AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2015-03-19Build 1.99.5.Gerald Combs3-2098/+41
2015-03-19Try to fix interface property fetching.Gerald Combs1-11/+6
2015-03-19Revert "Revert "TCP: tabs -> spaces""Gerald Combs1-8/+8
2015-03-191.99.4 → 1.99.5.Gerald Combs10-14/+14
2015-03-19Revert "TCP: tabs -> spaces"Gerald Combs1-8/+8
2015-03-19TCP: tabs -> spacesPascal Quantin1-8/+8
2015-03-19Build 1.99.4.Gerald Combs3-5144/+1372
2015-03-19Add a couple of items to the release notes.Gerald Combs1-0/+8
2015-03-19Implement proto_tree_add_item_ret_int() and proto_tree_add_item_ret_uint() whichAndersBroman6-15/+144
2015-03-19Netflow/Ipfix: Add Citrix Netscaler AppFlowUli Heilmeier2-2/+1499
2015-03-19Replace enumerated preference for choosing subdissector with a subdissector t...Michael Mann4-54/+63
2015-03-19Make the snapshot-length member of interface_t an int.Guy Harris2-3/+1
2015-03-19Eliminate decode_bitfield_value from "public" use.Michael Mann4-14/+11
2015-03-19Fix another call to capture_dev_user_snaplen_find().Guy Harris1-2/+3
2015-03-19Squelch a "no implicit conversions in C++" warning.Guy Harris1-1/+1
2015-03-19Fix extracting of parameter.Guy Harris1-9/+9
2015-03-19Fix a comment.Guy Harris1-1/+1
2015-03-19Patch some memory leaks.Guy Harris4-45/+73
2015-03-19Unused parameters are done differently in C++.Guy Harris1-1/+1
2015-03-19Add a comment.Gerald Combs1-0/+3
2015-03-18Fix space before tab.Guy Harris1-1/+1
2015-03-18Fix parsing of interface properties strings.Guy Harris6-168/+161
2015-03-18Complete the fix from g6b5c71a.Gerald Combs1-1/+0
2015-03-18Don't cache existing IPv4 and IPv6 hostnames.Gerald Combs1-13/+14
2015-03-18Eliminate decode_bitfield_value from dissectors.Michael Mann2-106/+140
2015-03-18Qt: Fix recent files threadsMichal Labedzki3-40/+24
2015-03-18[BOOTP] Try to fix the build boot by casting a variable to 32bits while atAndersBroman1-17/+18
2015-03-18DNS: fix Coverity scan (1238867: Missing Break in switch)Alexis La Goutte1-0/+2
2015-03-18[H248] Use hf fields from the SDP dissector to make it possible to findAndersBroman1-6/+65
2015-03-18[Reassembly] Fix a reassembly case where the two fragments are in the sameAndersBroman2-20/+30
2015-03-18Remove proto_tree_add_text from packet-bootp.cMichael Mann1-276/+682
2015-03-18Remove proto_tree_add_text from packet-gtp.cMichael Mann1-57/+125
2015-03-18Remove proto_tree_add_text from packet-x25.cMichael Mann1-171/+109
2015-03-17Qt: Start address resolver timerMichal Labedzki1-1/+1
2015-03-17Don't say "Capturing on..." if we're not capturing on.Guy Harris1-38/+39
2015-03-17Allow multiple -D/-L/-d/-S flags, only allow one -k flag.Guy Harris1-12/+25
2015-03-17Fix "Save All" for Export Objects.Guy Harris1-16/+29
2015-03-17MIP6: Add Localized Routing for Proxy Mobile IPv6 (RFC6705)Alexis La Goutte1-4/+170
2015-03-17IP: fix soft-deprecated APIs (tvb_length)Alexis La Goutte1-1/+1
2015-03-17packet-dcerpc-*: fix alignment of dissect_ndr_ctx_hnd()Stefan Metzmacher2-1/+4
2015-03-17Fix Wai dissectorCedric Izoard1-7/+52
2015-03-16CMake: Fix an uninstall.exe dependency.Gerald Combs2-12/+14
2015-03-16Update an error message to reflect all the run-dumpcap-and-quit arguments.Guy Harris1-1/+5
2015-03-16DNS: Add CSYNC (Child-to-Parent Synchronization in DNS RFC7477)Alexis La Goutte1-3/+60
2015-03-16Add dissection of E-UTRAN Description in Cell selection indicator afterLars Sundström1-1/+49
2015-03-16PCEP, support new drafts:Francesco Fondelli2-12/+236
2015-03-16Fix for waitpid return EINTR sometimes on launch.Vik1-29/+38
2015-03-16Remove proto_tree_add_text from packet-ssl.cMichael Mann1-73/+172
2015-03-15Remove proto_tree_add_text from packet-synphasor.cMichael Mann1-40/+94
2015-03-15Remove proto_tree_add_text from packet-edonkey.cMichael Mann1-214/+234