AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2001-12-09When libtoolizing, *don't* forcibly copy over all the files needed; thatGuy Harris1-2/+2
2001-12-08Clean up indentation.Guy Harris2-35/+36
2001-12-08Give the help window a title.Guy Harris1-1/+2
2001-12-08TCP time-sequence, round-trip time, and throughput graphs, from PavelGuy Harris7-2/+3811
2001-12-08Fix white space.Guy Harris1-2/+2
2001-12-08Attach a descriptive name field type and base to dissector tables; thatGuy Harris28-76/+188
2001-12-08From Darren New: BXXP dissector modified to be a BEEP dissector.Guy Harris6-400/+278
2001-12-08BACP and BAP support in PPP dissector, from Motonori Shindo.Guy Harris3-6/+565
2001-12-08Latest "config.guess" and "config.sub" fromGuy Harris2-337/+1945
2001-12-07Use "-no-cpp-precomp" rather than "-traditional-cpp" on MacOS X, as perGuy Harris3-10/+52
2001-12-07From Tom Uijldert: WSP/MMSE changes to handle multipart-content:Guy Harris4-92/+278
2001-12-07More NT error codes, from Todd Sabin.Guy Harris1-1/+126
2001-12-07Dfilter code finds field under *any* parent's subtree, not justGilbert Ramirez2-32/+9
2001-12-06From Todd Sabin:Guy Harris6-20/+107
2001-12-06WTAP_ENCAP_ values are #defined in decimal; display them in decimal.Guy Harris1-2/+2
2001-12-06From Ronnie Sahlberg: reassemble DCERPC-over-SMB requests as well asGuy Harris1-5/+42
2001-12-06Handle the case of the initial, or current, dissector handle for aGuy Harris1-3/+9
2001-12-06From Motonori Shindo: get rid of "send output to /dev/null" hack inGuy Harris4-17/+9
2001-12-06In the SMB dissector, keep a list of all the conversation structuresGuy Harris1-4/+33
2001-12-06There can be more than one SMB request or response in a frame whenGuy Harris1-16/+64
2001-12-06Remove proto_tree from capture_file and PacketWinData, since theyGilbert Ramirez9-81/+53
2001-12-06Don't update the "Save As..." dialog box if it doesn't exist.Guy Harris1-7/+22
2001-12-06Make the "Save only marked frames" button in the "Save As..." dialog boxGuy Harris5-17/+91
2001-12-05Update Gilbert's e-mail address.Guy Harris1-2/+2
2001-12-05The Visual Networks tool that generates capture files that we now canGuy Harris5-10/+10
2001-12-05From Taisuke Sasaki: fix the handling of the metric and referenced LSGuy Harris2-6/+6
2001-12-05Note that Ethereal's and Tethereal's native capture file format isGuy Harris5-48/+54
2001-12-05Add a heuristic dissector for protocols running atop X.25.Guy Harris1-19/+31
2001-12-05Support for reassembly of DCERPC over SMB, from Ronnie Sahlberg.Guy Harris5-89/+203
2001-12-05The data structure for per-packet headers for Mac V5 and V6 EtherpeekGuy Harris1-64/+96
2001-12-05From Tim Potter: add the DOS error for "file already exists" on aGuy Harris3-2/+5
2001-12-05Don't fetch "t2i->info_level" if "t2i" is null.Guy Harris1-20/+22
2001-12-04In the NetMon capture file reading code, if we get a short read whenGuy Harris3-8/+8
2001-12-04Update the README file to reflect the current list of capture fileGuy Harris1-5/+8
2001-12-04Update the manual pages to reflect the addition of support for readingGuy Harris4-32/+36
2001-12-04Support for reading Visual Networks traffic capture files, from TomGuy Harris9-10/+723
2001-12-04From Motonori Shindo: fix Ascend/Lucent trace reading code to handleGuy Harris3-9/+111
2001-12-04Document ring buffer mode and the "-b" flag.Guy Harris2-0/+38
2001-12-04When making the "number of ring buffer files" spin button sensitive orGuy Harris1-40/+67
2001-12-04Make the bytes-written information from Wiretap a long, as we allowGuy Harris2-0/+441
2001-12-04Make the bytes-written information from Wiretap a long, as we allowGuy Harris14-50/+325
2001-12-04Support for stopping capture at specified capture file size or captureGuy Harris19-52/+984
2001-12-04From Thomas Wittwer: remove unnecessary calls toGuy Harris2-3/+2
2001-12-04Get rid of some unused variables.Guy Harris1-5/+1
2001-12-04Add the ISO 8473 CLNP dissector handle to the dissector table for X.25Guy Harris1-1/+2
2001-12-03"ptype" is always set, even if only to PT_NONE; it will be set to PT_TCPGuy Harris1-21/+22
2001-12-03To check whether the current frame contains TCP or UDP traffic, checkGuy Harris1-168/+25
2001-12-03Update of M2PA support to draft 3, from Michael Tuexen.Guy Harris2-190/+184
2001-12-03SMPP support, from Tom Uijldert.Guy Harris4-2/+2219
2001-12-03Remove the no-longer-extant "conv_dissector_add()" from the list ofGuy Harris5-11/+13