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@@ -4105,6 +4105,7 @@ Ebben Aries <exa[AT]fb.com>
Edward Dao <edmailbox[AT]gmail.com>
Edward Smith <edward.smith[AT]nowlegent.com>
Edwin Groothuis <edwin[AT]mavetju.org>
+Eldon Stegall <wireshark-gerrit[AT]eldondev.com>
Eliot Lear <lear[AT]cisco.com>
Emery Hemingway <emery[AT]vfemail.net>
Eric Anderson <andersoe[AT]cs.cmu.edu>
@@ -4176,6 +4177,7 @@ Jan-Hendrik Bolte <jabolte[AT]uos.de>
Jason Heimann <jheimann[AT]pertino.com>
Jason Uher <jason.uher[AT]jhuapl.edu>
Jean Thomas <jeanthomas[AT]sierrawireless.com>
+Jeff Dyer <jmasterfunk[AT]gmail.com>
Jeff Layton <jlayton[AT]redhat.com>
Jeffrey Smith <whydoubt[AT]gmail.com>
Jens Kilian <jens.kilian[AT]advantest.com>
@@ -4235,6 +4237,7 @@ Luke Chou <luke.chou[AT]gmail.com>
Luke Mewburn <luke[AT]mewburn.net>
Léo Gaspard <leo[AT]gaspard.io>
Maarten Bezemer <maarten.bezemer[AT]gmail.com>
+Magnus Henoch <magnus.henoch[AT]gmail.com>
Maka0 <Maka0[AT]yurei.net>
Makoto Shimamura <makoto.shimamura[AT]toshiba.co.jp>
Malcolm Walters <malcolm.walters[AT]acano.com>
@@ -4290,6 +4293,7 @@ Nick Carter <ncarter100[AT]gmail.com>
Nick Lowe <nick.lowe[AT]gmail.com>
Nicolas BERTIN <nicolas.bertin[AT]al-enterprise.com>
Nicolas Cavallari <nicolas.cavallari[AT]green-communications.fr>
+Nicolas Darchis <ndarchis[AT]cisco.com>
Nicolas S. Dade <nic.dade[AT]gmail.com>
Nikolai Ipatyev <wallprime[AT]yandex.com>
Nils Ohlmeier <github[AT]ohlmeier.org>
@@ -4321,6 +4325,7 @@ Pavel Karneliuk <pavel_karneliuk[AT]epam.com>
Pavel Moravec <mgr.pavel[AT]gmail.com>
Pavel Odintsov <pavel.odintsov[AT]gmail.com>
Pavel Strnad <pavel_strnad[AT]hotmail.com>
+Pavel Strnad <strnadp[AT]tiscali.cz>
Pavlos Antoniou <pant[AT]intracom-telecom.com>
Pedro Jose Marron <pjmarron[AT]locoslab.com>
Peng Li <seudut[AT]gmail.com>
@@ -4400,6 +4405,7 @@ Sven Eckelmann <sven[AT]open-mesh.com>
Sven Schnelle <svens[AT]stackframe.org>
Sylvain Munaut <tnt[AT]246tNt.com>
T. Scholz <scholzt234[AT]googlemail.com>
+Taisuke Sasaki <taisasak[AT]cisco.com>
Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa <tatsuhiro.t[AT]gmail.com>
Thibault Gerondal <github[AT]tycale.be>
Thies Moeller <thies.moeller[AT]baslerweb.com>
diff --git a/docbook/wsug_src/tshark-h.txt b/docbook/wsug_src/tshark-h.txt
index 4be4189..848af8f 100644
--- a/docbook/wsug_src/tshark-h.txt
+++ b/docbook/wsug_src/tshark-h.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-TShark (Wireshark) 2.5.0 (v2.5.0rc0-1220-g23e2b1f9)
+TShark (Wireshark) 2.5.0 (v2.5.0rc0-1500-g78f9a07f)
Dump and analyze network traffic.
See https://www.wireshark.org for more information.
@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ Miscellaneous:
-K <keytab> keytab file to use for kerberos decryption
-G [report] dump one of several available reports and exit
default report="fields"
- use "-G ?" for more help
+ use "-G help" for more help
WARNING: dumpcap will enable kernel BPF JIT compiler if available.
You might want to reset it
diff --git a/enterprises.tsv b/enterprises.tsv
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--- a/enterprises.tsv
+++ b/enterprises.tsv
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
# The format used here is: <NUMERICAL_ID><SPACE><NAME>
# Where SPACE can be any sequence of spaces and tabs.
-# (last updated 2017-10-22)
+# (last updated 2017-10-28)
0 Reserved
1 NxNetworks
@@ -24547,7 +24547,7 @@
24701 Spitzenverbände der landwirtschaftlichen Sozialversicherung
24702 CLS Services Ltd
24703 Sven Meyer IT-Services
-24704 Informatikzentrum Landesverwaltung Baden-Württemberg
+24704 Landesoberbehoerde IT Baden-Wuerttemberg (BITBW) # formerly 'Informatikzentrum Landesverwaltung Baden-Württemberg'
24705 Clal Insurance Ltd
24706 RW Consulting
24707 Computation Systemhaus GmbH
@@ -45705,7 +45705,7 @@
45881 2Lconsult
45882 Global Voice Group, S.A.
45883 EagleBurgmann Germany GmbH & Co. KG
-45884 AuthClub Inc
+45884 ScaleFT Inc # formerly 'AuthClub Inc'
45885 Cesbo Ltd.
45886 Connect-Omsk, Ltd.
45887 Arke Telekom Ltd. Sti.
@@ -50703,3 +50703,30 @@
50883 tolltickets GmbH
50884 Nochta, Inc.
50885 King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture
+50886 Chengdu Saturn Technology Co., Ltd.
+50887 RailNetEurope
+50888 Telcoserv
+50889 Buerotechnik Haustein
+50890 Olimpia Management S.A.
+50891 T.CON GmbH & Co. KG
+50892 Ivy Tech Community College - Lifelong Learning - Bedford
+50893 Ethica Data
+50894 RF Creations
+50895 Kajeet Inc.
+50896 LEAF
+50897 Islamic College of Brisbane
+50898 Comtrol Private Limited
+50899 The Steamship Authority
+50900 ALTE OLDENBURGER Krankenversicherung AG
+50901 OBT AG
+50902 Stadt Nuertingen
+50903 ASOCS
+50904 Kemberton Healthcare Services
+50905 Zyrenth
+50906 mediainvent Service GmbH
+50907 Lowe-Martin Company Inc.
+50908 Mystery Ranch Ltd.
+50909 Quick Soft Tecnologia da Informação
+50910 Trusted Shops GmbH
+50912 Multipart Labs
diff --git a/manuf b/manuf
index a748a94..ad01a99 100644
--- a/manuf
+++ b/manuf
@@ -17751,6 +17751,7 @@
0C:3C:CD Universa Universal Global Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd.
0C:3E:9F Apple Apple, Inc.
0C:41:3E Microsof Microsoft Corporation
+0C:41:E9 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
0C:45:BA HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
0C:46:9D MsSedco MS Sedco
0C:47:3D HitronTe Hitron Technologies. Inc
@@ -17846,6 +17847,7 @@
0C:C6:55 WuxiYste Wuxi YSTen Technology Co.,Ltd.
0C:C6:6A Nokia Nokia Corporation
0C:C6:AC Dags
+0C:C6:CC HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
0C:C7:31 Currant Currant, Inc.
0C:C8:1F SummerIn Summer Infant, Inc.
0C:C9:C6 SamwinHo Samwin Hong Kong Limited
@@ -19553,6 +19555,7 @@
2C:91:27 Eintechn Eintechno Corporation
2C:92:2C KishuGik Kishu Giken Kogyou Company Ltd,.
2C:94:64 Cincoze Cincoze Co., Ltd.
+2C:95:69 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
2C:95:7F Zte zte corporation
2C:96:62 InvenitB Invenit BV
2C:97:17 ICYBV I.C.Y. B.V.
@@ -19711,6 +19714,7 @@
30:78:5C PartowTa Partow Tamas Novin (Parman)
30:78:6B TianjinG TIANJIN Golden Pentagon Electronics Co., Ltd.
30:78:C2 Innowire Innowireless, Co. Ltd.
+30:7B:AC NewH3cTe New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd
30:7C:30 Rim
30:7C:5E JuniperN Juniper Networks
30:7C:B2 AnovFran Anov France
@@ -20295,6 +20299,7 @@
3A:BA:37 Cirrent
3C:00:00 3Com
3C:02:B1 Creation Creation Technologies LP
+3C:04:61 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
3C:04:BF Pravis PRAVIS SYSTEMS Co.Ltd.,
3C:05:18 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
3C:05:AB ProductC Product Creation Studio
@@ -20482,6 +20487,7 @@
3C:E5:A6 Hangzhou Hangzhou H3C Technologies Co., Limited
3C:E5:B4 KidasenI Kidasen Industria E Comercio De Antenas Ltda
3C:E6:24 LgDispla LG Display
+3C:E8:24 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
3C:EA:4F 2wire 2Wire Inc
3C:EA:FB Nse Nse Ag
3C:EF:8C Zhejiang Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.
@@ -21332,6 +21338,7 @@
44:97:5A Shenzhen Shenzhen Fast Technologies Co.,Ltd
44:9B:78 NowFacto The Now Factory
44:9C:B5 Alcomp Alcomp, Inc
+44:9E:F9 VivoMobi vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.
44:9F:7F Datacore DataCore Software Corporation
44:A4:2D TctMobil TCT mobile ltd
44:A6:89 PromaxEl Promax Electronica Sa
@@ -21865,6 +21872,7 @@
50:6B:8D Nutanix
50:6C:BE Innosili InnosiliconTechnology Ltd
50:6E:92 Innocent Innocent Technology Co., Ltd.
+50:6F:77 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
50:6F:98 SehajSyn Sehaj Synergy Technologies Private Limited
50:6F:9A Wi-FiAll Wi-Fi Alliance
50:70:E5 HeShanWo He Shan World Fair Electronics Technology Limited
@@ -21892,6 +21900,7 @@
50:8F:4C XiaomiCo Xiaomi Communications Co Ltd
50:92:B9 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
50:93:4F GradualT Gradual Tecnologia Ltda.
+50:95:51 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
50:97:72 Westingh Westinghouse Digital
50:98:71 Inventum Inventum Technologies Private Limited
50:98:F3 RheemAus Rheem Australia Pty Ltd
@@ -22129,6 +22138,7 @@
54:B5:6C XiAnNova Xi'an NovaStar Tech Co., Ltd
54:B6:20 SuhdolE& SUHDOL E&C Co.Ltd.
54:B7:53 HunanFen Hunan Fenghui Yinjia Science And Technology Co.,Ltd
+54:B7:E5 RaysonTe Rayson Technology Co., Ltd.
54:B8:02 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
54:B8:0A D-LinkIn D-Link International
54:BD:79 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
@@ -22315,6 +22325,7 @@
58:D0:8F Ieee1904 IEEE 1904.1 Working Group
58:D6:7A Tcplink
58:D6:D3 DairyChe Dairy Cheq Inc
+58:D7:59 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
58:D9:D5 TendaTec Tenda Technology Co.,Ltd.Dongguan branch
58:DB:8D Fast Fast Co., Ltd.
58:DC:6D Exceptio Exceptional Innovation, Inc.
@@ -22670,6 +22681,7 @@
60:91:F3 VivoMobi vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.
60:92:17 Apple Apple, Inc.
60:96:20 Private
+60:98:13 Shanghai Shanghai Visking Digital Technology Co. LTD
60:99:D1 Vuzix/Le Vuzix / Lenovo
60:9A:A4 GviSecur Gvi Security Inc.
60:9A:C1 Apple Apple, Inc.
@@ -22790,6 +22802,7 @@
64:16:F0 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
64:1A:22 Heliospe Heliospectra AB
+64:1C:B0 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
64:1E:81 Dowslake Dowslake Microsystems
64:20:0C Apple Apple, Inc.
64:20:9F Tilgin Tilgin AB
@@ -23311,6 +23324,7 @@
70:01:36 FatekAut FATEK Automation Corporation
70:02:58 01db-Met 01DB-METRAVIB
70:05:14 LgElectr LG Electronics (Mobile Communications)
+70:06:AC Eastcomp Eastcompeace Technology Co., Ltd
70:0B:C0 DewavTec Dewav Technology Company
70:0F:C7 Shenzhen Shenzhen Ikinloop Technology Co.,Ltd.
70:0F:EC Poindus Poindus Systems Corp.
@@ -23571,6 +23585,7 @@
70:B3:D5:0A:A0:00/36 Wanco Wanco Inc
70:B3:D5:0A:B0:00/36 KstTechn KST technology
70:B3:D5:0A:E0:00/36 NorsatIn Norsat International Inc.
+70:B3:D5:0A:F0:00/36 Kmtronic KMtronic ltd
70:B3:D5:0B:00:00/36 RavenDes Raven Systems Design, Inc
70:B3:D5:0B:20:00/36 NdbTechn ndb technologies
70:B3:D5:0B:30:00/36 ReonixAu Reonix Automation
@@ -23658,6 +23673,7 @@
70:B3:D5:13:F0:00/36 Farmobil Farmobile
70:B3:D5:14:00:00/36 VirtaLab Virta Laboratories, Inc.
70:B3:D5:14:20:00/36 DaveSrl Dave Srl
+70:B3:D5:14:40:00/36 GsElektr GS Elektromedizinsiche Geräte G. Stemple GmbH
70:B3:D5:14:60:00/36 3cityEle 3City Electronics
70:B3:D5:14:70:00/36 RomoWind ROMO Wind A/S
70:B3:D5:14:80:00/36 PowerEle Power Electronics Espana, S.L.
@@ -23800,6 +23816,7 @@
70:B3:D5:25:90:00/36 ZebraEle Zebra Elektronik A.S.
70:B3:D5:25:A0:00/36 Deuta-We DEUTA-WERKE GmbH
70:B3:D5:25:B0:00/36 GidIndus GID Industrial
+70:B3:D5:25:D0:00/36 MimoNetw Mimo Networks
70:B3:D5:26:00:00/36 Modusyst ModuSystems, Inc
70:B3:D5:26:10:00/36 PotterEl Potter Electric Signal Co. LLC
70:B3:D5:26:60:00/36 SpectraD Spectra Displays Ltd
@@ -23984,6 +24001,7 @@
70:B3:D5:3A:E0:00/36 ExicomTe Exicom Technologies fze
70:B3:D5:3A:F0:00/36 TurboTec Turbo Technologies Corporation
70:B3:D5:3B:20:00/36 SiconSrl Sicon srl
+70:B3:D5:3B:50:00/36 PrestonI Preston Industries dba PolyScience
70:B3:D5:3B:70:00/36 PaulSche Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)
70:B3:D5:3B:80:00/36 Nvideon nVideon, Inc.
70:B3:D5:3B:B0:00/36 A-M A-M Systems
@@ -24138,6 +24156,7 @@
70:B3:D5:4D:D0:00/36 Road-IqL Road-iQ, LLC
70:B3:D5:4D:E0:00/36 OsoTechn Oso Technologies, Inc.
70:B3:D5:4D:F0:00/36 NidecAvt Nidec Avtron Automation Corp
+70:B3:D5:4E:10:00/36 GrupoEpe Grupo Epelsa S.L.
70:B3:D5:4E:50:00/36 VizaarIn viZaar industrial imaging AG
70:B3:D5:4E:70:00/36 DigitalD Digital Domain
70:B3:D5:4E:90:00/36 AdetecSa Adetec Sas
@@ -24541,6 +24560,7 @@
70:B3:D5:7E:70:00/36 Atessa Atessa, Inc.
70:B3:D5:7E:80:00/36 Mannkind Mannkind Corporation
70:B3:D5:7E:90:00/36 MecselOy Mecsel Oy
+70:B3:D5:7E:A0:00/36 Waterkot Waterkotte GmbH
70:B3:D5:7E:B0:00/36 XeroxInt Xerox International Partners
70:B3:D5:7E:C0:00/36 Gridsmar GRIDSMART Technologies
70:B3:D5:7E:D0:00/36 ThingsNe The Things Network Foundation
@@ -24800,6 +24820,7 @@
70:B3:D5:9D:E0:00/36 System11 System 11 Sp. z o.o.
70:B3:D5:9E:00:00/36 EsIndust ES Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.
70:B3:D5:9E:20:00/36 OfilUsa Ofil USA
+70:B3:D5:9E:60:00/36 BlocksiL Blocksi Llc
70:B3:D5:9E:70:00/36 XiamenMa Xiamen Maxincom Technologies Co., Ltd.
70:B3:D5:9E:B0:00/36 PrestonI Preston Industries dba PolyScience
70:B3:D5:9E:C0:00/36 Esoftthi eSoftThings
@@ -25082,6 +25103,7 @@
70:B3:D5:BF:30:00/36 Cg-Wirel CG-WIRELESS
70:B3:D5:BF:50:00/36 AcaciaRe Acacia Research
70:B3:D5:BF:60:00/36 Comtac comtac AG
+70:B3:D5:BF:A0:00/36 NesaSrl Nesa Srl
70:B3:D5:BF:B0:00/36 Sensor42 Sensor 42
70:B3:D5:BF:E0:00/36 AplexTec Aplex Technology Inc.
70:B3:D5:C0:10:00/36 Smartgua SmartGuard LLC
@@ -25109,6 +25131,7 @@
70:B3:D5:C2:A0:00/36 ArrayTel Array Telepresence
70:B3:D5:C2:C0:00/36 DromontS Dromont S.p.A.
70:B3:D5:C2:E0:00/36 Triax Triax A/S
+70:B3:D5:C2:F0:00/36 Atbis ATBiS Co.,Ltd
70:B3:D5:C3:20:00/36 Infrasaf INFRASAFE/ ADVANTOR SYSTEMS
70:B3:D5:C3:30:00/36 DandongD Dandong Dongfang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.
70:B3:D5:C3:40:00/36 Technica Technical Panels Co. Ltd.
@@ -25139,6 +25162,7 @@
70:B3:D5:C6:10:00/36 JcHunter Jc Hunter Technologies
70:B3:D5:C6:20:00/36 Wiznova
70:B3:D5:C6:30:00/36 XentechS Xentech Solutions Limited
+70:B3:D5:C6:70:00/36 ColliniD Collini Dienstleistungs GmbH
70:B3:D5:C6:80:00/36 MiniSolu Mini Solution Co. Ltd.
70:B3:D5:C6:A0:00/36 Private
70:B3:D5:C6:C0:00/36 Mcq McQ Inc
@@ -25396,6 +25420,7 @@
70:B3:D5:E5:90:00/36 Fracarro Fracarro srl
70:B3:D5:E5:E0:00/36 Critical Critical Link LLC
70:B3:D5:E6:70:00/36 AppliedP Applied Processing
+70:B3:D5:E6:90:00/36 Fire4Uk Fire4 Systems UK Ltd
70:B3:D5:E6:C0:00/36 FusarTec Fusar Technologies inc
70:B3:D5:E6:D0:00/36 DomusSC Domus S.C.
70:B3:D5:E6:E0:00/36 LieronBv Lieron BVBA
@@ -25991,6 +26016,7 @@
78:54:2E D-LinkIn D-Link International
78:55:17 Sankyuel SankyuElectronics
78:57:12 MobileIn Mobile Integration Workgroup
+78:58:60 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
78:58:F3 Vachen Vachen Co.,Ltd
78:59:3E Rafi RAFI GmbH & Co.KG
78:59:5E SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
@@ -26494,6 +26520,7 @@
80:3B:F6 LookEasy Look Easy International Limited
80:3F:5D Winstars Winstars Technology Ltd
80:3F:D6 BytesAtW bytes at work AG
+80:41:26 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
80:41:4E BbkEduca Bbk Educational Electronics Corp.,Ltd.
80:42:7C AdolfTed Adolf Tedsen GmbH & Co. KG
80:47:31 PacketDe Packet Design, Inc.
@@ -27127,6 +27154,7 @@
8C:45:00 MurataMa Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
8C:4A:EE GigaTms Giga Tms Inc
8C:4B:59 3dImagin 3D Imaging & Simulations Corp
+8C:4C:AD Evoluzn Evoluzn Inc.
8C:4C:DC PlanexCo Planex Communications Inc.
8C:4D:B9 Unmonday Unmonday Ltd
8C:4D:EA Cerio Cerio Corporation
@@ -27256,8 +27284,10 @@
8C:EE:C6 Precepsc Precepscion Pty. Ltd.
8C:F2:28 Shenzhen Shenzhen Mercury Communication Technologies Co.,Ltd.
+8C:F7:73 Nokia
8C:F8:13 OrangePo Orange Polska
8C:F9:45 PowerAut Power Automation pte Ltd
+8C:F9:57 Ruixingh RuiXingHengFang Network (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd
8C:F9:C9 MesadaTe MESADA Technology Co.,Ltd.
8C:FA:BA Apple Apple, Inc.
8C:FD:F0 Qualcomm Qualcomm Inc.
@@ -27308,6 +27338,7 @@
90:35:6E Vodafone Vodafone Omnitel N.V.
90:38:09 Ericsson Ericsson AB
90:38:DF Changzho Changzhou Tiannengbo System Co. Ltd.
+90:3A:72 RuckusWi Ruckus Wireless
90:3A:A0 Nokia
90:3A:E6 ParrotSa Parrot Sa
90:3C:92 Apple Apple, Inc.
@@ -27541,6 +27572,7 @@
94:61:1E WataElec Wata Electronics Co.,Ltd.
94:61:24 Pason Pason Systems
94:62:69 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
+94:63:72 VivoMobi vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.
94:63:D1 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
94:65:2D OneplusT OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
94:65:9C IntelCor Intel Corporate
@@ -28529,6 +28561,7 @@ A4:D1:8F Shenzhen Shenzhen Skyee Optical Fiber Communication Technology Ltd.
A4:D1:D1 Ecotalit ECOtality North America
A4:D1:D2 Apple Apple, Inc.
A4:D3:B5 GlitelSt GLITEL Stropkov, s.r.o.
+A4:D4:B2 Shenzhen Shenzhen MeiG Smart Technology Co.,Ltd
A4:D5:78 TexasIns Texas Instruments
A4:D8:56 Gimbal Gimbal, Inc
A4:D8:CA HongKong Hong Kong Water World Technology Co. Limited
@@ -28929,6 +28962,7 @@ AC:F1:DF D-LinkIn D-Link International
AC:F2:C5 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
AC:F7:F3 XiaomiCo Xiaomi Communications Co Ltd
AC:F8:5C Private
+AC:F9:70 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
AC:F9:7E Elesys Elesys Inc.
AC:FD:93 WeifangG Weifang GoerTek Technology Co.,Ltd.
AC:FD:CE IntelCor Intel Corporate
@@ -29165,6 +29199,7 @@ B4:2A:39 OrbitMer ORBIT MERRET, spol. s r. o.
B4:2C:92 Zhejiang Zhejiang Weirong Electronic Co., Ltd
B4:2C:BE DirectPa Direct Payment Solutions Limited
B4:2D:56 ExtremeN Extreme Networks, Inc.
+B4:2E:F8 ElineTec Eline Technology co.Ltd
B4:30:52 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
B4:30:C0 YorkInst York Instruments Ltd
B4:31:B8 Aviwest
@@ -29314,6 +29349,7 @@ B4:F6:1C Apple Apple, Inc.
B4:F7:A1 LgElectr LG Electronics (Mobile Communications)
B4:F8:1E Kinova
B4:FB:E4 Ubiquiti Ubiquiti Networks Inc.
+B4:FB:F9 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
B4:FC:75 SemaElec SEMA Electronics(HK) CO.,LTD
B4:FE:8C CentroSi Centro Sicurezza Italia SpA
B8:00:18 Htel
@@ -29484,6 +29520,7 @@ B8:DA:F1 Strahlen Strahlenschutz- Entwicklungs- und Ausruestungsgesellschaft mbH
B8:DA:F7 Advanced Advanced Photonics, Inc.
B8:DB:1C Integrat Integrated Device Technology (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
B8:DC:87 Iai IAI Corporation
+B8:DE:5E Longchee Longcheer Telecommunication Limited
B8:DF:6B Spotcam SpotCam Co., Ltd.
B8:E5:89 PayterBv Payter BV
B8:E6:25 2wire 2Wire Inc
@@ -29520,6 +29557,7 @@ BC:05:43 Avm AVM GmbH
BC:0D:A5 TexasIns Texas Instruments
BC:0F:2B FortuneT Fortune Techgroup Co.,Ltd
BC:0F:64 IntelCor Intel Corporate
+BC:0F:A7 Ouster
BC:12:5E BeijingW Beijing WisVideo INC.
BC:14:01 HitronTe Hitron Technologies. Inc
BC:14:85 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
@@ -30076,12 +30114,17 @@ C4:F5:A5 Kumalift Kumalift Co., Ltd.
C4:FC:E4 DishtvNz DishTV NZ Ltd
C4:FF:1F HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
C4:FF:BC IeeeRegi IEEE Registration Authority
+C4:FF:BC:00:00:00/28 DanegoBv Danego BV
C4:FF:BC:10:00:00/28 Visatech VISATECH C0., LTD.
C4:FF:BC:20:00:00/28 Mobiletr Mobiletron Electronics Co., Ltd
C4:FF:BC:30:00:00/28 Shenzhen Shenzhen Kalif Electronics Co.,Ltd
C4:FF:BC:40:00:00/28 Imagetec iMageTech CO.,LTD.
+C4:FF:BC:50:00:00/28 Comtime comtime GmbH
+C4:FF:BC:70:00:00/28 Critical Critical Link
+C4:FF:BC:80:00:00/28 Shenzhen ShenZhen ZYT Technology co., Ltd
C4:FF:BC:90:00:00/28 GsmInnov GSM Innovations Pty Ltd
C4:FF:BC:A0:00:00/28 Advanced Advanced Navigation
+C4:FF:BC:B0:00:00/28 KagaElec Kaga Electronics Co.,Ltd.
C4:FF:BC:C0:00:00/28 KyongboE KyongBo Electric Co., Ltd.
C4:FF:BC:D0:00:00/28 BeijingK Beijing KDF information technology co. LTD.
C8:00:84 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
@@ -31271,6 +31314,7 @@ DC:D9:16 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
DC:DA:4F GetckTec Getck Technology, Inc
DC:DB:70 TonfunkS Tonfunk Systementwicklung und Service GmbH
DC:DC:07 TrpBv TRP Systems BV
+DC:DD:24 Energica Energica Motor Company SpA
DC:DE:CA Akyllor
DC:E0:26 PatrolTa Patrol Tag, Inc
DC:E1:AD Shenzhen Shenzhen Wintop Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd
@@ -31791,6 +31835,7 @@ E8:9F:EC ChengduK CHENGDU KT ELECTRONIC HI-TECH CO.,LTD
E8:A3:64 SignalPa Signal Path International / Peachtree Audio
E8:A4:C1 DeepSeaE Deep Sea Electronics PLC
E8:A7:F2 Straffic
+E8:AB:F3 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
E8:AB:FA Shenzhen Shenzhen Reecam Tech.Ltd.
E8:B1:FC IntelCor Intel Corporate
E8:B2:AC Apple Apple, Inc.
@@ -32591,6 +32636,7 @@ F8:8C:1C KaishunE Kaishun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing
F8:8D:EF Tenebrae Tenebraex
F8:8E:85 Comtrend Comtrend Corporation
F8:8F:CA Google Google, Inc.
+F8:90:66 Nain Nain Inc.
F8:91:2A GlpGerma GLP German Light Products GmbH
F8:93:F3 Volans
F8:94:C2 IntelCor Intel Corporate
@@ -32643,6 +32689,7 @@ F8:BE:0D A2uict A2UICT Co.,Ltd.
F8:BF:09 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
F8:C0:01 JuniperN Juniper Networks
F8:C0:91 Highgate Highgates Technology
+F8:C1:20 XiAnLink Xi'an Link-Science Technology Co.,Ltd
F8:C2:88 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
F8:C3:72 TsuzukiD Tsuzuki Denki
F8:C3:97 Nzxt NZXT Corp. Ltd.
diff --git a/services b/services
index d1206ac..a71148a 100644
--- a/services
+++ b/services
@@ -5359,6 +5359,7 @@ fio-cmgmt 9051/tcp # Fusion-io Central Manager Service
CardWeb-IO 9060/tcp # CardWeb request-response I/O exchange
CardWeb-RT 9060/udp # CardWeb realtime device data
glrpc 9080/tcp/udp # Groove GLRPC
+cisco-aqos 9081/udp # Required for Adaptive Quality of Service
lcs-ap 9082/sctp # LCS Application Protocol
emc-pp-mgmtsvc 9083/tcp # EMC PowerPath Mgmt Service
aurora 9084/tcp/udp/sctp # IBM AURORA Performance Visualizer
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_de.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_de.ts
index 20dc646..e79d95a 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_de.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_de.ts
@@ -1363,6 +1363,14 @@ Achtung: Eine Option MUSS ausgewählt sein.</translation>
+ <source>Set the display filter using this rule.</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
+ <source>Apply as filter</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
<source>Coloring Rules</source>
@@ -11776,7 +11784,7 @@ text-decoration: underline;
<source>Clear all entries.</source>
- <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ <translation>Alle Einträge löschen.</translation>
<source>Unknown User Accessible Table</source>
@@ -11807,7 +11815,7 @@ text-decoration: underline;
<source>Clear all entries.</source>
- <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ <translation>Alle Einträge löschen.</translation>
<source>Unknown User Accessible Table</source>
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_en.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_en.ts
index 3a2f3a8..7031e7d 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_en.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_en.ts
@@ -1360,6 +1360,14 @@ PLEASE NOTE: One option MUST be selected.</source>
<translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ <source>Set the display filter using this rule.</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
+ <source>Apply as filter</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
<source>Coloring Rules</source>
<translation type="unfinished"></translation>
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_fr.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_fr.ts
index 65fcc22..8943695 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_fr.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_fr.ts
@@ -1363,6 +1363,14 @@ NOTE: Une option DOIT être sélectionnée.</translation>
+ <source>Set the display filter using this rule.</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
+ <source>Apply as filter</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
<source>Coloring Rules</source>
<translation>Règles de coloration</translation>
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_it.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_it.ts
index 9a01fae..51ff55b 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_it.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_it.ts
@@ -1363,6 +1363,14 @@ NOTA: un&apos;opzione DEVE essere selezionata.</translation>
+ <source>Set the display filter using this rule.</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
+ <source>Apply as filter</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
<source>Coloring Rules</source>
<translation>Regole di colorazione</translation>
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_ja_JP.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_ja_JP.ts
index b73bffa..ced8d43 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_ja_JP.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_ja_JP.ts
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@
<source>Copy Rows</source>
- <translation>列をコピー</translation>
+ <translation>行をコピー</translation>
<source>Copy All</source>
@@ -247,15 +247,15 @@
<source>Copy Cell</source>
- <translation type="unfinished">セルをコピー</translation>
+ <translation>セルをコピー</translation>
<source>Copy Rows</source>
- <translation type="unfinished">列をコピー</translation>
+ <translation>行をコピー</translation>
<source>Copy All</source>
- <translation type="unfinished">すべてをコピー</translation>
+ <translation>すべてをコピー</translation>
<source>Save as image</source>
@@ -362,7 +362,7 @@
<source>Copy Rows</source>
- <translation>列をコピー</translation>
+ <translation>行をコピー</translation>
<source>Copy All</source>
@@ -553,7 +553,7 @@
<source>Copy Rows</source>
- <translation>列をコピー</translation>
+ <translation>行をコピー</translation>
<source>Copy All</source>
@@ -1358,6 +1358,14 @@ PLEASE NOTE: One option MUST be selected.</source>
+ <source>Set the display filter using this rule.</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
+ <source>Apply as filter</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
<source>Coloring Rules</source>
@@ -2156,7 +2164,7 @@ PLEASE NOTE: One option MUST be selected.</source>
- <translation type="unfinished">コピー</translation>
+ <translation>コピー</translation>
<source>IPv4 source address.</source>
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_pl.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_pl.ts
index 0f54387..393d899 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_pl.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_pl.ts
@@ -1364,6 +1364,14 @@ UWAGA: Przynajmniej jedna opcja MUSI zostać zaznaczona.</translation>
+ <source>Set the display filter using this rule.</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
+ <source>Apply as filter</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
<source>Coloring Rules</source>
<translation>Reguły kolorowania</translation>
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_zh_CN.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_zh_CN.ts
index 14e444f..10fa567 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_zh_CN.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_zh_CN.ts
@@ -1359,6 +1359,14 @@ PLEASE NOTE: One option MUST be selected.</source>
+ <source>Set the display filter using this rule.</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
+ <source>Apply as filter</source>
+ <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ </message>
+ <message>
<source>Coloring Rules</source>