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update UPGRADE notes to document usage of the script
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@@ -211,13 +211,7 @@ iLBC Codec:
(http://www.gipscorp.com). This code is not licensed for
distribution, and thus has been removed from the Asterisk source
code distribution. If you wish to use codec_ilbc to support iLBC
- channels in Asterisk, you must go to:
- http://ilbcfreeware.org
- and obtain the iLBC source code from that site, including agreeing
- to the license agreement specified. The site has instructions on how
- to extract the source code from the RFC file where it has been
- published; after you have done that, copy the resulting *.c and *.h
- files into the codecs/ilbc directory of the Asterisk source code
- tree and follow your normal steps of building Asterisk.
+ channels in Asterisk, you can run the contrib/scripts/get_ilbc_source.sh
+ script to download the source and put it in the proper place in
+ the Asterisk build tree. Once that is done you can follow your normal
+ steps of building Asterisk.