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1999-09-09More shuffling of GTK-related files to gtk subdirectory.Gilbert Ramirez1-2/+2
svn path=/trunk/; revision=635
1999-09-01Moved GTK-dependent routines for file dialogues, print dialogues, printGilbert Ramirez1-2/+1
preferences, and menus to gtk subdirectory. svn path=/trunk/; revision=623
1999-08-24Removed unnecessary #include "etypes.h" lines.Gilbert Ramirez1-2/+1
svn path=/trunk/; revision=565
1999-08-13Moved global memory alloction used in display filters (which was storedGilbert Ramirez1-5/+4
in dfilter-grammar.y) to a new struct dfilter. Display filters now have their own struct, rather than simply being GNode's. This allows multiple display filters to exist at once, aiding John McDermott in his work on colorization. svn path=/trunk/; revision=480
1999-08-10Building a GList by adding elements to the end with "g_list_append()" isGuy Harris1-7/+5
N^2 in the ultimate size of the list (as "g_list_append()" is linear in the size of the list, at least when used in the way the GLib documentation says to use it); instead, maintain our own linked list of "frame_data" structures for all packets read, including a pointer to the last element. "gtk_clist_set_row_data()" is linear in the row number, so if it's used to attach a pointer to the "frame_data" structure for a packet to the packet list GtkClist row for each packet, that's also N^2 in the number of packets in that packet list; instead, store the row number in the "frame_data" structure, and find the packet for a given row by scanning the list for it (we were already scanning the list linearly to find that packet's index in the list of all packets; that's only done when a packet's selected, so it's not *too* bad, but it might be nice to avoid having to do that scan). svn path=/trunk/; revision=457
1999-08-02Check in Olivier Abad's patch to add dissectors for LAP-B and X.25, andGuy Harris1-26/+6
wiretap support for RADCOM Ltd.'s WAN/LAN analyzers (see http://www.radcom-inc.com/ ). Note: as I remember, IEEE 802.2/ISO 8022 LLC has somewhat of an SDLC flavor to it, just as I think LAP, LAPB, LAPD, and so on do, so we may be able to combine some of the LLC dissection and the LAPB dissection into common code that could, conceivably be used for other SDLC-flavored protocols. Make "S" a mnemonic for "Summary" in the "Tools" menu. Move the routine, used for the "Tools/Summary" display, that turns a wiretap file type into a descriptive string for it into the wiretap library itself, expand on some of its descriptions, and add an entry for files from a RADCOM analyzer. Have "Tools/Summary" display the snapshot length for the capture. svn path=/trunk/; revision=416
1999-07-13Since ethereal is now dependent on GTK+-1.2.x (because of proto_tree andGilbert Ramirez1-6/+3
display filter code, which uses features in GLIB-1.2.x), I removed the vestigial code supporting old 1.0.x and 1.1.x GTK+ versions. svn path=/trunk/; revision=360
1999-07-13Added support for compiling on win32 with Visual C and 'nmake'. It compiles,Gilbert Ramirez1-3/+5
but does not link. Perhaps someone who understands the MS tools can help out. I made it link a few months ago, but with different version of glib/gtk+. I can't remember how I made it link. Most of the compatibility issues were resolved with adding #ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H the the source code. Please be sure to add this to all future code. svn path=/trunk/; revision=359
1999-07-09Added the ability to create a read-only ethereal, i.e., one thatGilbert Ramirez1-2/+4
doesn't link with libpcap, so no packet captures can be made. The "--disable-pcap" option has been added to the configure script. Docs have been updated. And the string buffer size in the simple_dialog() has been doubled so that Johan's e-mail address in the "About" dialogue window doesn't get chopped off. svn path=/trunk/; revision=351
1999-07-07Created a new protocol tree implementation and a new display filterGilbert Ramirez1-23/+11
mechanism that is built into ethereal. Wiretap is now used to read all file formats. Libpcap is used only for capturing. svn path=/trunk/; revision=342
1999-07-04In GTK+ 1.0[.x], "gtk_window_set_position()" was calledGuy Harris1-1/+5
"gtk_window_position()", so use "gtk_window_position()" if we're using GTK+ 1.0[.x]. svn path=/trunk/; revision=336
1999-06-22Added Aaron Hillegass' summary dialogue. We're ignoring the problem withGilbert Ramirez1-0/+311
NetMon statistic packets for now. We might fix that problem with wiretap, either filtering out those packets, and/or providing the summary information through a new wiretap API. svn path=/trunk/; revision=326