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Updated documentation for FAX logger level.
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@@ -484,8 +484,15 @@ Fax
* A spandsp based fax backend (res_fax_spandsp) has been added.
* The app_fax module has been deprecated in favor of the res_fax module and
the new res_fax_spandsp backend.
- * A new FAX logger level has been created for spandsp replacing the DEBUG logger
- level. The logger.conf.sample file has been update to include an example.
+ * The SendFAX and ReceiveFAX applications now send their log messages to a
+ 'fax' logger level, instead of to the generic logger levels. To see these
+ messages, the system's logger.conf file will need to direct the 'fax' logger
+ level to one or more destinations; the logger.conf.sample file includes an
+ example of how to do this. Note that if the 'fax' logger level is *not*
+ directed to at least one destination, log messages generated by these
+ applications will be lost, and that if the 'fax' logger level is directed to
+ the console, the 'core set verbose' and 'core set debug' CLI commands will
+ have no effect on whether the messages appear on the console or not.
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--- a/UPGRADE.txt
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@@ -106,9 +106,6 @@ From 1.6.2 to 1.8:
482 Loop Detected response. The dialplan will just continue from where it
left off.
-* All fax-related messages from spandsp, that previously went to DEBUG logger
- level, will now be logged to a FAX logger if possible.
From 1.6.1 to 1.6.2:
* SIP no longer sends the 183 progress message for early media by