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diff --git a/tools/git-export-release.sh b/tools/git-export-release.sh
index 577e5ea2b0..eb670dbb2b 100755
--- a/tools/git-export-release.sh
+++ b/tools/git-export-release.sh
@@ -32,6 +32,20 @@ DESCRIPTION=$(git describe --abbrev=8 --match "v[1-9]*" ${COMMIT})
+# We might be able to avoid stashing by doing one of the following:
+# Use tar to append a new or updated version.conf to the archive.
+# This would require detecting our local tar flavor (GNU or BSD) and
+# constructing a compatible command. BSD tar appears to support inline
+# inline filtering via `-a @- -s /^/wireshark-${VERSION} version.conf`
+# or something similar. GNU tar appears to require that we write to
+# a file and append to it. I'm not sure if we can add a path prefix.
+# Use the 'export-subst' gitattribute along with
+# 'git_description=$Format:...$' in version.conf. export-subst uses
+# 'git log' formatting. I'm not sure if we can build $DESCRIPTION
+# from that.
if [ "$COMMIT" == "HEAD" ] ; then
echo "Adding description $DESCRIPTION"
echo "git_description=$DESCRIPTION" >> version.conf