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2001-12-07More NT error codes, from Todd Sabin.Guy Harris1-1/+126
2001-12-06From Todd Sabin:Guy Harris1-2/+2
2001-12-06From Ronnie Sahlberg: reassemble DCERPC-over-SMB requests as well asGuy Harris1-5/+42
2001-12-06In the SMB dissector, keep a list of all the conversation structuresGuy Harris1-4/+33
2001-12-06There can be more than one SMB request or response in a frame whenGuy Harris1-16/+64
2001-12-05Support for reassembly of DCERPC over SMB, from Ronnie Sahlberg.Guy Harris1-81/+114
2001-12-05From Tim Potter: add the DOS error for "file already exists" on aGuy Harris1-1/+2
2001-12-05Don't fetch "t2i->info_level" if "t2i" is null.Guy Harris1-20/+22
2001-11-29Update from Ronnie Sahlberg:Guy Harris1-4/+14
2001-11-29When processing a response, check whether "si->sip" is null before usingGuy Harris1-3/+3
2001-11-28From Ronnie Sahlberg: track FID values between requesta and responsesGuy Harris1-6/+35
2001-11-28If a request has already been processed, and we fail to find itsGuy Harris1-132/+101
2001-11-28Updates to transaction reassembly, from Ronnie Sahlberg.Guy Harris1-235/+207
2001-11-27Remove an extra blank from a data source name.Guy Harris1-2/+10
2001-11-26In "smb_trans_defragment()", quit if "si->sip" is null, as it means weGuy Harris1-1/+12
2001-11-26Add some comments.Guy Harris1-1/+12
2001-11-26From Ronnie Sahlberg: reassemble transaction data if transactionGuy Harris1-29/+151
2001-11-24Assorted changes from Ronnie Sahlberg:Guy Harris1-22/+36
2001-11-21Discard stuff in "smb.h" not used by the dissectors, and replace theGuy Harris1-21/+21
2001-11-21Support for Transaction Secondary and Transaction2 Secondary, fromGuy Harris1-3/+12
2001-11-21Get rid of some unused variables.Guy Harris1-27/+6
2001-11-20From Ronnie Sahlberg: handle transaction continuations the way we handleGuy Harris1-27/+69
2001-11-20Dissect the rest of the named pipe protocol. Export from "packet-smb.c"Guy Harris1-19/+27
2001-11-20Save the function code and FID for pipe requests, and use it for theGuy Harris1-10/+13
2001-11-19Dissect the setup words in pipe transactions that have them; thatGuy Harris1-20/+59
2001-11-19Make the register routines for the mailslot, pipe, browser, andGuy Harris1-16/+1
2001-11-19Pass, as the first tvbuff argument to "dissect_mailslot_smb()" andGuy Harris1-133/+151
2001-11-18From Tim Potter:Guy Harris1-8/+68
2001-11-18Pass in the "smb_info" structure a pointer to the "smb_saved_info_t"Guy Harris1-97/+139
2001-11-18Have only the request and response frame numbers, and a "void *", in anGuy Harris1-126/+313
2001-11-16Add some bits in the Write AndX write mode as per "Microsoft NetworksGuy Harris1-3/+29
2001-11-16Never put an entry into the hash table for an NT Cancel request, even ifGuy Harris1-7/+10
2001-11-16Don't save a full "smb_info" structure in the hash tables for requestsGuy Harris1-94/+133
2001-11-16Cleanup of request/response matching, from Ronnie Sahlberg.Guy Harris1-872/+425
2001-11-16Responses to queries for stream information can return more than oneGuy Harris1-24/+69
2001-11-16Use "hf_smb_t2_stream_size", not "hf_smb_t2_stream_name_length", whenGuy Harris1-2/+2
2001-11-15Tvbuffification of Transaction requests, from Ronnie Sahlberg.Guy Harris1-1348/+281
2001-11-13Squelch an MSVC++ complaint.Guy Harris1-1/+2
2001-11-12Include the sync I/O alert and nonalert bits.Guy Harris1-1/+23
2001-11-12Transaction2 tvbuffified, and support added for many Transaction2 SMBs,Guy Harris1-1301/+4276
2001-11-11Dissect the NT create option bits. (Well, some of them, anyway.)Guy Harris1-35/+149
2001-11-10Change from Tim Potter to show the error status in the Info column forGuy Harris1-21/+171
2001-11-09Microsoft calls it "Dfs", not "DFS", perhaps to avoid confusion with theGuy Harris1-6/+6
2001-11-09NT Create and X support, from Ronnie Sahlberg.Guy Harris1-7/+280
2001-11-09Tvbuffification of SMB print commands, from Ronnie Sahlberg.Guy Harris1-430/+350
2001-11-08Print the create flags with 8 hex digits.Guy Harris1-17/+26
2001-11-08Put the stuff to handle file data in read and write requests into aGuy Harris1-137/+148
2001-11-08NT Transact dissection, from Ronnie Sahlberg.Guy Harris1-7/+1876
2001-11-07"dissect_open_print_file_smb()" was defined but not used; put it intoGuy Harris1-2/+2
2001-11-07Further tvbuffication from Ronnie Sahlberg.Guy Harris1-2990/+1928