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* When you flip to call waiting on a tormenta channel while you have a
three way call up, the parties in the three way cannot hear one another
in the general case.
+Short report on the voicemail system
+Stuff We Need:
+-Date/Time (conversion on the fly for different locales)
+-A more fleshed/emphasized Main Menu
+-Mailbox Options
+ -useful for allowing user to set certain options
+-Notification of new vs. old messages
+-Notification of first and last messages (old and new)
+ and a return to the Main Menu @ the end
+**-Better handling of lack of user input, specifically...
+ infinite loops...
+ currently found in: vm-instructions
+ vm-msginstruct
+ System MUST disconnect user for inactivity
+-Mid message menu w/
+ pause/unpause
+ seeking
+ callback option
+ option to get caller's number if available
+ option to leave message directly on caller's voicemail
+ if he/she has account on system
+-Also redesign the End Of Message Menu
+-Efficienty Question...
+ Better to always rename msgs to being @ 0001
+ or...
+ Better to append new msgs numerically @ the
+ end and use software to traverse them in
+ order...saving cpu cycles on renaming files
+ ..could get messy w/ lots of users