 1.6
@@ -62,27 +63,6 @@ Core:
* The concise versions of various CLI commands are now deprecated. We recommend
using the manager interface (AMI) for application integration with Asterisk.
-* The following core commands dealing with dialplan has been deprecated: 'core
- show globals', 'core set global' and 'core set chanvar'. Use the equivalent
- 'dialplan show globals', 'dialplan set global' and 'dialplan set chanvar'
- instead.
-* The silencethreshold used for various applications is now settable via a
- centralized config option in dsp.conf.
-* The logical value of spaces immediately preceding a standalone 0 previously
- evaluated to true. It now evaluates to false. This has confused a good
- many people in the past (typically because they failed to realize the space
- had any significance). Since this violates the Principle of Least Surprise,
- it has been changed.
-* The default console now will use colors according to the default background
- color, instead of forcing the background color to black. If you are using a
- light colored background for your console, you may wish to use the option
- flag '-W' to present better color choices for the various messages. However,
- if you'd prefer the old method of forcing colors to white text on a black
- background, the compatiblity option -B is provided for this purpose.
* The voicemail configuration values 'maxmessage' and 'minmessage' have
@@ -100,18 +80,8 @@ Voicemail:
Examples of situations that would require this option are web interfaces to
voicemail or an email client in the case of using IMAP storage.
-* The externnotify script should accept an additional (last) parameter
- containing the number of urgent messages in the INBOX.
-* SendImage() no longer hangs up the channel on transmission error or on
- another type of error; in those cases, a FAILURE status is stored in
- SENDIMAGESTATUS and dialplan execution continues. The possible return values
- been replaced with 'SUCCESS', and 'NOSUPPORT' has been replaced with
- 'UNSUPPORTED'). This change makes the SendImage application more consistent
- with other applications.
* ChanIsAvail() now has a 't' option, which allows the specified device
to be queried for state without consulting the channel drivers. This
@@ -154,9 +124,6 @@ Applications:
* SetMusicOnHold is now deprecated. You should use Set(CHANNEL(musicclass)=...)
-* While app_directory has always relied on having a voicemail.conf or users.conf file
- correctly set up, it now is dependent on app_voicemail being compiled as well.
* The arguments in ExecIf changed a bit, to be more like other applications.
The syntax is now ExecIf(<cond>?appiftrue(args):appiffalse(args)).
@@ -221,10 +188,6 @@ Channel Drivers:
The "username" setting still work, but is deprecated and will not work in
the next version of Asterisk.
-* SIP: All of the functionality in SIPCHANINFO() has been implemented in CHANNEL(),
- and you should start using that function instead for retrieving information about
- the channel in a technology-agnostic way.
* chan_local.c: the comma delimiter inside the channel name has been changed to a
semicolon, in order to make the Local channel driver compatible with the comma
delimiter change in applications.
@@ -257,17 +220,6 @@ Configuration:
* queues.conf: the queue-lessthan sound file option is no longer available, and the
queue-round-seconds option no longer takes '1' as a valid parameter.
-* If you have any third party modules which use a config file variable whose
- name ends in a '+', please note that the append capability added to this
- version may now conflict with that variable naming scheme. An easy
- workaround is to ensure that a space occurs between the '+' and the '=',
- to differentiate your variable from the append operator. This potential
- conflict is unlikely, but is documented here to be thorough.
-* skinny.conf now has seperate sections for lines and devices.
- Please have a look at configs/skinny.conf.sample and update
- your skinny.conf.
* Manager has been upgraded to version 1.1 with a lot of changes.
@@ -277,25 +229,12 @@ Manager:
output of the SIPpeers command.
* cdr_manager now reports at the "cdr" level, not at "call" You may need to
- change your manager.conf to add the level to existing AMI users, if they
- want to see the CDR events generated.
+ change your manager.conf to add the level to existing AMI users, if they
+ want to see the CDR events generated.
* The Originate command now requires the Originate write permission. For
- Originate with the Application parameter, you need the additional System
- privilege if you want to do anything that calls out to a subshell.
-* New queue log events ADDMEMBER and REMOVEMEMBER have been added. Also, a
- new value has been added to the TRANSFER event that indicates the caller's
- original position in the queue they are being transfered from.
-* Prior to Asterisk 1.6.2, queue names were treated in a case-sensitive
- manner, meaning that queues with names like "sales" and "sALeS" would
- be seen as unique queues. The parsing logic has changed to use case-
- insensitive comparisons now when originally hashing based on queue
- names, meaning that now the two queues mentioned as examples earlier
- will be seen as having the same name.
+ Originate with the Application parameter, you need the additional System
+ privilege if you want to do anything that calls out to a subshell.
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