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Add tables of "conversation" dissectors, which are associated with
particular protocols, and which keep track of all dissectors that could be associated with conversations using those particular protocols - for example, the RTP and RTCP dissectors could be assigned to UDP conversations. This is for future use with UI features allowing the dissector for a given conversation to be set from the UI, to allow 1) conversations between two ports, both of which have dissectors associated with them, that have been given to the wrong dissector to be given to the right dissector; 2) conversations between two ports, neither of which have dissectors associated with them, to be given to a dissector (RTP and RTCP, for example, typically run on random ports, and if you don't have, in a capture, traffic that would say "OK, traffic between these two hosts and ports will be RTP traffic", you may have to tell Ethereal explicitly what protocol the conversation is). svn path=/trunk/; revision=2848
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