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-Status of the GTK+ 3 port :
-The port is done. We used the methods described in the "Migrating from
-GTK+ 2.x to GTK+ 3" document at:
-To build Wireshark with GTK3 instead of GTK2, use:
- - cmake: ENABLE_GTK3=ON
- - configure: --with-gtk3
- This will only work if building without gtkvumeter.c (which is used on Windows
- only and only in the WLAN code). It also requires GTK3 to be installed.
- GTK3 for Windows (32 and 64 bit) is now available the same way as GTK2 for
- Windows: Via the svn repo for Wireshark for windows builds.
-Except in one place we are building on GTK2 using the compat flags
-Summary: The only known files that cause some sort of problems (or lost
- functionality) are:
- - gtkvumeter.c (removed, only used for wlan on windows)
- - tcp-graph: the crosshairs are not right
- - audiograph doesn't work
-March 11, 2013:
-Various Gtk widgets (GtkTable, GtkColorSelection, ...) deprecated in versions
-of Gtk3 newer than Gtk 3.0.0 have been replaced as appropriate.
-Wireshark Gtk3 builds with Gtk 3.6.4 without any "deprecated" warnings.
-Fixes to handling of 'expand' in GTK3 have been completed.
-(Essentially: When adding a widget to a [V|H]Box, use gtk_box_pack_start()
- with appropriate args instead of gtk_container_add().