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Fix a mac collision in wka.tmpl.
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01-E0-2F-00-00-01 DOCSIS-CM
01-E0-2F-00-00-02 DOCSIS-CMTS
01-E0-2F-00-00-03 DOCSIS-STP
+# Extremenetworks in their infinite wisdom seems to use 02-04-94 (Vendor MAC XOR 02-00-00)
+# for their base mac address, thus colliding with MS-NLB 02-04/16 which Microsoft in their
+# infinite wisdom decided to use for MS-NLB.
+02-04-96-00-00-00/24 ExtremeNetworks
# Microsoft Network Load Balancing (NLB)
# Actually, 02-01-virtualip to 02-20-virtualip will be used from server to rest-of-world
# 02-bf-virtualip will be used from rest-of-world to server