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Public release of the cellmgr_ng code to convert E1 to IPA SCCP
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+dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script
+AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(cellmgr_ng, 0.0.1)
+dnl kernel style compile messages
+m4_ifdef([AM_SILENT_RULES], [AM_SILENT_RULES([yes])])
+dnl checks for programs
+dnl checks for header files
+dnl Check for the SNMP header
+dnl Checks for typedefs, structures and compiler characteristics
+PKG_CHECK_MODULES([LAFORGE], [liblaf0rge1])
+#PKG_CHECK_MODULES([NEXUSWARE_C7], [nexusware-c7])
+ include/Makefile
+ include/mgcp/Makefile
+ include/openbsc_nat/Makefile
+ src/Makefile
+ tests/Makefile
+ tests/mtp/Makefile
+ tests/patching/Makefile
+ Makefile)