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authorHolger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>2011-01-02 18:11:37 +0100
committerHolger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>2011-01-17 11:21:10 +0100
commit346e1c4bc4266ad645aab88d6357518e17055fb3 (patch)
tree7c57a91a277e0d2fd0a2ec1e03cd8ce1ebb7b530 /src/bsc_sccp.c
parent45738887be2299cf5fca19b1f94c6054cca41239 (diff)
mtp: Attempt to select the sls properly in the round robin fashion
When we call the submit method with a SLS of -1 we will try to find the next SLS to do things in a round robin way.
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/src/bsc_sccp.c b/src/bsc_sccp.c
index 69e2262..ea13c43 100644
--- a/src/bsc_sccp.c
+++ b/src/bsc_sccp.c
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ unsigned int sls_for_src_ref(struct sccp_source_reference *ref)
con = find_con_by_src_ref(ref);
if (!con)
- return 13;
+ return -1;
return con->sls;