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2017-07-23Put the well-known addresses into a separate file from OUIsJoão Valverde1-263/+0
2016-12-13Change spaces to tab for recent wka entriesDavid Barrera1-3/+3
2016-06-06Fix a mac collision in wka.tmpl.Joerg Mayer1-0/+6
2016-05-07manuf: Add well-known MAC entries for DOCSIS and regenerate fileDominic Chen1-0/+4
2015-04-28epl: Add support for AMNI frameJosef Baumgartner1-0/+1
2014-08-22TRILL updatesMarian Ďurkovič1-1/+3
2014-08-15Add some missing group addresses.Guy Harris1-0/+11
2014-04-24Adding two well known OAM related multicast address ranges.Jaap Keuter1-0/+2
2014-03-31Continue to remove $Id$ from top of fileAlexis La Goutte1-2/+0
2012-12-05Broadcom "donated" one of their OUIs for use in Fibre Channel overGuy Harris1-0/+14
2012-06-28Update Free Software Foundation address.Jakub Zawadzki1-1/+1
2010-08-16Modernize the SONMP ("SynOptics Network Management Protocol") dissector by re...Stephen Fisher1-4/+4
2010-07-16Fix for bug 5015:Jaap Keuter1-1/+1
2010-01-05More updates to the ISL dissector:Stephen Fisher1-0/+1
2008-04-14Fix for bug 2456:Jaap Keuter1-1/+2
2008-02-13Fix for bug 2259:Jaap Keuter1-0/+1
2007-12-28Two addresses from the 802.1 Plenary 11/2007Jaap Keuter1-0/+2
2007-11-02change some extreme wkas and update manufJörg Mayer1-2/+2
2007-09-25Small change about extreme EAPSv2 address and update manufJörg Mayer1-1/+3
2007-04-08Add mc-mac address for l2tp (l2 tunneling proto): GBPTJörg Mayer1-0/+1
2006-08-22From David Buechi:Anders Broman1-0/+4
2006-05-31Rename the main executable to "wireshark", along with more conversions:Gerald Combs1-1/+1
2006-05-21name changeRonnie Sahlberg1-1/+1
2006-03-15Update/add some Cisco multicast addressesJörg Mayer1-1/+4
2006-01-05Jaap Keuter:Jörg Mayer1-0/+2
2005-12-16Jaap Keuter:Jörg Mayer1-0/+1
2005-12-09Add Cisco-ISL MAC-addressesJörg Mayer1-1/+2
2005-10-05Add two Enterasys STP multicast MACsJörg Mayer1-0/+2
2005-09-28Updates for foundry addresses/protocolsJörg Mayer1-0/+1
2005-09-19Jim Young: LLDP improvementsJörg Mayer1-0/+1
2005-09-16wka.tmpl:Jörg Mayer1-2/+35
2005-08-27- Update wka.tmpl with two Extreme MAC addressesJörg Mayer1-1/+2
2005-08-15- Update manufJörg Mayer1-0/+1
2005-07-28Add Extreme stuffJörg Mayer1-0/+3
2005-02-03From Dominique Bastien: add the slow protocol MAC address to the list ofGuy Harris1-0/+1
2004-07-18Set the svn:eol-style property on all text files to "native", so thatGuy Harris1-1/+1
2004-06-18Add local MAC addresses for MS-Loadbalancing (not all, see comment in wka.tmpl)Jörg Mayer1-1/+10
2004-06-15Add and entry for 03-00-C7-00-00-EE (HP/Compaq ProLiant NIC teaming).Gerald Combs1-1/+2
2003-04-25Obscure email addresses and update entries.Gerald Combs1-2/+2
2002-09-09Allow the "manuf" file to contain well-known MAC addresses and addressGuy Harris1-0/+153