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2001-12-03Make "dissector_add()", "dissector_delete()", and "dissector_change()"Guy Harris1-3/+5
2001-09-20"value_string" arrays must end with a terminator entry.Guy Harris1-16/+30
2001-06-18From Joerg Mayer: explicitly fill in all members of aGuy Harris1-3/+3
2001-03-15Clear the Info column before you start dissecting, just in case youGuy Harris1-2/+4
2001-03-15Display the printer type/capability bits in the standard way we displayGuy Harris1-60/+70
2001-03-13Make tvb_get_ptr() return 'const guint8*', and clean up all theGilbert Ramirez1-8/+8
2001-03-11CUPS browsing protocol support, from Charles LevertGuy Harris1-0/+367