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More updates to the ISL dissector:
1) Rollback r14139 in two parts: a) Change user priority back to what Cisco's ISL documentation states that the values mean instead of the 802.1Q CoS values (see also note below). b) Change the destination address back to type FT_ETHER since the ISL-Frame values were added to manuf/wka.tmpl in r16741 with a /40 mask. 2) Add 03-00-0C-00-00/40 to manuf/wka.tmpl for ISL over Token Ring. 3) Move the type and user fields to a tree elow the destination address since that is where the values come from. NOTE: Regarding change 1a, I noticed in the Wiki's isl-2-dot1q.cap sample capture file that bit #2 is being set to 1 when bits 0 and 1 are set to 1. When bits 0 and 1 are both set to 0, bit 2 is not set. I cannot find a reference to this bit being used in Cisco's documentation. svn path=/trunk/; revision=31446
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03-00-00-00-80-00 Bridge # [TR?]
03-00-00-20-00-00 IP-Token-Ring-Multicast (RFC1469)
03-00-00-80-00-00 Discovery-Client
+03-00-0C-00-00/40 ISL-Frame [TR?]
03-00-C7-00-00-EE HP (Compaq) ProLiant NIC teaming
03-00-FF-FF-FF-FF All-Stations-Address
03-BF-00-00-00-00/16 MS-NLB-VirtServer-Multicast