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Broadcom "donated" one of their OUIs for use in Fibre Channel over
Ethernet group MAC-48 addresses: http://www.t11.org/ftp/t11/pub/fc/bb-5/08-334v0.pdf so we add entries for the three group addresses in question and an entry to cover all unassigned group addresses in that range. Regenerate manuf file. Fixes bug 8046. svn path=/trunk/; revision=46386
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01-00-81-00-00-02 Nortel-Network-Management
01-00-81-00-01-00 Nortel-autodiscovery
01-00-81-00-01-01 Nortel-autodiscovery
+# As per
+# http://www.t11.org/ftp/t11/pub/fc/bb-5/08-334v0.pdf
+# Broadcom "donated" one of their OUIs, 00-10-18, for use for
+# Fibre Channel over Ethernet, so we add entries for the
+# addresses in that document and a group of addresses for all
+# otherwise unlisted 01-10-18-XX-XX-XX addresses.
+01-10-18-01-00-00 All-FCoE-MACs
+01-10-18-01-00-01 All-ENode-MACs
+01-10-18-01-00-02 All-FCF-MACs
+01-10-18-00-00-00/24 FCoE-group
01-11-1E-00-00-01 EPLv2_SoC
01-11-1E-00-00-02 EPLv2_PRes
01-11-1E-00-00-03 EPLv2_SoA