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authorGilbert Ramirez <gram@alumni.rice.edu>1999-12-29 20:10:12 +0000
committerGilbert Ramirez <gram@alumni.rice.edu>1999-12-29 20:10:12 +0000
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Changed the protocol tree widget from a GtkTree to a GtkCTree. The two reasons
I did this: First, Havoc Pennington, in "GTK+/Gnome Application Development", in Appendix seciton A.3.88, recommends using GtkCTree instead of GtkTree because GtkCtree is faster, and GtkTree has limitation on its total row height: since it must fit inside a GdkWindow, it is limited to 32,768 pixels of height. GtkTree is more flexible with regards to the types of widgets that can be placed in the tree, but since we deal only with text, that doesn't matter, at least for now. Secondly, a GtkTree doesn't allow arrow-key navigation (at least as far as I could tell). It always bothered me that the up and down arrow keys worked in the packet list and in the hex dump, but no in the protocol tree. GtkCTree does allow arrow-key navigation. In fact, GtkCTree is a subclass of GtkCList (the packet list widget), so they behave a lot alike. I went ahead and fixed the selection bar which has been bothering Richard for a long time now. :) In the GUI preferences dialogue, you can now set both the packet list selection bar and the protocol tree selection bar to either "browse" or "select" mode. "browse" mode is what you're used to: the arrow keys move an outline of the selection bar, but do not change the selection. "select" mode does change the selection when the arrow keys are pressed. The default behavior is set to "select", which seems more natural for a first-time user. svn path=/trunk/; revision=1393
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diff --git a/prefs.h b/prefs.h
index db22822cdb..b61d275d1e 100644
--- a/prefs.h
+++ b/prefs.h
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
/* prefs.h
* Definitions for preference handling routines
- * $Id: prefs.h,v 1.11 1999/12/16 06:19:50 gram Exp $
+ * $Id: prefs.h,v 1.12 1999/12/29 20:09:47 gram Exp $
* Ethereal - Network traffic analyzer
* By Gerald Combs <gerald@zing.org>
@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@ typedef struct _e_prefs {
gint num_cols;
GdkColor st_client_fg, st_client_bg, st_server_fg, st_server_bg;
gboolean gui_scrollbar_on_right;
+ gboolean gui_plist_sel_browse;
+ gboolean gui_ptree_sel_browse;
} e_prefs;
extern e_prefs prefs;