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2001-03-24"reactivate_window()" is used only by stuff in the "gtk" directory, andGuy Harris1-8/+1
2001-03-24The declaration of "destroy_packet_wins()" belongs inGuy Harris1-4/+1
2001-03-24Give the code that computes protocol statistics a progress dialog box,Guy Harris1-33/+1
2000-07-07Use "progdlg_t *" rather than "void *" as the handle for a progressGuy Harris1-9/+16
2000-07-03Remove the progress bar from the status line, and, instead, for anyGuy Harris1-1/+26
2000-02-29Jeff Foster's changes, with my additions, to allow the user to pop up aGuy Harris1-1/+4
2000-01-03Take the "simple_dialog()" stuff out of "ui_util.h" and "gtk/ui_util.c",Guy Harris1-17/+1
1999-12-20Move the code to raise a window into a "reactivate_window()" routine,Guy Harris1-1/+8
1999-12-09Move the GTK+ implementations of various UI utilities out of "util.c"Guy Harris1-0/+56