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@@ -2513,7 +2513,7 @@ e_guid_t structure.
For proto_tree_add_oid(), the 'value_ptr' argument is a pointer to an
ASN.1 Object Identifier.
-For proto_tree_add_eui64(), the 'value' argument is a 64-bit integer
+For proto_tree_add_eui64(), the 'value' argument is a 64-bit integer
@@ -2965,6 +2965,34 @@ to the DISSECTOR_SRC section of epan/CMakeLists.txt
See <http://www.wireshark.org/develop.html>
+1.10a Using git with the SVN source code tree.
+ Install git and the git-svn package.
+ Run "mkdir git; cd git; git svn clone <svn-url>", e.g. if you are using
+ the anonymous svn tree, run
+ "git svn clone http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk/"
+ After that, a typical workflow may look like this (from "man git-svn"):
+ # Clone a repo (like git clone):
+ git svn clone http://svn.example.com/project/trunk
+ # Enter the newly cloned directory:
+ cd trunk
+ # You should be on master branch, double-check with ┬┤git branch┬┤
+ git branch
+ # Do some work and commit locally to git:
+ git commit ...
+ # Something is committed to SVN, rebase your local changes against the
+ # latest changes in SVN:
+ git svn rebase
+ # Now commit your changes (that were committed previously using git) to SVN
+ # as well as automatically updating your working HEAD:
+ git svn dcommit
+ # Append svn:ignore settings to the default git exclude file:
+ git svn show-ignore >> .git/info/exclude
1.11 Submitting code for your new dissector.
- VERIFY that your dissector code does not use prohibited or deprecated APIs