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-Asterisk 1.0-RC-1 Known Major Bugs
-* Some people still have issues with H.323
-* QuickNet driver still not entirely stable
Asterisk Bug Tracking Information
-To learn about and report Asterisk bugs or make feature
-requests, please visit the official Asterisk Bug Tracker
+To learn about and report Asterisk bugs, please visit
+the official Asterisk Bug Tracker at:
For more information on using the bug tracker, or to
-learn how you can contribute by acting as a bug marshal
+learn how you can contribute by acting as a bug marshall
please see:
- http://www.digium.com/bugtracker.html
+ http://www.digium.com/index.php?menu=bugguidelines
-Thank you!
+If you would like to submit a feature request, please
+resist the temptation to post it to the bug tracker.
+Feature requests should be posted to the asterisk-dev
+mailing list, located at:
+ http://lists.digium.com
+Thank you!