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2005-02-24Didier Gautheron: Fix out of tree compilationJörg Mayer1-1/+1
svn path=/trunk/; revision=13497
2005-02-24Preliminary cleanup of static plugin linkingJörg Mayer1-1/+3
svn path=/trunk/; revision=13496
2005-02-20Makefile.autoi.* isn't automagically added to tarball - add to EXTRA_DIST ↵Jörg Mayer1-0/+2
for now svn path=/trunk/; revision=13440
2005-02-14Make the "maintainer-clean" rules get rid of some additional generatedGuy Harris1-7/+17
files. Do this with GENERATED_HEADER_FILES, GENERATED_C_FILES, and GENERATED_FILES macros in Makefile.common files, along the lines of what wiretap/Makefile.common has. Clean up "*~" files with "make clean" rather than only "make distclean" in some additional places. Add "maintainer-clean" rules to the Makefile.nmake files, paralelling the ones in the automake-generated Makefile.in files, using the GENERATED_FILES macros from Makefile.common files. In some cases, move the cleanup of files from "make distclean" to "make maintainer-clean", and in other cases, put in a comment indicating why we're not doing that (because some files that are distributed in the source tarballs, namely Flex output, were built with a UN*X Flex and won't compile on Windows, so we get rid of them with "make distclean" so you can clean up stuff that *has* to be re-generated for Windows). Clean up some *CLEANFILES definitions - get rid of ones that no longer apply as files were moved or that add to the definition a name that's already there. svn path=/trunk/; revision=13402
2005-02-10From Oleg Terletsky: AgentX support.Guy Harris1-0/+3
svn path=/trunk/; revision=13372
2005-01-28From Yoshihiro Oyama: include the names of all the IrDA plugin's .oGuy Harris1-0/+1
files in the ENABLE_STATIC plugin_ldadd list. (This one was missing from the previous checkin.) svn path=/trunk/; revision=13187
2005-01-28From Yoshihiro Oyama: include the names of all the IrDA plugin's .oGuy Harris1-0/+1
files in the ENABLE_STATIC plugin_ldadd list. svn path=/trunk/; revision=13186
2004-10-20renamed capinfo to capinfos, as the former name capinfo was already used in ↵Ulf Lamping1-13/+13
a program called tcprelay, so that might confuse packaging managers and users. Hopefully I got all the places need to be changed. svn path=/trunk/; revision=12358
2004-10-17From Graeme Hewson: make AUTHORS-SHORT not include formatting codes,Guy Harris1-5/+14
with AUTHORS-SHORT-FORMAT containing the formatting codes. svn path=/trunk/; revision=12334
2004-10-11From Olivier Jacques: add imscxdx.xml to the source tarball and NSISGuy Harris1-1/+2
packaging information. svn path=/trunk/; revision=12260
2004-09-11From Graeme Hewson: translate accented UTF-8 characters to Pod E<>Guy Harris1-1/+2
escapes so they turn into *roff escapes and HTML entities in the output, in case raw UTF-8 doesn't work. svn path=/trunk/; revision=11975
2004-08-22It looks like Debian, Fedora and Suse all use ethereal.desktop instead of ↵Jörg Mayer1-1/+1
Ethereal.desktop svn path=/trunk/; revision=11808
2004-08-12Add capinfo.rc.in and wiretap.rc.in to the distribution.Gerald Combs1-0/+2
svn path=/trunk/; revision=11729
2004-07-28From Ian Schorr: capinfo - provides capture file information.Olivier Biot1-5/+18
svn path=/trunk/; revision=11555
2004-07-21reverse part of jmayer's last patch to make tethereal build againRonnie Sahlberg1-0/+18
svn path=/trunk/; revision=11456
2004-07-21From Laurent Rabret: OPSI support.Guy Harris1-0/+3
svn path=/trunk/; revision=11454
2004-07-20make "make dist" work again. Well, almost: currently youJörg Mayer1-25/+1
need to run STCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS=--with-ssl=/usr make distcheck at least on my system. svn path=/trunk/; revision=11442
2004-07-18Set the svn:eol-style property on all text files to "native", so thatGuy Harris1-1/+1
they have LF at the end of the line on UN*X and CR/LF on Windows; hopefully this means that if a CR/LF version is checked in on Windows, the CRs will be stripped so that they show up only when checked out on Windows, not on UN*X. svn path=/trunk/; revision=11400
2004-07-17From Graham Bloice: add resource information to libethereal.dll.Guy Harris1-0/+1
svn path=/trunk/; revision=11388
2004-07-15Convert make-version.pl and the associated cvsversion.h and CVSVERSIONGerald Combs1-2/+2
definition to Subversion. "svn info" prints out the last changed date of the repository, so we don't have to go hunting through "CVS/Entries" files anymore. svn path=/trunk/; revision=11379
2004-06-29Some of the documentation files don't depend on [t]ethereal any more. RemoveGerald Combs1-5/+5
the dependencies, since it was messing up builds on systems without GTK. svn path=/trunk/; revision=11262
2004-06-25doxygen changes:Jörg Mayer1-2/+2
- moved doxygen.cfg to doxygen.cfg.in and let configure to the substitution on unix. Adapted the namke files accordingly. - Don't add doxygen as a dependency for libethereal and libui: As doxygen is an unconditional target, this would cause the applications to be rebuild every time make was called, even when nothing changed in the meantime. This means that by now we need to do "make doxygen" manually in case we want updated documentation. svn path=/trunk/; revision=11238
2004-06-23Build and install the HTMLized man pages on UN*X.Guy Harris1-2/+32
svn path=/trunk/; revision=11217
2004-06-22On Mac OS X, use Launch Services to start a Web browser with a given URL.Guy Harris1-2/+2
svn path=/trunk/; revision=11208
2004-06-18Add the kerberos linking options to the right magic variableJörg Mayer1-7/+7
svn path=/trunk/; revision=11178
2004-06-17Link the Kerberos into the main app, not libetherealJörg Mayer1-4/+4
svn path=/trunk/; revision=11164
2004-05-31split doxygen.cfg into common Ethereal things and module specificsUlf Lamping1-1/+2
svn path=/trunk/; revision=11044
2004-05-22Make "ethereal.1" depend on "AUTHORS-SHORT", so that "AUTHORS-SHORT"Guy Harris1-2/+2
(which is built in the top-level directory) is built before we try to build "ethereal.1" (which is built in the "doc" directory). svn path=/trunk/; revision=10966
2004-05-22Put "make-authors-short.pl" into the release tarball.Guy Harris1-3/+11
Use it to generate the "AUTHORS-SHORT" file, put that file into the release tarball, and install it in the data directory. Add "AUTHORS-SHORT" to the .cvsignore file. svn path=/trunk/; revision=10953
2004-05-09From Lars Roland: add support for building a libethereal.dll with MSVC:Guy Harris1-1/+2
add a config.nmake option to control whether to build libethereal.dll or not; remove "./wiretap" from PATH to prevent problems due to wrongly-loaded files; build dissector.lib with MSVC; move "print.c" and "ps.c" to the dissector helpers, as "print.c" imports variables from packet-frame.c and packet-data.c, which are in libethereal; move "g711.c" out of the dissector helpers, as they're used only by Ethereal in a tap, not in Tethereal or in any dissector; add a .def file for libethereal; arrange to declare global variables exported from libethereal with "__declspec(dllimport)" when building programs that import those variables; update the NSIS installer. Make the "configure" script define ETH_VAR_IMPORT as "extern". svn path=/trunk/; revision=10834
2004-04-29added pane layout icons coming from pan (gnome newsreader)Ulf Lamping1-1/+7
svn path=/trunk/; revision=10728
2004-03-30From Albert Chin: on IRIX, if -la depends on -lb, you must link with -lbGuy Harris1-2/+2
-la. svn path=/trunk/; revision=10526
2004-03-25From Duncan Sargeant: Cisco SS7 RUDP, RLM, and Session ManagementGuy Harris1-1/+10
support. svn path=/trunk/; revision=10480
2004-03-22Back out previous accidentally-committed change.Gerald Combs1-2/+1
svn path=/trunk/; revision=10435
2004-03-22Handle null RADIUS attribute information without crashing. Found byGerald Combs1-1/+2
Jonathan Heusser. svn path=/trunk/; revision=10434
2004-03-17Correctly spell REAMDE.macosJörg Mayer1-2/+2
svn path=/trunk/; revision=10397
2004-03-17Experimental Heimdal Kerberos detection.Jörg Mayer1-1/+2
As this is experimental and does not yet work reliably this feature is off by default. Enable it by using --with-krb5 during configure. Please do not yet make use of this feature (i.e. please do not *use* the defines provided by this option), until it has received further testing and fixing. Please run and check what the configure says. svn path=/trunk/; revision=10395
2004-03-14Whitespace changeJörg Mayer1-3/+3
svn path=/trunk/; revision=10378
2004-03-13Make libethereal and libwiretap shared libs.Jörg Mayer1-25/+20
svn path=/trunk/; revision=10368
2004-03-12Add cvsversion.h, x11-declarations.h, and x11-register-info.h toGerald Combs1-1/+2
CLEANFILES so that "make distcheck" will work. svn path=/trunk/; revision=10364
2004-03-04Move the x11 generation into epan.Jörg Mayer1-9/+1
aclocal-missing isn't needed any more. svn path=/trunk/; revision=10299
2004-03-03Remove generation of register.c from toplevel - it's in epan nowJörg Mayer1-54/+1
svn path=/trunk/; revision=10292
2004-03-03Return of the .PHONY target (aka cvsversion.h)Jörg Mayer1-1/+3
svn path=/trunk/; revision=10284
2004-03-03Jeff Morriss: Move generation of packet-ncp2222.c to epan to make things ↵Jörg Mayer1-4/+1
work again svn path=/trunk/; revision=10283
2004-03-02Move the dissectors into libethereal (no static/shared lib changes):Jörg Mayer1-48/+3
- Create epan/Makefile.common - Move dissector_src and helper files from Makefile.common to epan/Makefile.common - Create register.c in epan/ - link all the files into libethereal - put plugin_src into epan/Makefile.am Try to make rpms build with rpm v4 again (sorry, I've forgotten who to attribute this to). svn path=/trunk/; revision=10273
2004-02-24Add "make-version.pl" to the distribution.Guy Harris1-1/+2
svn path=/trunk/; revision=10228
2004-02-22build randpkt similar to dftestJörg Mayer1-6/+9
svn path=/trunk/; revision=10177
2004-02-22make the Makefile.common really common between automake and nmake,Ulf Lamping1-1/+3
as lot's of definitions were used in the automake process only svn path=/trunk/; revision=10176
2004-02-20Add a few more new toolbar icons.Guy Harris1-1/+4
svn path=/trunk/; revision=10130
2004-02-19added missing distribution filesUlf Lamping1-1/+8
svn path=/trunk/; revision=10110