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@@ -5,6 +5,18 @@ applies to all loadable Asterisk modules used on your system as well,
except as defined below. The GPL (version 2) is included in this
source tree in the file COPYING.
+This package also includes various components that are not part of
+Asterisk itself; these components are in the 'contrib' directory
+and its subdirectories. Most of these components are also
+distributed under the GPL version 2 as well, except for the following:
+ This file is Copyright (C) Digium, Inc. and is licensed for
+ use with Digium IAXy hardware devices only. It can be
+ distributed freely as long as the distribution is in the
+ original form present in this package (not reformatted or
+ modified).
Digium, Inc. (formerly Linux Support Services) holds copyright
and/or sufficient licenses to all components of the Asterisk
package, and therefore can grant, at its sole discretion, the ability