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Specify an option to be passed to a B<TShark> module. The eXtension option
is in the form I<extension_key>B<:>I<value>, where I<extension_key> can be:
-B<lua_script>:I<lua_script_filename> tells B<Wireshark> to load the given script in addition to the
+B<lua_script>:I<lua_script_filename> tells B<TShark> to load the given script in addition to the
default Lua scripts.
-B<lua_script>I<num>:I<argument> tells B<Wireshark> to pass the given argument
+B<lua_script>I<num>:I<argument> tells B<TShark> to pass the given argument
to the lua script identified by 'num', which is the number indexed order of the 'lua_script' command.
For example, if only one script was loaded with '-X lua_script:my.lua', then '-X lua_script1:foo'
will pass the string 'foo' to the 'my.lua' script. If two scripts were loaded, such as '-X lua_script:my.lua'
and '-X lua_script:other.lua' in that order, then a '-X lua_script2:bar' would pass the string 'bar' to the second lua
script, namely 'other.lua'.
+B<read_format>:I<file_format> tells B<TShark> to use the given file format to read in the
+file (the file given in the B<-r> command option). Providing no I<file_format> argument, or
+an invalid one, will produce a file of available file formats to use.
=item -y E<lt>capture link typeE<gt>
Set the data link type to use while capturing packets. The values