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2016-07-14Build 2.1.1.Gerald Combs1-0/+7481
2016-06-082.1.0 → 2.1.1.Gerald Combs1-3315/+0
2016-06-08Build 2.1.0.Gerald Combs1-6832/+3315
2015-09-02Build 1.99.9.Gerald Combs1-5300/+4888
2015-07-24Build 1.99.8.Gerald Combs1-2118/+6100
2015-06-18Build 1.99.7.Gerald Combs1-8612/+2030
2015-05-28Build 1.99.6.Gerald Combs1-36/+9811
2015-03-19Build 1.99.5.Gerald Combs1-2093/+36
2015-03-19Build 1.99.4.Gerald Combs1-5136/+1357
2015-03-05Build 1.99.3.Gerald Combs1-11042/+3829
2015-02-04Build 1.99.2.Gerald Combs1-8046/+9591
2014-12-10Build 1.99.1.Gerald Combs1-23115/+7454
2014-10-07Build 1.99.0.Gerald Combs1-0/+27234
2014-04-151.11.3 → 1.11.4.Gerald Combs1-26600/+0
2014-04-15Build 1.11.3.Gerald Combs1-0/+26600
2012-06-04There's no sense in making everyone check out a large, old list ofGerald Combs1-11142/+0
2009-09-14Build 1.3.0.Gerald Combs1-10781/+7215
2007-11-16Add changes up to r23464.Gerald Combs1-13090/+9104
2007-10-15Checkin comments also talk about adding "$Id$", so don't expand "$Id$"Guy Harris1-1/+1
2007-06-15Updates for 0.99.6Gerald Combs1-3980/+15378
2007-01-10Update to r20350.Gerald Combs1-3569/+4845
2006-10-16Release notes and changelog updates.Gerald Combs1-3/+322
2006-10-14Release note and changelog updates.Gerald Combs1-1284/+4705
2006-08-24Copy over files from the release.Gerald Combs1-5773/+1254
2006-05-22ethereal->wiresharkRonnie Sahlberg1-4/+4
2006-05-22ethereal->wireshark updatesRonnie Sahlberg1-5/+5
2005-12-28Fix download URLs in the release notes. Disable building release-notes.txt,Gerald Combs1-9421/+3859
2005-10-12Updates for 0.10.13.Gerald Combs1-4677/+8928
2005-07-26More updates.Gerald Combs1-4715/+5107
2005-07-25Prep for 0.10.12. If you've added or changed any major features sinceGerald Combs1-3412/+5369
2005-03-09Prep for 0.10.10: Update the ChangeLog and NEWS files, bump the versionGerald Combs1-2069/+4330
2005-01-17Updates for 0.10.9. The NEWS is downright depressing.Gerald Combs1-1986/+2259
2004-12-07Updates for 0.10.8.Gerald Combs1-4663/+1776
2004-10-20Pull in versions from the 0.10.7 branch.Gerald Combs1-6377/+4792
2004-08-14@ -> [AT]Jörg Mayer1-4/+4
2004-08-13Copy over the NEWS and ChangeLog from the 0.10.6 release tree.Gerald Combs1-0/+411
2004-08-06Bump the version to 0.10.6. Drop in a new ChangeLog, and add the beginningsGerald Combs1-3669/+7177
2004-07-07Final (heh) changes for 0.10.5.Gerald Combs1-1967/+2456
2004-05-14Final commits for 0.10.4 (I hope).Gerald Combs1-1462/+2321
2004-03-260.10.3 final changes: try #2.Gerald Combs1-0/+25
2004-03-26Final changes for the 0.10.3 (codename: "Ides of March") release.Gerald Combs1-536/+2047
2004-02-24Final updates for 0.10.2.Gerald Combs1-10473/+504
2004-02-19Updates for 0.10.1.Gerald Combs1-1/+7368
2003-12-13Final checkin for 0.10.0.Gerald Combs1-2739/+2137
2003-11-03Final (?) updates for 0.9.16.Gerald Combs1-1/+94
2003-11-03Update to 0.9.16.Gerald Combs1-6497/+3968
2003-09-09Final(?) changes for the 0.9.15 release.Gerald Combs1-17/+17
2003-09-09More updates for 0.9.15. Target release is tomorrow (Sep 9).Gerald Combs1-2/+133
2003-09-08Bump the version to 0.9.15. Update the NEWS and ChangeLog to August 27. MoreGerald Combs1-3/+229
2003-08-24From Erwin Rol, updates to teh ArtNet plugin dissectorRonnie Sahlberg1-1/+9