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@@ -50,8 +50,8 @@ General/Network Associates DOS-based B<Sniffer> (compressed or
uncompressed) captures, Microsoft B<Network Monitor> captures, files
from AIX's B<iptrace>, Cinco Networks B<NetXRay> captures, captures from
Network Associates Windows-based B<Sniffer>, AG Group/WildPackets
-B<EtherPeek>/B<TokenPeek>/B<AiroPeek> captures, captures from
-B<RADCOM>'s WAN/LAN analyzer, B<Lucent/Ascend> router debug output,
+B<EtherPeek>/B<TokenPeek>/B<AiroPeek>/B<EtherHelp> captures, captures
+from B<RADCOM>'s WAN/LAN analyzer, B<Lucent/Ascend> router debug output,
files from HP-UX's B<nettl>, the dump output from B<Toshiba's> ISDN
routers, the output from B<i4btrace> from the ISDN4BSD project, the
output in B<IPLog> format from the Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection