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authorGerald Combs <gerald@wireshark.org>2012-10-12 23:40:29 +0000
committerGerald Combs <gerald@wireshark.org>2012-10-12 23:40:29 +0000
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parentc91c1df500cc3950cc7a375aaae72f20ea0eb652 (diff)
Add a packet format group box, similar to the packet range group box.
Use it in the new "Export Packet Dissections" dialog. I'm omitting PostScript exports on purpose. If you *really* need that feature you can probably get better results than we produce using text + enscript or print-to-PDF + pdf2ps/pdftops or PSML/PDML + XSL + ... The Windows code is untested. I'll check in any needed fixes shortly. svn path=/trunk/; revision=45513
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diff --git a/print.h b/print.h
index 42a5812faa..00907ea09a 100644
--- a/print.h
+++ b/print.h
@@ -33,6 +33,10 @@
#include "packet-range.h"
+#ifdef __cplusplus
+extern "C" {
+#endif /* __cplusplus */
* Print stream code; this provides a "print stream" class with subclasses
* of various sorts. Additional subclasses might be implemented elsewhere.
@@ -155,4 +159,8 @@ extern void write_fields_finale(output_fields_t* fields, FILE *fh);
extern const gchar* get_node_field_value(field_info* fi, epan_dissect_t* edt);
+#ifdef __cplusplus
+#endif /* __cplusplus */
#endif /* print.h */