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@@ -41,39 +41,14 @@ Russell Bryant - Asterisk 1.0 maintainer and misc. enhancements
Anthony Minessale II - Countless big and small fixes, and relentless forward push
-res_muxmon (now MixMonitor)
-Several Features in app_dial including L(), G() and enhancements to M() and D()
-The concept design and initial implementation of dialplan functions with several examples.
-Several CDR enhancements including CDR variables.
-Attended Transfer
-One Touch Record
-Native Music On Hold
-Pluggable config backend (res_config)
-Realtime Caching options and SIP/IAX clusterability
-IAX codec preferences
-Modifications to the manager API to disable events.
-command line '-t' flag to allow recording/voicemail on nfs shares.
-#exec parser in config files.
-setvar from iax and sip peers.
-mulit-line comments in config files.
+ ChanSpy, ForkCDR, ControlPlayback, While/EndWhile, DumpChan, Dictate,
+ MacroIf, ExecIf, ExecIfTime, RetryDial, MixMonitor applications; many realtime
+ concepts and implementation pieces, including res_config_odbc; format_slin;
+ cdr_custom; several features in Dial including L(), G() and enhancements to
+ M() and D(); several CDR enhancements including CDR variables; attended
+ transfer; one touch record; native MOH; manager eventmask; command line '-t'
+ flag to allow recording/voicemail on nfs shares; #exec command and multiline
+ comments in config files; setvar in iax and sip configs.
anthmct@yahoo.com http://www.asterlink.com
James Golovich - Innumerable contributions