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@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ are supported by B<Wireshark>.
The input file doesn't need a specific filename extension; the file
format and an optional gzip compression will be automatically detected.
Near the beginning of the DESCRIPTION section of wireshark(1) or
is a detailed description of the way B<Wireshark> handles this, which is
the same way B<Tshark> handles this.
@@ -1755,10 +1755,10 @@ text2pcap(1), mergecap(1), pcap-filter(7) or tcpdump(8)
=head1 NOTES
B<TShark> is part of the B<Wireshark> distribution. The latest version
-of B<Wireshark> can be found at L<http://www.wireshark.org>.
+of B<Wireshark> can be found at L<https://www.wireshark.org>.
HTML versions of the Wireshark project man pages are available at:
=head1 AUTHORS