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00:00:00 00:00:00 Officially Xerox, but 0:0:0:0:0:0 is more common
-00:00:01 Superlan SuperLAN-2U
-00:00:02 BbnWasIn BBN (was internal usage only, no longer used)
+00:00:01 Xerox Xerox Corporation
+00:00:02 Xerox Xerox Corporation
00:00:03 Xerox Xerox Corporation
00:00:04 Xerox Xerox Corporation
00:00:05 Xerox Xerox Corporation
@@ -70,27 +70,27 @@
00:00:0D Fibronic Fibronics Ltd.
00:00:0E Fujitsu
00:00:0F Next
-00:00:10 Hughes
-00:00:11 Tektrnix
+00:00:10 Sytek Sytek Inc.
+00:00:11 Normerel Normerel Systemes
00:00:12 Informat Information Technology Limited
00:00:13 Camex
00:00:14 Netronix
00:00:15 Datapoin Datapoint Corporation
00:00:16 DuPontPi Du Pont Pixel Systems .
00:00:17 Oracle
-00:00:18 WebsterC Webster Computer Corporation Appletalk/Ethernet Gateway
+00:00:18 WebsterC Webster Computer Corporation # Appletalk/Ethernet Gateway
00:00:19 AppliedD Applied Dynamics International
00:00:1A AMD
00:00:1B NovellNo Novell (now Eagle Technology)
-00:00:1C JdrMicro JDR Microdevices generic, NE2000 drivers
+00:00:1C BellTech Bell Technologies
00:00:1D Cabletro Cabletron
00:00:1E TelsistI Telsist Industria Electronica
-00:00:1F Cryptall Cryptall Communications Corp.
+00:00:1F Telco Telco Systems, Inc.
00:00:20 DIAB
00:00:21 SC&C
00:00:22 VisualTe Visual Technology
00:00:23 AbbAutom ABB Automation AB, Dept. Q
-00:00:24 Olicom
+00:00:24 ConnectA Connect As
00:00:25 Ramtek Ramtek Corp.
00:00:26 Sha-Ken SHA-KEN CO., LTD.
00:00:27 JapanRad Japan Radio Company
@@ -98,13 +98,13 @@
00:00:29 Imc
00:00:2A Trw
00:00:2B CrispAut Crisp Automation, Inc
-00:00:2C Nrc-Netw NRC - Network Resources Corporation - MultiGate Hub1+, Hub2, etc
+00:00:2C Autotote Autotote Limited
00:00:2D Chromati Chromatics Inc
00:00:2E SocieteE Societe Evira
00:00:2F Timeplex Timeplex Inc.
00:00:30 VgLabora Vg Laboratory Systems Ltd
00:00:31 QpsxComm Qpsx Communications, Ltd.
-00:00:32 GptReass GPT Limited (reassigned from GEC Computers Ltd)
+00:00:32 Marconi Marconi plc
00:00:33 EganMach Egan Machinery Company
00:00:34 NetworkR Network Resources Corporation
00:00:35 Spectrag Spectragraphics Corporation
@@ -113,9 +113,9 @@
00:00:38 CssLabs Css Labs
00:00:39 Toshiba Toshiba Corporation
00:00:3A Chyron Chyron Corporation
-00:00:3B Hyundai/ Hyundai/Axil Sun clones
+00:00:3B IControl i Controls, Inc.
00:00:3C Auspex
-00:00:3D AT&T
+00:00:3D Unisys
00:00:3E Simpact
00:00:3F Syntrex Syntrex Inc
00:00:40 Applicon Applicon, Inc.
@@ -124,19 +124,19 @@
00:00:43 MicroTec Micro Technology
00:00:44 Castelle
00:00:45 FordAero FORD AEROSPACE & COMM. CORP.
-00:00:46 ISC-BR
+00:00:46 Olivetti Olivetti North America
00:00:47 NicoletI Nicolet Instruments Corp.
-00:00:48 Epson
-00:00:49 Apricot Apricot Ltd.
+00:00:48 SeikoEps Seiko Epson Corporation
+00:00:49 Apricot Apricot Ltd.
00:00:4A AdcCoden Adc Codenoll Technology Corp.
-00:00:4B APT
+00:00:4B IclDataO Icl Data Oy
00:00:4C Nec NEC Corporation
00:00:4D Dci Dci Corporation
00:00:4E Ampex Ampex Corporation
00:00:4F Logicraf Logicraft 386-Ware P.C. Emulator
00:00:50 Radisys Radisys Corporation
00:00:51 HobElect Hob Electronic Gmbh & Co. KG
-00:00:52 OpticalD Optical Data Systems
+00:00:52 Intrusio Intrusion.com, Inc.
00:00:53 Compucor Compucorp
00:00:54 Schneide Schneider Electric
00:00:55 AT&T
@@ -144,68 +144,68 @@
00:00:57 Scitex Scitex Corporation Ltd.
00:00:58 RacoreCo Racore Computer Products Inc
00:00:59 Hellige Hellige GMBH
-00:00:5A SkSchnei SK (Schneider & Koch in Europe and Syskonnect outside of Europe)
+00:00:5A SkSchnei SK # (Schneider & Koch in Europe and Syskonnect outside of Europe)
00:00:5B Eltec
00:00:5C Telemati Telematics International Inc.
-00:00:5D Rce
+00:00:5D CsTeleco Cs Telecom
00:00:5E USDepart U.S. Department of Defense (IANA)
00:00:5F Sumitomo
00:00:60 KontronE Kontron Elektronik Gmbh
00:00:61 GatewayC Gateway Communications
-00:00:62 Hneywell Honeywell
-00:00:63 HP
+00:00:62 BullHnIn Bull Hn Information Systems
+00:00:63 BarcoCon Barco Control Rooms Gmbh
00:00:64 Yokogawa Yokogawa Digital Computer Corp
00:00:65 NetworkG Network General
00:00:66 Talaris
00:00:67 Soft*Rit SOFT * RITE, INC.
00:00:68 Rosemoun Rosemount Controls
-00:00:69 SGI
+00:00:69 ConcordC Concord Communications Inc
00:00:6A Computer Computer Consoles Inc.
00:00:6B MIPS
00:00:6C Private
00:00:6D Case
00:00:6E Artisoft Artisoft, Inc.
-00:00:6F MadgeNet Madge Networks Ltd. Token-ring adapters
+00:00:6F MadgeNet Madge Networks Ltd. # Token-ring adapters
00:00:70 Hcl Hcl Limited
00:00:71 Adra Adra Systems Inc.
00:00:72 Miniware Miniware Technology
-00:00:73 Dupont
+00:00:73 Siecor Siecor Corporation
00:00:74 Ricoh Ricoh Company Ltd.
00:00:75 BellNort Bell Northern Research (BNR)
00:00:76 AbekasVi Abekas Video System
-00:00:77 Interpha Interphase [Used in other systems, e.g. MIPS, Motorola]
+00:00:77 Interpha Interphase # [Used in other systems, e.g. MIPS, Motorola]
00:00:78 LabtamAu Labtam Australia
-00:00:79 Networth Networth Incorporated [bought by Compaq, used in Netelligent series]
-00:00:7A Ardent
+00:00:79 Networth Networth Incorporated # [bought by Compaq, used in Netelligent series]
+00:00:7A DanaComp Dana Computer Inc.
00:00:7B Research Research Machines
00:00:7C Ampere Ampere Incorporated
-00:00:7D Cray
-00:00:7E Netframe NetFRAME multiprocessor network servers
-00:00:7F Linotype Linotype-Hell AG Linotronic typesetters
-00:00:80 CrayComm Cray Communications (formerly Dowty Network Services) [Also shows as "Harris (3M) (new)" and/or "Imagen(?)" elsewhere]
-00:00:81 Synoptic Synoptics
+00:00:7D Oracle Oracle Corporation
+00:00:7E Clustrix Clustrix Corporation
+00:00:7F Linotype Linotype-Hell AG # Linotronic typesetters
+00:00:80 CrayComm Cray Communications (formerly Dowty Network Services) # [Also shows as "Harris (3M) (new)" and/or "Imagen(?)" elsewhere]
+00:00:81 BayNetwo Bay Networks
00:00:82 LectraSy Lectra Systemes Sa
00:00:83 TadpoleT Tadpole Technology [had Optical Data Systems which is wrong according to both]
-00:00:84 Aquila?A Aquila (?), ADI Systems Inc.(?)
+00:00:84 Supernet
00:00:85 Canon Canon Inc.
-00:00:86 GatewayC Gateway Communications Inc. (then Megahertz & now 3com)
+00:00:86 Megahert Megahertz Corporation
00:00:87 Hitachi
00:00:88 BrocadeC Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
-00:00:89 CaymanSy Cayman Systems Gatorbox
+00:00:89 CaymanSy Cayman Systems # Gatorbox
00:00:8A Datahous Datahouse Information Systems
00:00:8B Infotron
00:00:8C AlloyCom Alloy Computer Products (Australia) Pty Ltd
00:00:8D Cryptek Cryptek Inc.
-00:00:8E Solbourn Solbourne(?), Jupiter(?) (I've had confirming mail on Solbourne)
+00:00:8E Solbourn Solbourne Computer, Inc.
00:00:8F Raytheon
00:00:90 Microcom
00:00:91 Anritsu Anritsu Corporation
-00:00:92 UnisysCo Unisys, Cogent (both reported)
+00:00:92 CogentDa Cogent Data Technologies
00:00:93 Proteon
-00:00:94 AsanteMa Asante MAC
+00:00:94 AsanteMa Asante # MAC
00:00:95 Sony/Tek Sony/Tektronix
00:00:96 MarconiE Marconi Electronics Ltd.
-00:00:97 Epoch
+00:00:97 DellEmc Dell EMC
00:00:98 CrossCom Cross Com
00:00:99 MemorexT Memorex Telex Corporations
00:00:9A RcComput RC COMPUTER A/S
@@ -216,54 +216,54 @@
00:00:9F Amerista Ameristar Technology
00:00:A0 SanyoEle Sanyo Electronics
00:00:A1 Marquett Marquette Electric Co.
-00:00:A2 Wellflee Wellfleet
+00:00:A2 BayNetwo Bay Networks
00:00:A3 NAT
00:00:A4 Acorn
-00:00:A5 CSC
+00:00:A5 TattileS Tattile SRL
00:00:A6 NetworkG Network General (internal assignment, not for products)
00:00:A7 NCD
00:00:A8 StratusC Stratus Computer, Inc.
00:00:A9 NetSys Network Systems
-00:00:AA XeroxXer Xerox Xerox machines
+00:00:AA XeroxXer Xerox # Xerox machines
00:00:AB LogicMod Logic Modeling Corporation
-00:00:AC ConwareN Conware Netzpartner [had Apollo, claimed incorrect]
+00:00:AC ConwareN Conware Netzpartner # [had Apollo, claimed incorrect]
00:00:AD BrukerIn Bruker Instruments Inc.
00:00:AE Dassault Dassault Automatismes et Telecommunications
-00:00:AF NuclearD Nuclear Data Acquisition Interface Modules (AIM)
+00:00:AF Canberra Canberra Industries, Inc.
00:00:B0 RndRadNe RND (RAD Network Devices)
00:00:B1 AlphaMic Alpha Microsystems Inc.
00:00:B2 Televide Televideo Systems, Inc.
00:00:B3 Cimlinc
00:00:B4 Edimax
-00:00:B5 Databili Datability Terminal Servers
+00:00:B5 Databili Datability # Terminal Servers
00:00:B6 Micro-Ma Micro-matic Research
-00:00:B7 DoveFast Dove Fastnet
+00:00:B7 DoveFast Dove # Fastnet
00:00:B8 Seikosha Seikosha Co., Ltd.
00:00:B9 Mcdonnel Mcdonnell Douglas Computer Sys
00:00:BA Siig Siig, Inc.
-00:00:BB Tri-Data TRI-DATA Systems Inc. Netway products, 3274 emulators
-00:00:BC Allen-Br Allen-Bradley
+00:00:BB Tri-Data TRI-DATA Systems Inc. # Netway products, 3274 emulators
+00:00:BC Rockwell Rockwell Automation
00:00:BD Mitsubis Mitsubishi Cable Company
00:00:BE NtiGroup The Nti Group
00:00:BF Symmetri Symmetric Computer Systems
00:00:C0 WesternD Western Digital now SMC (Std. Microsystems Corp.)
-00:00:C1 Olicom Olicom A/S
+00:00:C1 Madge Madge Ltd.
00:00:C2 Informat Information Presentation Tech.
00:00:C3 HarrisCo Harris Corp Computer Sys Div
00:00:C4 WatersDi Waters Div. Of Millipore
-00:00:C5 Farallon Farallon Computing Inc
+00:00:C5 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
00:00:C6 HpIntell HP Intelligent Networks Operation (formerly Eon Systems)
00:00:C7 Arix Arix Corporation
00:00:C8 Altos
-00:00:C9 EmulexTe Emulex Terminal Servers, Print Servers
-00:00:CA LancityC LANcity Cable Modems (now owned by BayNetworks)
+00:00:C9 EmulexTe Emulex # Terminal Servers, Print Servers
+00:00:CA ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
00:00:CC Densan Densan Co., Ltd.
-00:00:CD Industri Industrial Research Limited
+00:00:CD AlliedTe Allied Telesis Labs Ltd
00:00:CE Megadata Megadata Corp.
00:00:CF HayesMic Hayes Microcomputer Products
00:00:D0 Develcon Develcon Electronics, Ltd.
-00:00:D1 Adaptec Adaptec, Inc. "Nodem" product
+00:00:D1 Adaptec Adaptec, Inc. # "Nodem" product
00:00:D2 Sbe SBE Inc
00:00:D3 WangLabs Wang Labs
00:00:D4 Puredata
@@ -275,14 +275,14 @@
00:00:DA Atex
00:00:DB BritishT British Telecommunications plc
00:00:DC HayesMic Hayes Microcomputer Products
-00:00:DD Gould
-00:00:DE Unigraph
+00:00:DD Tcl Tcl Incorporated
+00:00:DE Cetia
00:00:E0 Quadram Quadram Corp.
-00:00:E1 Hitachi
+00:00:E1 Grid Grid Systems
00:00:E2 AcerCoun Acer Counterpoint
00:00:E3 Integrat Integrated Micro Products Ltd
-00:00:E4 Mips?
00:00:E5 Sigmex Sigmex Ltd.
00:00:E6 AptorPro Aptor Produits De Comm Indust
00:00:E7 StarGate Star Gate Technologies
@@ -293,14 +293,14 @@
00:00:EC Micropro Microprocess
00:00:ED April
00:00:EE NetworkD Network Designers Limited [also KNX Ltd, a former division]
-00:00:EF AlantecN Alantec (now owned by ForeSystems)
+00:00:EF Kti
00:00:F0 Samsung
00:00:F1 MagnaCom Magna Computer Corporation
-00:00:F2 SpiderCo Spider Communications (Montreal, not Spider Systems)
+00:00:F2 SpiderCo Spider Communications # (Montreal, not Spider Systems)
00:00:F3 GandalfD Gandalf Data Ltd. - Canada
00:00:F4 AlliedTe Allied Telesis, Inc.
00:00:F5 DiamondS Diamond Sales Limited
-00:00:F6 Madge
+00:00:F6 AppliedM Applied Microsystems Corp.
00:00:F7 YouthKee Youth Keep Enterprise Co Ltd
00:00:F8 Dec
00:00:F9 Quotron Quotron Systems Inc.
@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@
00:00:FF CamtecEl Camtec Electronics (UK) Ltd.
00:01:00 EquipTra EQUIP'TRANS
00:01:01 Private
-00:01:02 BbnBoltB BBN (Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.) internal usage (not registered)
+00:01:02 3com 3COM CORPORATION
00:01:03 3com 3COM CORPORATION
00:01:04 Dvico DVICO Co., Ltd.
00:01:05 Beckhoff Beckhoff Automation GmbH
@@ -390,7 +390,7 @@
00:01:4D ShinKinE Shin Kin Enterprises Co., Ltd
00:01:4E WinEnter WIN Enterprises, Inc.
00:01:4F Adtran Adtran Inc
-00:01:50 Megahert Megahertz (now 3com) modem
+00:01:50 GilatCom Gilat Communications, Ltd.
00:01:51 Ensemble Ensemble Communications
00:01:52 Chromate Chromatek Inc.
00:01:53 ArchtekT Archtek Telecom Corporation
@@ -414,7 +414,7 @@
00:01:65 Airswitc AirSwitch Corporation
00:01:66 TcGroup TC GROUP A/S
00:01:67 HiokiEE Hioki E.E. Corporation
-00:01:68 W&GWande W&G (Wandel & Goltermann) [incorrect according to W&G]
+00:01:68 Vitana Vitana Corporation
00:01:69 Celestix Celestix Networks Pte Ltd.
00:01:6A Alitec
00:01:6B Lightchi LightChip, Inc.
@@ -560,7 +560,7 @@
00:01:F7 ImageDis Image Display Systems, Inc.
00:01:F8 TexioTec Texio Technology Corporation
00:01:F9 Teraglob TeraGlobal Communications Corp.
-00:01:FA Compaq
+00:01:FA Horoscas
00:01:FB DotopTec DoTop Technology, Inc.
00:01:FC Keyence Keyence Corporation
00:01:FD DigitalV Digital Voice Systems, Inc.
@@ -570,8 +570,8 @@
00:02:01 IfmElect IFM Electronic gmbh
00:02:02 AminoCom Amino Communications, Ltd.
00:02:03 Woonsang Woonsang Telecom, Inc.
-00:02:04 Novell
-00:02:05 Hamilton Hamilton (Sparc Clones)
+00:02:04 BodmannI Bodmann Industries Elektronik GmbH
+00:02:05 HitachiD Hitachi Denshi, Ltd.
00:02:06 TelitalR Telital R&D Denmark A/S
00:02:07 Visiongl VisionGlobal Network Corp.
00:02:08 UnifyNet Unify Networks, Inc.
@@ -588,7 +588,7 @@
00:02:13 SDEL S.D.E.L.
00:02:14 Dtvro
00:02:15 CotasCom Cotas Computer Technology A/B
-00:02:16 EsiExten ESI (Extended Systems, Inc) print servers
+00:02:16 EsiExten ESI (Extended Systems, Inc) # print servers
00:02:17 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
00:02:18 Advanced Advanced Scientific Corp
00:02:19 ParalonT Paralon Technologies
@@ -615,7 +615,7 @@
00:02:2E TeacR&D TEAC Corp. R& D
00:02:2F P-Cube P-Cube, Ltd.
00:02:30 Intersof Intersoft Electronics
-00:02:31 Axis
+00:02:31 Ingersol Ingersoll-Rand
00:02:32 Avision Avision, Inc.
00:02:33 MantraCo Mantra Communications, Inc.
00:02:34 Imperial Imperial Technology, Inc.
@@ -1020,7 +1020,7 @@
00:03:C3 Micronik Micronik Multimedia
00:03:C4 TomraAsa Tomra Systems ASA
00:03:C5 Mobotix Mobotix AG
-00:03:C6 MorningS Morning Star Technologies Inc
+00:03:C6 Icue ICUE Systems, Inc.
00:03:C7 HopfElek hopf Elektronik GmbH
00:03:C8 CmlEmerg CML Emergency Services
00:03:C9 Tecom TECOM Co., Ltd.
@@ -1250,7 +1250,7 @@
00:04:A9 Sandstre SandStream Technologies, Inc.
00:04:AA Jetstrea Jetstream Communications
00:04:AB Comverse Comverse Network Systems, Inc.
-00:04:AC IbmPcmci IBM PCMCIA Ethernet adapter.
+00:04:AC IbmPcmci IBM # PCMCIA Ethernet adapter.
00:04:AD MalibuNe Malibu Networks
00:04:AE Sullair Sullair Corporation
00:04:AF DigitalF Digital Fountain, Inc.
@@ -1488,7 +1488,7 @@
00:05:97 EagleTra Eagle Traffic Control Systems
00:05:98 CronosSR CRONOS S.r.l.
00:05:99 DrsTestA DRS Test and Energy Management or DRS-TEM
-00:05:9A Powercom PowerComputing (Mac clone)
+00:05:9A Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
00:05:9B Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
00:05:9C Kleinkne Kleinknecht GmbH, Ing. Büro
00:05:9D DanielCo Daniel Computing Systems, Inc.
@@ -1502,7 +1502,7 @@
00:05:A5 Kott
00:05:A6 ExtronEl Extron Electronics
00:05:A7 Hyperchi HYPERCHIP Inc.
-00:05:A8 Powercom PowerComputing Mac clones
+00:05:A8 WyleElec Wyle Electronics
00:05:A9 Princeto Princeton Networks, Inc.
00:05:AA MooreInd Moore Industries International Inc.
00:05:AB CyberFon Cyber Fone, Inc.
@@ -1603,7 +1603,7 @@
00:06:0A Blue2spa Blue2space
00:06:0B ArtesynE Artesyn Embedded Technologies
00:06:0C MelcoInd Melco Industries, Inc.
-00:06:0D Hewlett- Hewlett-Packard JetDirect token-ring interfaces
+00:06:0D Wave7Opt Wave7 Optics
00:06:0E Igys IGYS Systems, Inc.
00:06:0F NaradNet Narad Networks Inc
00:06:10 AbeonaNe Abeona Networks Inc
@@ -1859,7 +1859,7 @@
00:07:0A UnicomAu Unicom Automation Co., Ltd.
00:07:0B Novabase Novabase SGPS, SA
00:07:0C Sva-Intr SVA-Intrusion.com Co. Ltd.
-00:07:0D Cisco251 Cisco 2511 Token Ring
+00:07:0D Cisco251 Cisco # 2511 Token Ring
00:07:0E Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
00:07:0F Fujant Fujant, Inc.
00:07:10 Adax Adax, Inc.
@@ -1999,7 +1999,7 @@
00:07:96 Lsi LSI Systems, Inc.
00:07:97 Netpower Netpower Co., Ltd.
00:07:98 SeleaSrl Selea SRL
-00:07:99 TippingPoint TippingPoint Technologies, Inc.
+00:07:99 TippingPoint TippingPoint Technologies, Inc.
00:07:9A Verint Verint Systems Inc
00:07:9B AuroraNe Aurora Networks
00:07:9C GoldenEl Golden Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
@@ -2157,10 +2157,10 @@
00:08:4F Qualstar Qualstar Corporation
00:08:50 ArizonaI Arizona Instrument Corp.
00:08:51 Canadian Canadian Bank Note Company, Ltd.
-00:08:52 Technica Technically Elite Concepts
+00:08:52 Davolink Davolink Co. Inc.
00:08:53 Schleich Schleicher GmbH & Co. Relaiswerke KG
00:08:54 Netronix Netronix, Inc.
-00:08:55 Fermilab
+00:08:55 Nasa-God NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center
00:08:56 Gamatron Gamatronic Electronic Industries Ltd.
00:08:57 PolarisN Polaris Networks, Inc.
00:08:58 Novatech Novatechnology Inc.
@@ -2274,7 +2274,7 @@
00:08:C4 Hikari Hikari Co.,Ltd.
00:08:C5 Liontech Liontech Co., Ltd.
00:08:C6 PhilipsC Philips Consumer Communications
-00:08:C7 Compaq
+00:08:C7 HewlettP Hewlett Packard
00:08:C8 Sonetico Soneticom, Inc.
00:08:C9 Technisa TechniSat Digital GmbH Daun
00:08:CA TwinhanT TwinHan Technology Co.,Ltd
@@ -4129,17 +4129,17 @@
00:10:04 Brantley The Brantley Coile Company,Inc
00:10:05 UecComme Uec Commercial
00:10:06 ThalesCo Thales Contact Solutions Ltd.
-00:10:07 CiscoSys Cisco Systems Catalyst 1900
+00:10:07 CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 1900
00:10:08 Vienna Vienna Systems Corporation
00:10:09 Horanet
00:10:0A Williams Williams Communications Group
00:10:0B Cisco Cisco Systems
00:10:0C Ito Ito Co., Ltd.
-00:10:0D CiscoSys Cisco Systems Catalyst 2924-XL
+00:10:0D CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 2924-XL
00:10:0E MicroLin Micro Linear Coporation
00:10:0F Industri Industrial Cpu Systems
00:10:10 Initio Initio Corporation
-00:10:11 CiscoSys Cisco Systems Cisco 75xx
+00:10:11 CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Cisco 75xx
00:10:13 KontronA Kontron America, Inc.
00:10:14 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
@@ -4153,7 +4153,7 @@
00:10:1C OhmTechn Ohm Technologies Intl, Llc
00:10:1D WinbondE Winbond Electronics Corp.
00:10:1E Matsushi Matsushita Electronic Instruments Corp.
-00:10:1F CiscoSys Cisco Systems Catalyst 2901
+00:10:1F CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 2901
00:10:20 HandHeld Hand Held Products Inc
00:10:21 EncantoN Encanto Networks, Inc.
00:10:22 SatcomMe SatCom Media Corporation
@@ -4163,13 +4163,13 @@
00:10:26 Accelera Accelerated Networks, Inc.
00:10:28 Computer Computer Technica, Inc.
-00:10:29 CiscoSys Cisco Systems Catalyst 5000
+00:10:29 CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 5000
00:10:2A ZfMicros Zf Microsystems, Inc.
00:10:2B UmaxData Umax Data Systems, Inc.
00:10:2C LasatNet Lasat Networks A/S
00:10:2D HitachiS Hitachi Software Engineering
-00:10:2F CiscoSys Cisco Systems Cisco 5000
+00:10:2F CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Cisco 5000
00:10:30 Eion EION Inc.
00:10:31 Objectiv Objective Communications, Inc.
00:10:32 AltaTech Alta Technology
@@ -4197,7 +4197,7 @@
00:10:48 HtrcAuto Htrc Automation, Inc.
00:10:49 Shoretel ShoreTel, Inc
00:10:4A Parvus The Parvus Corporation
-00:10:4B 3com3c90 3Com 3C905-TX PCI
+00:10:4B 3com3c90 3Com # 3C905-TX PCI
00:10:4C Teledyne Teledyne LeCroy, Inc
00:10:4D SurtecIn Surtec Industries, Inc.
00:10:4E Ceologic
@@ -4212,13 +4212,13 @@
00:10:57 RebelCom Rebel.com, Inc.
00:10:58 Arrowpoi ArrowPoint Communications
00:10:59 DiabloRe Diablo Research Co. Llc
-00:10:5A 3comFast 3Com Fast Etherlink XL in a Gateway 2000
+00:10:5A 3comFast 3Com # Fast Etherlink XL in a Gateway 2000
00:10:5B NetInsig Net Insight Ab
00:10:5C QuantumD QUANTUM DESIGNS (H.K.) LTD.
00:10:5D DraegerM Draeger Medical
00:10:5E SpirentS Spirent plc, Service Assurance Broadband
00:10:5F ZodiacDa Zodiac Data Systems
-00:10:60 Billingt Billington Novell NE200 Compatible
+00:10:60 Billingt Billington # Novell NE200 Compatible
00:10:61 Hostlink Hostlink Corp.
00:10:62 NxServer Nx Server, Ilnc.
00:10:63 Starguid Starguide Digital Networks
@@ -4243,7 +4243,7 @@
00:10:76 Eurem EUREM GmbH
00:10:77 SafDrive Saf Drive Systems, Ltd.
00:10:78 NueraCom Nuera Communications, Inc.
-00:10:79 Cisco550 Cisco 5500 Router
+00:10:79 Cisco550 Cisco # 5500 Router
00:10:7A AmbicomW Ambicom (was Tandy?)
00:10:7B Cisco Cisco Systems
00:10:7C P-Com P-COM, INC.
@@ -4286,7 +4286,7 @@
00:10:A1 KendinSe Kendin Semiconductor, Inc.
00:10:A2 Tns
00:10:A3 Omnitron Omnitronix, Inc.
-00:10:A4 XircomRe Xircom RealPort 10/100 PC Card
+00:10:A4 XircomRe Xircom # RealPort 10/100 PC Card
00:10:A5 OxfordIn Oxford Instruments
00:10:A6 Cisco
00:10:A7 UnexTech Unex Technology Corporation
@@ -4337,11 +4337,11 @@
00:10:D4 StorageC Storage Computer Corporation
00:10:D5 ImasdeCa Imasde Canarias, S.A.
00:10:D6 Exelis
-00:10:D7 ArgosyEn Argosy EN 220 Fast Ethernet PCMCIA
+00:10:D7 ArgosyEn Argosy # EN 220 Fast Ethernet PCMCIA
00:10:D8 Calista
00:10:DA Kollmorg Kollmorgen Corp
-00:10:DB Netscreen Now part of Juniper Networks
+00:10:DB JuniperN Juniper Networks
00:10:DD EnableSe Enable Semiconductor, Inc.
00:10:DE Internat International Datacasting Corporation
@@ -4963,7 +4963,7 @@
00:13:46 D-Link D-Link Corporation
00:13:47 RedLionC Red Lion Controls, LP
00:13:48 ArtilaEl Artila Electronics Co., Ltd.
-00:13:49 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+00:13:49 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
00:13:4A Engim Engim, Inc.
00:13:4B Togolden ToGoldenNet Technology Inc.
00:13:4C YdtTechn YDT Technology International
@@ -5914,7 +5914,7 @@
00:16:FD JatyElec Jaty Electronics
00:16:FE AlpsElec Alps Electric Co.,Ltd.
00:16:FF WaminOpt Wamin Optocomm Mfg Corp
-00:17:00 Kabel
+00:17:00 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
00:17:01 Kde KDE, Inc.
00:17:02 OsungMid Osung Midicom Co., Ltd
00:17:03 MosdanIn MOSDAN Internation Co.,Ltd
@@ -6629,7 +6629,7 @@
00:19:C8 Anydata AnyDATA Corporation
00:19:CA Broadata Broadata Communications, Inc
-00:19:CB ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+00:19:CB ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
00:19:CC RcgHk RCG (HK) Ltd
00:19:CD ChengduE Chengdu ethercom information technology Ltd.
00:19:CE Progress Progressive Gaming International
@@ -8443,9 +8443,9 @@
00:20:15 ActisCom Actis Computer Sa
00:20:17 Orbotech
-00:20:18 Realtek
+00:20:18 CisTechn Cis Technology Inc.
00:20:19 Ohler Ohler Gmbh
-00:20:1A Nbase
+00:20:1A MrvCommu MRV Communications, Inc.
00:20:1C Excel Excel, Inc.
00:20:1D KatanaPr Katana Products
@@ -8459,7 +8459,7 @@
00:20:25 ControlT Control Technology Inc (Industrial Controls and Network Interfaces)
00:20:26 Amkly Amkly Systems, Inc.
00:20:27 MingFort Ming Fortune Industry Co., Ltd
-00:20:28 Bloomber Bloomberg
+00:20:28 WestEgg West Egg Systems, Inc.
00:20:29 Teleproc TeleProcessing CSU/DSU (now owned by ADC/Kentrox)
00:20:2A NVDzine N.V. Dzine
00:20:2B AtmlAdva ATML (Advanced Telecommunications Modules, Ltd.)
@@ -8472,7 +8472,7 @@
00:20:32 AlcatelT Alcatel Taisel
00:20:33 SynapseT Synapse Technologies, Inc.
00:20:34 RotecInd Rotec Industrieautomation Gmbh
-00:20:35 IbmInter IBM (International Business Machines) mainframes, Etherjet printers
+00:20:35 IbmInter IBM (International Business Machines) # mainframes, Etherjet printers
00:20:36 BmcSoftw BMC Software
00:20:37 SeagateT Seagate Technology
00:20:38 VmeMicro Vme Microsystems International Corporation
@@ -8488,7 +8488,7 @@
00:20:42 Datametr Datametrics Corp
00:20:43 Neuron Neuron Company Limited
00:20:44 Genitech Genitech Pty Ltd
-00:20:45 Solcom SolCom Systems Limited
+00:20:45 IonNetwo ION Networks, Inc.
00:20:46 Ciprico Ciprico, Inc.
00:20:47 Steinbre Steinbrecher Corp.
00:20:48 Fore Fore Systems Inc
@@ -8552,13 +8552,13 @@
00:20:82 Oneac Oneac Corporation
00:20:83 Prestico Presticom Incorporated
00:20:84 OcePrint Oce Printing Systems, Gmbh
-00:20:85 3Com
+00:20:85 Eaton Eaton Corporation
00:20:86 Microtec Microtech Electronics Limited
00:20:87 Memotec Memotec, Inc.
00:20:88 GlobalVi Global Village Communication
00:20:89 T3plusNe T3PLUS NETWORKING, INC.
00:20:8A SonixCom Sonix Communications Ltd
-00:20:8B FocusEnh Focus Enhancements
+00:20:8B LapisTec Lapis Technologies, Inc.
00:20:8C GalaxyNe Galaxy Networks Inc
00:20:8D CmdTechn Cmd Technology
00:20:8E ChevinSo Chevin Software Eng. Ltd.
@@ -8584,7 +8584,7 @@
00:20:A2 GalcomNe Galcom Networking Ltd.
00:20:A3 Harmonic Harmonic, Inc
00:20:A4 Multipoi Multipoint Networks
-00:20:A5 NewerTec Newer Technology
+00:20:A5 ApiEngin Api Engineering
00:20:A6 Proxim Proxim Inc
00:20:A7 Pairgain Pairgain Technologies, Inc.
00:20:A8 SastTech Sast Technology Corp.
@@ -8597,7 +8597,7 @@
00:20:AF 3com 3COM Corporation
00:20:B0 GatewayD Gateway Devices, Inc.
00:20:B1 ComtechR Comtech Research Inc.
-00:20:B2 CspPrint CSP (Printline Multiconnectivity converter)
+00:20:B2 GkdGesel GKD Gesellschaft Fur Kommunikation Und Datentechnik
00:20:B3 TattileS Tattile SRL
00:20:B4 TermaEle Terma Elektronik As
00:20:B5 YaskawaE Yaskawa Electric Corporation
@@ -8627,7 +8627,7 @@
00:20:CD HybridNe Hybrid Networks, Inc.
00:20:CE LogicalD Logical Design Group, Inc.
-00:20:D0 Versalyn Versalynx Corp. "The One Port" terminal server
+00:20:D0 Versalyn Versalynx Corp. # "The One Port" terminal server
00:20:D2 RadDataC RAD Data Communications Ltd
00:20:D3 OstOuetS OST (Ouet Standard Telematique)
@@ -8635,15 +8635,15 @@
00:20:D5 Vipa Vipa Gmbh
00:20:D6 Breezeco Breezecom, Ltd.
-00:20:D8 Netwave
+00:20:D8 NortelNe Nortel Networks
-00:20:DA Xylan
+00:20:DA Alcatel- Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
00:20:DB XnetTech Xnet Technology, Inc.
00:20:DC Densitro Densitron Taiwan Ltd
00:20:DD Cybertec Cybertec Pty Ltd
00:20:DF KyosanEl Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.
-00:20:E0 PremaxPe PreMax PE-200 (PCMCIA NE2000-clone card, sold by InfoExpress)
+00:20:E0 Actionte Actiontec Electronics, Inc
00:20:E1 AlamarEl Alamar Electronics
00:20:E2 Informat Information Resource Engineering
00:20:E3 McdKenco Mcd Kencom Corporation
@@ -9435,7 +9435,7 @@
00:23:F5 WiloSe Wilo Se
00:23:F6 Softwell Softwell Technology Co., Ltd.
00:23:F7 Private
-00:23:F8 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+00:23:F8 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
00:23:F9 Double-T Double-Take Software, INC.
00:23:FA RgNets RG Nets, Inc.
00:23:FB IpDatate IP Datatel, LLC.
@@ -10536,7 +10536,7 @@
00:40:02 Perle Perle Systems Limited
00:40:03 EmersonP Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions, Inc.
00:40:04 Icm Icm Co. Ltd.
-00:40:05 Trendwar TRENDware International Inc.; Linksys; Simple Net; all three reported
+00:40:05 AniCommu Ani Communications Inc.
00:40:06 SampoTec Sampo Technology Corporation
00:40:07 TelmatIn Telmat Informatique
00:40:08 APlusInf A Plus Info Corporation
@@ -10547,30 +10547,30 @@
00:40:0D LannetDa LANNET Data Communications
00:40:0E Memotec Memotec, Inc.
00:40:0F DatacomT Datacom Technologies
-00:40:10 SonicMac Sonic Mac Ethernet interfaces
-00:40:11 Faciliti Facilities Andover Environmental Controllers
+00:40:10 SonicMac Sonic # Mac Ethernet interfaces
+00:40:11 AndoverC Andover Controls Corporation
00:40:12 Windata Windata, Inc.
00:40:13 NttDataC NTT Data Communication Systems Corp
00:40:14 Comsoft Comsoft Gmbh
00:40:15 Ascom
00:40:16 Adc-Glob ADC - Global Connectivity Solutions Division
-00:40:17 XcdXjet- XCd XJet - HP printer server card
+00:40:17 SilexTec Silex Technology America
00:40:18 Adobe Adobe Systems, Inc.
00:40:19 Aeon Aeon Systems, Inc.
00:40:1A FujiElec Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
00:40:1B Printer Printer Systems Corp.
-00:40:1C AstPenti AST Pentium/90 PC (emulating AMD EISA card)
+00:40:1C AstPenti AST # Pentium/90 PC (emulating AMD EISA card)
00:40:1D Invisibl Invisible Software, Inc.
00:40:1E Icc
00:40:1F Colorgra Colorgraph Ltd
-00:40:20 Pilkingt Pilkington Communication
+00:40:20 Commscop CommScope Inc
00:40:21 RasterGr Raster Graphics
00:40:22 KleverCo Klever Computers, Inc.
00:40:23 Logic Logic Corporation
00:40:24 Compac Compac Inc.
00:40:25 Molecula Molecular Dynamics
-00:40:26 Melco Melco Inc
-00:40:27 SmcMassa SMC Massachusetts [Had:Sigma (?), maybe the "S"?]
+00:40:26 Buffalo Buffalo.Inc
+00:40:27 SmcMassa SMC Massachusetts # [Had:Sigma (?), maybe the "S"?]
00:40:28 Netcomm
00:40:29 Compex
00:40:2A Canoga-P Canoga-Perkins
@@ -10585,7 +10585,7 @@
00:40:33 AddtronT Addtron Technology Co., Ltd.
00:40:34 Bustek Bustek Corporation
00:40:35 Opcom
-00:40:36 Tribesta TribeStar
+00:40:36 ZoomTele Zoom Telephonics, Inc
00:40:37 Sea-Ilan SEA-ILAN, INC.
00:40:38 TalentEl Talent Electric Incorporated
00:40:39 OptecDai Optec Daiichi Denko Co Ltd
@@ -10614,7 +10614,7 @@
00:40:50 Ironics Ironics, Incorporated
00:40:51 Gracilis Gracilis, Inc.
00:40:52 StarTech Star Technologies Inc
-00:40:53 Datum[Ba Datum [Bancomm Division] TymServe 2000
+00:40:53 AmproCom Ampro Computers
00:40:54 Thinking Thinking Machines Corporation
00:40:55 Metronix Metronix Gmbh
00:40:56 McmJapan Mcm Japan Ltd.
@@ -10633,7 +10633,7 @@
00:40:63 ViaTechn Via Technologies, Inc.
00:40:64 KlaInstr Kla Instruments Corporation
00:40:65 GteSpace Gte Spacenet
-00:40:66 HitachiC Hitachi Cable, Ltd.
+00:40:66 Apresia APRESIA Systems Ltd
00:40:67 Omnibyte Omnibyte Corporation
00:40:68 Extended Extended Systems
00:40:69 Lemcom Lemcom Systems Inc
@@ -10649,7 +10649,7 @@
00:40:73 BassAsso Bass Associates
00:40:74 CableAnd Cable and Wireless
00:40:75 TattileS Tattile SRL
-00:40:76 Amp AMP Incorporated
+00:40:76 SunConve Sun Conversion Technologies
00:40:77 MaxtonTe Maxton Technology Corporation
00:40:78 WearnesA Wearnes Automation Pte Ltd
00:40:79 JukoManu Juko Manufacture Company, Ltd.
@@ -10658,7 +10658,7 @@
00:40:7C Qume Qume Corporation
00:40:7D Extensio Extension Technology Corp.
00:40:7E Evergree Evergreen Systems, Inc.
-00:40:7F AgemaInf Agema Infrared Systems AB
+00:40:7F Flir FLIR Systems
00:40:80 Athenix Athenix Corporation
00:40:81 Mannesma Mannesmann Scangraphic Gmbh
00:40:82 Laborato Laboratory Equipment Corp
@@ -10667,20 +10667,20 @@
00:40:85 SaabInst SAAB Instruments AB
00:40:86 MichelsK Michels & Kleberhoff Computer
00:40:87 Ubitrex Ubitrex Corporation
-00:40:88 MobuisNu Mobuis NuBus (Mac) combination video/EtherTalk
+00:40:88 MobuisNu Mobuis # NuBus (Mac) combination video/EtherTalk
00:40:89 Meidensh Meidensha Corporation
00:40:8A TpsTelep TPS Teleprocessing Sys. Gmbh
00:40:8B Raylan Raylan Corporation
00:40:8C AxisComm Axis Communications AB
-00:40:8E Cxr/Digi CXR/Digilog
+00:40:8E TattileS Tattile SRL
00:40:8F Wm-DataM WM-Data Minfo AB
-00:40:90 AnselCom Ansel Communications PC NE2000 compatible twisted-pair ethernet cards
+00:40:90 AnselCom Ansel Communications # PC NE2000 compatible twisted-pair ethernet cards
00:40:91 ProcompI Procomp Industria Eletronica
00:40:92 AspCompu ASP Computer Products, Inc.
00:40:93 PaxdataN Paxdata Networks Ltd.
00:40:94 Shograph Shographics Inc
-00:40:95 EagleTec Eagle Technologies [UMC also reported]
00:40:96 Aironet Cisco Systems, Inc.
00:40:97 DatexDiv Datex Division Of
00:40:98 Dressler DRESSLER GMBH & CO.
@@ -10688,9 +10688,9 @@
00:40:9A NetworkE Network Express Inc
00:40:9B HalCompu Hal Computer Systems Inc.
00:40:9C Transwar Transware
-00:40:9D Digiboar DigiBoard Ethernet-ISDN bridges
+00:40:9D Digiboar DigiBoard # Ethernet-ISDN bridges
00:40:9E Concurre Concurrent Technologies Ltd.
-00:40:9F Lancast/ Lancast/Casat Technology Inc
+00:40:9F Telco Telco Systems, Inc.
00:40:A0 Goldstar Goldstar Co., Ltd.
00:40:A1 ErgoComp Ergo Computing
00:40:A2 Kingstar Kingstar Technology Inc.
@@ -10730,7 +10730,7 @@
00:40:C4 KinkeiSy Kinkei System Corporation
00:40:C5 MicomCom Micom Communications Corp.
00:40:C6 Fibernet Fibernet Research, Inc.
-00:40:C7 Danpex Danpex Corporation
+00:40:C7 RubyTech Ruby Tech Corporation
00:40:C8 MilanTec Milan Technology Corp.
00:40:C9 Ncube
@@ -10739,7 +10739,7 @@
00:40:CD TeraMicr Tera Microsystems, Inc.
00:40:CE Net-Sour NET-SOURCE, INC.
00:40:CF Strawber Strawberry Tree Inc
-00:40:D0 Dec/Comp DEC/Compaq
+00:40:D0 MitacInt Mitac International Corp.
00:40:D1 FukudaDe Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd.
00:40:D2 Pagine Pagine Corporation
00:40:D3 Kimpsion Kimpsion International Corp.
@@ -10786,7 +10786,7 @@
00:40:FC IbrCompu Ibr Computer Technik Gmbh
00:40:FD Lxe
00:40:FE SymplexC Symplex Communications
-00:40:FF TelebitC Telebit Corporation Personal NetBlazer
+00:40:FF TelebitC Telebit Corporation # Personal NetBlazer
00:41:B4 WuxiZhon Wuxi Zhongxing Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.
00:41:D2 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
00:42:52 RlxTechn RLX Technologies
@@ -10795,7 +10795,7 @@
00:43:FF KetronSR Ketron S.R.L.
00:45:01 VersusTe Versus Technology, Inc.
00:46:4B HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
-00:48:54 DigitalS Digital SemiConductor 21143/2 based 10/100
+00:48:54 DigitalS Digital SemiConductor # 21143/2 based 10/100
00:4A:77 Zte zte corporation
00:4B:F3 Shenzhen Shenzhen Mercury Communication Technologies Co.,Ltd.
00:4D:32 AndonHea Andon Health Co.,Ltd.
@@ -10805,7 +10805,7 @@
00:50:01 Yamashit Yamashita Systems Corp.
00:50:02 Omnisec Omnisec Ag
00:50:03 Xrite Xrite Inc
-00:50:04 3com3c90 3com 3C90X
+00:50:04 3com3c90 3com # 3C90X
00:50:06 Tac Tac Ab
00:50:07 SiemensT Siemens Telecommunication Systems Limited
@@ -10818,7 +10818,7 @@
00:50:0F Cisco
00:50:10 NovanetL NovaNET Learning, Inc.
00:50:12 Cbl- CBL - GMBH
-00:50:13 Chaparra Chaparral Network Storage
+00:50:13 SeagateC Seagate Cloud Systems Inc
00:50:14 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
00:50:15 BrightSt Bright Star Engineering
00:50:16 MolexCan Molex Canada Ltd
@@ -10871,8 +10871,8 @@
00:50:4A EltecoAS Elteco A.S.
00:50:4B Barconet Barconet N.V.
00:50:4C GalilMot Galil Motion Control
-00:50:4D RepotecG Repotec Group
-00:50:4E UmcUm900 UMC UM9008 NE2000-compatible ISA Card for PC
+00:50:4D TokyoEle Tokyo Electron Device Limited
+00:50:4E SierraMo Sierra Monitor Corp.
00:50:4F OlencomE Olencom Electronics
00:50:50 Cisco
00:50:51 IwatsuEl Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd.
@@ -11808,7 +11808,7 @@
00:50:C2:33:60:00/36 GoldenRi Golden River Traffic
00:50:C2:33:70:00/36 Eti
00:50:C2:33:80:00/36 Ernitec Ernitec A/S
-00:50:C2:33:90:00/36 CegelecS Cegelec Sud Est
+00:50:C2:33:90:00/36 SecureSe Secure Systems & Services
00:50:C2:33:A0:00/36 UnitedTe United Telecoms Ltd
00:50:C2:33:B0:00/36 Multimed MultimediaLED
00:50:C2:33:C0:00/36 Skipjam
@@ -12482,7 +12482,7 @@
00:50:C2:5D:80:00/36 Technifo Technifor Sas
00:50:C2:5D:90:00/36 CrimsonM Crimson Microsystems, Inc.
00:50:C2:5D:A0:00/36 TonnaEle Tonna Electronique
-00:50:C2:5D:B0:00/36 CegelecS Cegelec Sud Est
+00:50:C2:5D:B0:00/36 SecureSe Secure Systems & Services
00:50:C2:5D:C0:00/36 RmMichae RM Michaelides Software & Elektronik GmbH
00:50:C2:5D:D0:00/36 Somerdat SomerData ltd
00:50:C2:5D:E0:00/36 MagalSen Magal Senstar Inc.
@@ -15081,7 +15081,7 @@
00:50:C9 MasproDe Maspro Denkoh Corp.
00:50:CA NetToNet Net To Net Technologies
00:50:CB Jetter
-00:50:CC Xyratex
+00:50:CC SeagateC Seagate Cloud Systems Inc
00:50:CD Digiansw DIGIANSWER A/S
00:50:CE LgIntern Lg International Corp.
00:50:CF VanlinkC Vanlink Communication Technology Research Institute
@@ -15173,8 +15173,8 @@
00:60:05 Feedback Feedback Data Ltd.
00:60:06 Sotec Sotec Co., Ltd
00:60:07 AcresGam Acres Gaming, Inc.
-00:60:08 3com3com 3Com 3Com PCI form factor 3C905 TX board
-00:60:09 CiscoCat Cisco Catalyst 5000 Ethernet switch
+00:60:08 3com3com 3Com # 3Com PCI form factor 3C905 TX board
+00:60:09 CiscoCat Cisco # Catalyst 5000 Ethernet switch
00:60:0A SordComp Sord Computer Corporation
00:60:0B Logware LOGWARE GmbH
00:60:0C Eurotech Eurotech Inc.
@@ -15213,7 +15213,7 @@
00:60:2D AlertonT Alerton Technologies, Inc.
00:60:2E Cyclades Cyclades Corporation
00:60:2F Cisco
-00:60:30 Villaget VillageTronic used on Amiga
+00:60:30 Villaget VillageTronic # used on Amiga
00:60:31 Hrk Hrk Systems
00:60:32 I-Cube I-CUBE, INC.
00:60:33 AcuityIm Acuity Imaging, Inc.
@@ -15227,7 +15227,7 @@
00:60:3B Amtec AMTEC spa
00:60:3C Hagiwara HAGIWARA SYS-COM CO., LTD.
00:60:3D 3cx
-00:60:3E Cisco100 Cisco 100Mbps interface
+00:60:3E Cisco100 Cisco # 100Mbps interface
00:60:3F Patapsco Patapsco Designs
00:60:40 Netro Netro Corp.
00:60:41 Yokogawa Yokogawa Digital Computer Corporation
@@ -15247,7 +15247,7 @@
00:60:4F TattileS Tattile SRL
00:60:50 Internix Internix Inc.
00:60:51 QualityS Quality Semiconductor
-00:60:52 RealtekR Realtek (RTL 8029 == PCI NE2000)
+00:60:52 Peripher PERIPHERALS ENTERPRISE CO., Ltd.
00:60:53 ToyodaMa Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd.
00:60:54 Controlw Controlware Gmbh
00:60:55 CornellU Cornell University
@@ -15277,7 +15277,7 @@
00:60:6D DigitalE Digital Equipment Corp.
00:60:6E DavicomS Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.
00:60:6F ClarionO Clarion Corporation Of America
-00:60:70 CiscoRou Cisco routers (2524 and 4500)
+00:60:70 CiscoRou Cisco # routers (2524 and 4500)
00:60:71 MidasLab Midas Lab, Inc.
00:60:72 VxlInstr Vxl Instruments, Limited
00:60:73 Redcreek Redcreek Communications, Inc.
@@ -15296,7 +15296,7 @@
00:60:80 Microtro Microtronix Datacom Ltd.
00:60:82 Novalink Novalink Technologies, Inc.
-00:60:83 Cisco362 Cisco Systems, Inc. 3620/3640 routers
+00:60:83 Cisco362 Cisco Systems, Inc. # 3620/3640 routers
00:60:84 DigitalV Digital Video
00:60:85 StorageC Storage Concepts
00:60:86 LogicRep Logic Replacement Tech. Ltd.
@@ -15410,7 +15410,7 @@
00:60:F2 Lasergra Lasergraphics, Inc.
00:60:F3 Performa Performance Analysis Broadband, Spirent plc
-00:60:F5 PhobosFa Phobos FastEthernet for Unix WS
+00:60:F5 IconWest Icon West, Inc.
00:60:F6 NextestC Nextest Communications Products, Inc.
00:60:F7 Datafusi Datafusion Systems
00:60:F8 LoranInt Loran International Technologies Inc.
@@ -15439,6 +15439,7 @@
00:70:B3 DataReca Data Recall Ltd.
00:71:C2 Pegatron Pegatron Corporation
00:71:CC HonHaiPr Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd.
+00:72:63 NetcoreT Netcore Technology Inc.
00:73:8D Shenzhen Shenzhen TINNO Mobile Technology Corp.
00:73:E0 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
00:74:9C RuijieNe Ruijie Networks Co.,LTD
@@ -15471,14 +15472,14 @@
00:80:0F SMC
00:80:10 Commodor Commodore
-00:80:12 ImsImsFa IMS Corp. IMS failure analysis tester
+00:80:12 ImsImsFa IMS Corp. # IMS failure analysis tester
00:80:13 ThomasCo Thomas Conrad Corp.
00:80:14 Esprit Esprit Systems
00:80:15 Seiko Seiko Systems Inc
00:80:16 WandelGo Wandel & Goltermann
00:80:17 Pfu
00:80:18 KobeStee Kobe Steel, Ltd.
-00:80:19 DaynaCom Dayna Communications "Etherprint" product
+00:80:19 DaynaCom Dayna Communications # "Etherprint" product
00:80:1A BellAtla Bell Atlantic
00:80:1B KodiakTe Kodiak Technology
@@ -15486,7 +15487,7 @@
00:80:1E Xinetron Xinetron, Inc.
00:80:1F KruppAtl Krupp Atlas Electronik Gmbh
00:80:20 NetworkP Network Products
-00:80:21 Newbridg Newbridge Networks Corporation
+00:80:21 AlcatelC Alcatel Canada Inc.
00:80:22 Scan-Opt SCAN-OPTICS
00:80:23 Integrat Integrated Business Networks
00:80:24 Kalpana
@@ -15494,17 +15495,17 @@
00:80:26 NetworkP Network Products Corporation
00:80:27 Adaptive Adaptive Systems, Inc.
00:80:28 Tradpost TRADPOST (HK) LTD
-00:80:29 Microdyn Microdyne Corporation
+00:80:29 EagleTec Eagle Technology, Inc.
00:80:2A TestSimu Test Systems & Simulations Inc
00:80:2B Integrat Integrated Marketing Co
00:80:2C SageGrou The Sage Group PLC
-00:80:2D Xylogics Xylogics, Inc. Annex terminal servers
-00:80:2E Plexcom Plexcom, Inc.
+00:80:2D Xylogics Xylogics, Inc. # Annex terminal servers
+00:80:2E CastleRo Castle Rock Computing
00:80:2F National National Instruments Corp.
00:80:30 NexusEle Nexus Electronics
00:80:31 Basys Basys, Corp.
00:80:32 Access Access Co., Ltd.
-00:80:33 Formatio Formation (?)
+00:80:33 EmsAviat EMS Aviation, Inc.
00:80:34 Smt-Goup SMT-Goupil
00:80:35 Technolo Technology Works
00:80:36 ReflexMa Reflex Manufacturing Systems
@@ -15516,14 +15517,14 @@
00:80:3C TvsElect Tvs Electronics Ltd
00:80:3D Surigike Surigiken Co Ltd
00:80:3E Synernet Synernetics
-00:80:3F HyundaiE Hyundai Electronics
+00:80:3F Tatung Tatung Company
00:80:40 JohnFluk John Fluke Manufacturing Co.
00:80:41 VebKombi Veb Kombinat Robotron
00:80:42 ForceCom Force Computers
00:80:43 Networld Networld Inc
00:80:44 SystechC Systech Computer Corp.
00:80:45 Matsushi Matsushita Electric Ind Co
-00:80:46 Universi University of Toronto
+00:80:46 TattileS Tattile SRL
00:80:47 In-Net IN-NET CORP.
00:80:48 CompexUs Compex, used by Commodore and DEC at least
00:80:49 NissinEl Nissin Electric Co Ltd
@@ -15535,7 +15536,7 @@
00:80:4F DaikinIn Daikin Industries, Ltd.
00:80:50 Ziatech Ziatech Corporation
00:80:51 AdcFiber ADC Fibermux
-00:80:52 NetworkP Network Professor
+00:80:52 Technica Technically Elite Concepts
00:80:53 Intellic Intellicom, Inc.
00:80:54 Frontier Frontier Technologies Corp.
00:80:55 Fermilab
@@ -15545,10 +15546,10 @@
00:80:59 StanleyE Stanley Electric Co., Ltd
00:80:5A TulipCom Tulip Computers International BV
00:80:5B Condor Condor Systems, Inc.
-00:80:5C Agilis? Agilis(?)
+00:80:5C Agilis Agilis
00:80:5D Canstar
00:80:5E LsiLogic Lsi Logic Corporation
-00:80:5F CompaqCo Compaq Computer Corporation
+00:80:5F HewlettP Hewlett Packard
00:80:60 NetworkI Network Interface Corporation
00:80:61 Litton Litton Systems, Inc.
00:80:62 Interfac Interface Co.
@@ -15591,7 +15592,7 @@
00:80:87 Okidata
00:80:88 VictorOf Victor Company Of Japan, Ltd.
00:80:89 Tecnetic TECNETICS (PTY) LTD.
-00:80:8A Summit? Summit (?)
+00:80:8A Summit Summit
00:80:8B Dacoll Dacoll Limited
00:80:8C Netscout Netscout Systems (formerly Frontier Software Development)
00:80:8D Westcove Westcove Technology BV
@@ -15599,9 +15600,9 @@
00:80:8F CItohEle C. Itoh Electronics, Inc.
00:80:90 Microtek Microtek International Inc
00:80:91 TokyoEle Tokyo Electric Co.,Ltd
-00:80:92 JapanCom Japan Computer Industry, Inc.
+00:80:92 SilexTec Silex Technology, Inc.
00:80:93 Xyron Xyron Corporation
-00:80:94 Sattcont Sattcontrol AB
+00:80:94 AlfaLava Alfa Laval Automation Ab
00:80:95 BasicMer Basic Merton Handelsges.M.B.H.
00:80:96 HDS
00:80:97 Centralp Centralp Automatismes
@@ -15610,23 +15611,23 @@
00:80:9A NovusNet Novus Networks Ltd
00:80:9B Justsyst Justsystem Corporation
00:80:9C Luxcom Luxcom, Inc.
-00:80:9D Datacraf Datacraft Manufactur'g Pty Ltd
+00:80:9D Commscra Commscraft Ltd.
00:80:9E Datus Datus Gmbh
00:80:9F AlcatelB Alcatel Business Systems
00:80:A0 HewlettP Hewlett Packard
00:80:A1 Microtes Microtest
00:80:A2 Creative Creative Electronic Systems
-00:80:A3 Lantroni Lantronix (see also 0800A3)
+00:80:A3 Lantroni Lantronix # (see also 0800A3)
00:80:A4 LibertyE Liberty Electronics
00:80:A5 SpeedInt Speed International
00:80:A6 Republic Republic Technology Inc
-00:80:A7 Measurex Measurex Corp
+00:80:A7 Honeywel Honeywell International Inc
00:80:A8 Vitacom Vitacom Corporation
00:80:A9 Clearpoi Clearpoint Research
00:80:AA Maxpeed
00:80:AB DukaneNe Dukane Network Integration
00:80:AC ImlogixD Imlogix, Division Of Genesys
-00:80:AD Telebit
+00:80:AD CnetTech Cnet Technology, Inc.
00:80:AE HughesNe Hughes Network Systems
00:80:AF Allumer Allumer Co., Ltd.
00:80:B0 Advanced Advanced Information
@@ -15647,13 +15648,13 @@
00:80:BF TakaokaE Takaoka Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd.
00:80:C0 PenrilDa Penril Datability Networks
00:80:C1 Lanex Lanex Corporation
-00:80:C2 Ieee8021 IEEE 802.1 Committee
+00:80:C2 Ieee8021 IEEE # 802.1 Committee
00:80:C4 Document Document Technologies, Inc.
00:80:C5 Novellco Novellco De Mexico
-00:80:C6 Soho
+00:80:C6 National National Datacomm Corporation
00:80:C7 Xircom Xircom, Inc.
-00:80:C8 D-LinkAl D-Link (also Solectek Pocket Adapters, and LinkSys PCMCIA)
+00:80:C8 D-LinkAl D-Link # (also Solectek Pocket Adapters, and LinkSys PCMCIA)
00:80:C9 AlbertaM Alberta Microelectronic Centre
00:80:CA NetcomRe Netcom Research Incorporated
00:80:CB FalcoDat Falco Data Products
@@ -15664,10 +15665,10 @@
00:80:D0 Computer Computer Products International
00:80:D1 Kimtron Kimtron Corporation
00:80:D2 Shinniho Shinnihondenko Co., Ltd.
-00:80:D3 ShivaApp Shiva Appletalk-Ethernet interface
+00:80:D3 ShivaApp Shiva # Appletalk-Ethernet interface
00:80:D4 Chase Chase Limited
00:80:D5 CadreTec Cadre Technologies
-00:80:D6 AppleMac Apple Mac Portable(?)
+00:80:D6 Nuvotech Nuvotech, Inc.
00:80:D7 FantumEl Fantum Electronics
00:80:D8 NetworkP Network Peripherals
00:80:D9 EmkElekt EMK Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
@@ -15680,20 +15681,20 @@
00:80:E0 Xtp XTP Systems Inc
00:80:E1 Stmicroe STMicroelectronics SRL
00:80:E2 TDI T.D.I. Co., Ltd.
-00:80:E3 Coral? Coral (?)
+00:80:E3 Coral Coral
00:80:E4 Northwes Northwest Digital Systems, Inc
00:80:E5 Netapp
00:80:E6 PeerNetw Peer Networks, Inc.
-00:80:E7 LynwoodS Lynwood Scientific Dev Ltd
+00:80:E7 Leonardo Leonardo Tactical Systems.
00:80:E8 CumulusC Cumulus Corporatiion
00:80:E9 Madge Madge Ltd.
-00:80:EA Fiber The Fiber Company
+00:80:EA AdvaOpti ADVA Optical Networking Ltd.
00:80:EB Compcont Compcontrol B.V.
00:80:EC Supercom Supercomputing Solutions, Inc.
00:80:ED IqTechno Iq Technologies, Inc.
00:80:EE ThomsonC Thomson Csf
00:80:EF Rational
-00:80:F0 KyushuMa Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co
+00:80:F0 Panasoni Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd.
00:80:F1 Opus
00:80:F2 Raycom Raycom Systems Inc
00:80:F3 SunElect Sun Electronics Corp
@@ -15770,7 +15771,7 @@
00:90:28 NipponSi Nippon Signal Co., Ltd.
00:90:29 Crypto Crypto Ag
00:90:2A Communic Communication Devices, Inc.
-00:90:2B CiscoEth Cisco Ethernet Switches and Light Streams
+00:90:2B CiscoEth Cisco # Ethernet Switches and Light Streams
00:90:2E Namco Namco Limited
@@ -15968,8 +15969,8 @@
00:90:EE Personal Personal Communications Technologies
00:90:EF Integrix Integrix, Inc.
00:90:F0 Harmonic Harmonic Video Systems Ltd.
-00:90:F1 DotHill Dot Hill Systems Corporation
-00:90:F2 CiscoEth Cisco Ethernet Switches and Light Streams
+00:90:F1 SeagateC Seagate Cloud Systems Inc
+00:90:F2 CiscoEth Cisco # Ethernet Switches and Light Streams
00:90:F3 AspectCo Aspect Communications
00:90:F4 Lightnin Lightning Instrumentation
00:90:F5 Clevo Clevo Co.
@@ -15996,7 +15997,7 @@
00:9D:8E CardiacR Cardiac Recorders, Inc.
00:9E:1E Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
00:9E:C8 XiaomiCo Xiaomi Communications Co Ltd
-00:A0:00 BayNetwo Bay Networks Ethernet switch
+00:A0:00 Centilli Centillion Networks, Inc.
00:A0:01 DrsSigna DRS Signal Solutions
00:A0:03 SiemensS Siemens Switzerland Ltd., I B T HVP
@@ -16008,7 +16009,7 @@
00:A0:09 Whitetre Whitetree Network
00:A0:0A Airspan
00:A0:0B Computex Computex Co., Ltd.
-00:A0:0C KingmaxT Kingmax Technology Inc. PCMCIA card
+00:A0:0C KingmaxT Kingmax Technology Inc. # PCMCIA card
00:A0:0D PandaPro The Panda Project
00:A0:0E Netscout NetScout Systems, Inc.
00:A0:0F Broadban Broadband Technologies
@@ -16071,7 +16072,7 @@
00:A0:48 Questech Questech, Ltd.
00:A0:49 Digitech Digitech Industries, Inc.
00:A0:4A NisshinE Nisshin Electric Co., Ltd.
-00:A0:4B SonicEth Sonic Systems Inc. EtherFE 10/100 PCI for Mac or PC
+00:A0:4B TflLan Tfl Lan Inc.
00:A0:4D EdaInstr Eda Instruments, Inc.
00:A0:4E VoelkerT Voelker Technologies, Inc.
@@ -16127,7 +16128,7 @@
00:A0:80 TattileS Tattile SRL
00:A0:81 AlcatelD Alcatel Data Networks
00:A0:82 NktElekt NKT ELEKTRONIK A/S
-00:A0:83 Intel
+00:A0:83 Asimmpho Asimmphony Turkey
00:A0:84 Dataplex Dataplex Pty Ltd
00:A0:85 Private
00:A0:86 AmberWav Amber Wave Systems, Inc.
@@ -16142,7 +16143,7 @@
00:A0:8F Desknet Desknet Systems, Inc.
00:A0:90 Timestep TimeStep Corporation
00:A0:91 Applicom Applicom International
-00:A0:92 Intermat Intermate International [LAN printer interfaces]
+00:A0:92 HBollman H. Bollmann Manufacturers, Ltd
00:A0:93 B/EAeros B/E AEROSPACE, Inc.
00:A0:94 Comsat Comsat Corporation
00:A0:95 AcaciaNe Acacia Networks, Inc.
@@ -16170,7 +16171,7 @@
00:A0:AB NetcsInf Netcs Informationstechnik Gmbh
00:A0:AC GilatSat Gilat Satellite Networks, Ltd.
00:A0:AD Marconi Marconi Spa
-00:A0:AE NetworkP Network Peripherals, Inc.
+00:A0:AE Nucom Nucom Systems, Inc.
00:A0:AF WmsIndus Wms Industries
00:A0:B1 FirstVir First Virtual Corporation
@@ -16193,19 +16194,19 @@
00:A0:C2 RA R.A. Systems Co., Ltd.
00:A0:C3 Unicompu Unicomputer Gmbh
00:A0:C4 CristieE Cristie Electronics Ltd.
-00:A0:C5 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+00:A0:C5 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
00:A0:C6 Qualcomm Qualcomm Inc.
00:A0:C7 TadiranT Tadiran Telecommunications
00:A0:C8 Adtran Adtran, Inc.
-00:A0:C9 IntelPro Intel (PRO100B and PRO100+) [used on Cisco PIX firewall among others]
+00:A0:C9 IntelPro Intel (PRO100B and PRO100+) # [used on Cisco PIX firewall among others]
00:A0:CA FujitsuD Fujitsu Denso Ltd.
00:A0:CB ArkTelec Ark Telecommunications, Inc.
-00:A0:CC Lite-OnU Lite-On (used by MacSense in Adapter for Mac, also seen in PCs)
+00:A0:CC Lite-OnU Lite-On # (used by MacSense in Adapter for Mac, also seen in PCs)
00:A0:CE Ecessa
00:A0:CF Sotas Sotas, Inc.
00:A0:D0 TenXTech Ten X Technology, Inc.
-00:A0:D1 National National Semiconductor [COMPAQ Docking Station]
+00:A0:D1 Inventec Inventec Corporation
00:A0:D2 AlliedTe Allied Telesyn
00:A0:D3 InstemCo Instem Computer Systems, Ltd.
00:A0:D4 Radiolan Radiolan, Inc.
@@ -16335,17 +16336,17 @@
00:C0:02 Sercomm Sercomm Corporation
00:C0:03 Globalne Globalnet Communications
00:C0:04 JapanBus Japan Business Computer Co.Ltd
-00:C0:05 Livingst Livingston Enterprises Inc Portmaster (OEMed by Cayman)
+00:C0:05 Livingst Livingston Enterprises Inc # Portmaster (OEMed by Cayman)
00:C0:06 NipponAv Nippon Avionics Co Ltd
00:C0:07 Pinnacle Pinnacle Data Systems Inc
00:C0:08 SecoSrl Seco SRL
00:C0:09 KtTechno KT Technology (s) Pte Inc
00:C0:0A MicroCra Micro Craft
00:C0:0B Norcontr Norcontrol A.S.
-00:C0:0C ArkPcTec ARK PC Technology, Inc.
+00:C0:0C ReliaTec Relia Technolgies
00:C0:0D Advanced Advanced Logic Research Inc
00:C0:0E Psitech Psitech Inc
-00:C0:0F QnxSoftw QNX Software Systems Ltd. [also Quantum Software Systems Ltd]
+00:C0:0F QnxSoftw QNX Software Systems Ltd. # [also Quantum Software Systems Ltd]
00:C0:10 Hirakawa Hirakawa Hewtech Corp.
00:C0:11 Interact Interactive Computing Devices
00:C0:12 Netspan Netspan Corp
@@ -16353,13 +16354,13 @@
00:C0:14 Telemati Telematics Calabasas
00:C0:15 NewMedia New Media Corp
00:C0:16 Electron Electronic Theatre Controls
-00:C0:17 Fluke
+00:C0:17 Netscout NetScout Systems, Inc.
00:C0:18 Lanart Lanart Corp
00:C0:19 LeapTech Leap Technology, Inc.
00:C0:1A Corometr Corometrics Medical Systems
00:C0:1B SocketCo Socket Communications
00:C0:1C Interlin Interlink Communications Ltd.
-00:C0:1D GrandJun Grand Junction Networks, Inc. (Cisco Catalyst also reported)
+00:C0:1D GrandJun Grand Junction Networks, Inc. # (Cisco Catalyst also reported)
00:C0:1E LaFranca La Francaise Des Jeux
00:C0:1F SERCEL S.E.R.C.E.L.
00:C0:20 ArcoElec Arco Electronic, Control Ltd.
@@ -16371,7 +16372,7 @@
00:C0:26 LansTech Lans Technology Co., Ltd.
00:C0:27 Cipher Cipher Systems, Inc.
00:C0:28 Jasco Jasco Corporation
-00:C0:29 KabelRhe Kabel Rheydt AG
+00:C0:29 NexansDe Nexans Deutschland GmbH - ANS
00:C0:2A OhkuraEl Ohkura Electric Co
00:C0:2B GerloffG Gerloff Gesellschaft Fur
00:C0:2C CentrumC Centrum Communications, Inc.
@@ -16382,12 +16383,12 @@
00:C0:31 DesignRe Design Research Systems, Inc.
00:C0:32 I-Cubed I-Cubed Limited
00:C0:33 Telebit Telebit Corporation
-00:C0:34 DaleComp Dale Computer Corporation
+00:C0:34 Transact Transaction Network
00:C0:35 Quintar Quintar Company
00:C0:36 RaytechE Raytech Electronic Corp
00:C0:37 Dynatem
00:C0:38 RasterIm Raster Image Processing System
-00:C0:39 Silicon Silicon Systems
+00:C0:39 Teridian Teridian Semiconductor Corporation
00:C0:3B Multiacc Multiaccess Computing Corp
00:C0:3C TowerTec Tower Tech S.R.L.
@@ -16400,7 +16401,7 @@
00:C0:43 Strataco Stratacom
00:C0:44 Emcom Emcom Corporation
00:C0:45 Isolatio Isolation Systems Inc
-00:C0:46 Kemitron Kemitron Ltd
+00:C0:46 BlueChip Blue Chip Technology Ltd
00:C0:47 Unimicro Unimicro Systems Inc
00:C0:48 BayTechn Bay Technical Associates
00:C0:49 UsRoboti US Robotics Total Control (tm) NETServer Card
@@ -16419,7 +16420,7 @@
00:C0:56 Somelec
00:C0:57 MycoElec Myco Electronics
00:C0:58 Dataexpe Dataexpert Corp
-00:C0:59 Nipponde Nippondenso Corp
+00:C0:59 Denso Denso Corporation
00:C0:5A Semaphor Semaphore Communications Corp.
00:C0:5B Networks Networks Northwest Inc
00:C0:5C Elonex Elonex PLC
@@ -16429,13 +16430,13 @@
00:C0:60 IdScandi ID Scandinavia A/S
00:C0:61 Solectek Solectek Corporation
00:C0:62 ImpulseT Impulse Technology
-00:C0:63 MorningS Morning Star Technologies Inc May be miswrite of 0003C6
+00:C0:63 MorningS Morning Star Technologies Inc # May be miswrite of 0003C6
00:C0:64 GeneralD General Datacomm Ind Inc
00:C0:65 ScopeCom Scope Communications Inc
00:C0:66 Docupoin Docupoint, Inc.
00:C0:67 UnitedBa United Barcode Industries
-00:C0:68 PhilpDra Philp Drake Electronics Ltd
-00:C0:69 Californ California Microwave Inc
+00:C0:68 HmeClear HME Clear-Com LTD.
+00:C0:69 Axxceler Axxcelera Broadband Wireless
00:C0:6A Zahner-E Zahner-Elektrik Gmbh & Co KG
00:C0:6B OsiPlus OSI Plus Corporation
00:C0:6C SvecComp SVEC Computer Corp
@@ -16453,7 +16454,7 @@
00:C0:78 Computer Computer Systems Engineering
00:C0:79 Fonsys Fonsys Co Ltd
00:C0:7A PrivaBv Priva BV
-00:C0:7B AscendCo Ascend Communications ISDN bridges/routers
+00:C0:7B AscendCo Ascend Communications # ISDN bridges/routers
00:C0:7C Hightech Hightech Information
00:C0:7D RiscDeve RISC Developments Ltd
00:C0:7E KubotaEl Kubota Corporation Electronic
@@ -16468,12 +16469,12 @@
00:C0:87 UunetTec UUNET Technologies Inc
00:C0:88 EkfElekt Ekf Elektronik Gmbh
00:C0:89 Telindus Telindus Distribution
-00:C0:8A Lauterba Lauterbach Datentechnik Gmbh
+00:C0:8A Lauterba Lauterbach GmbH
00:C0:8B RisqModu RISQ Modular Systems Inc
00:C0:8C Performa Performance Technologies Inc
00:C0:8D TronixPr Tronix Product Development
00:C0:8E NetworkI Network Information Technology
-00:C0:8F Matsushi Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.
+00:C0:8F Panasoni Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.
00:C0:90 PraimSRL Praim S.R.L.
00:C0:91 JabilCir Jabil Circuit, Inc.
00:C0:92 MennenMe Mennen Medical Inc
@@ -16486,7 +16487,7 @@
00:C0:99 YoshikiI Yoshiki Industrial Co.,Ltd.
00:C0:9A Photonic Photonics Corporation
00:C0:9B Reliance Reliance Comm/Tec, R-Tec Systems Inc
-00:C0:9C ToaElect TOA Electronic Ltd
+00:C0:9C HiokiEE Hioki E.E. Corporation
00:C0:9D Distribu Distributed Systems Int'l, Inc.
00:C0:9E CacheCom Cache Computers, Inc.
00:C0:9F QuantaCo Quanta Computer Inc
@@ -16501,9 +16502,9 @@
00:C0:A8 Gvc GVC Corporation
00:C0:A9 BarronMc Barron McCann Ltd
00:C0:AA SiliconV Silicon Valley Computer
-00:C0:AB JupiterT Jupiter Technology Inc
+00:C0:AB Telco Telco Systems, Inc.
00:C0:AC GambitCo Gambit Computer Communications
-00:C0:AD Computer Computer Communication Systems
+00:C0:AD MarbenCo Marben Communication Systems
00:C0:AE Towercom Towercom Co Inc DBA PC House
00:C0:AF Teklogix Teklogix Inc.
00:C0:B0 GccTechn GCC Technologies,Inc.
@@ -16512,7 +16513,7 @@
00:C0:B3 ComstatD Comstat Datacomm Corporation
00:C0:B4 MysonTec Myson Technology Inc
00:C0:B5 Corporat Corporate Network Systems Inc
-00:C0:B6 Meridian Meridian Data Inc
+00:C0:B6 Overland Overland Storage, Inc.
00:C0:B7 American American Power Conversion Corp
00:C0:B8 FraserSH Fraser's Hill Ltd.
00:C0:B9 FunkSoft Funk Software Inc
@@ -16558,9 +16559,9 @@
00:C0:E1 SonicSol Sonic Solutions
00:C0:E2 Calcomp Calcomp, Inc.
00:C0:E3 OsitechC Ositech Communications Inc
-00:C0:E4 LandisGy Landis & Gyr Powers Inc
+00:C0:E4 SiemensB Siemens Building
00:C0:E5 GespacSA GESPAC S.A.
-00:C0:E6 Txport
+00:C0:E6 Verilink Verilink Corporation
00:C0:E7 Fiberdat Fiberdata AB
00:C0:E8 Plexcom Plexcom Inc
00:C0:E9 OakSolut Oak Solutions Ltd
@@ -16585,7 +16586,7 @@
00:C0:FC Asdg ASDG Incorporated
00:C0:FD Prosum
00:C0:FE AptecCom Aptec Computer Systems, Inc.
-00:C0:FF BoxHill Box Hill Systems Corporation
+00:C0:FF SeagateC Seagate Cloud Systems Inc
00:C1:4F Ddl DDL Co,.ltd.
00:C1:64 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
00:C1:B1 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
@@ -16867,7 +16868,7 @@
00:DB:45 Thamway Thamway Co.,Ltd.
00:DB:70 Apple Apple, Inc.
00:DB:DF IntelCor Intel Corporate
-00:DD:00 Ungerman Ungermann-Bass IBM RT
+00:DD:00 Ungerman Ungermann-Bass # IBM RT
00:DD:01 Ungerman Ungermann-Bass
@@ -16908,7 +16909,7 @@
00:E0:15 Heiwa Heiwa Corporation
00:E0:16 Rapid-Ci rapid-city (now a part of bay networks)
00:E0:17 Exxact EXXACT GmbH
-00:E0:18 AsustekI Asustek Intel 82558-based Integrated Fast Ethernet for WIM
+00:E0:18 AsustekI Asustek # Intel 82558-based Integrated Fast Ethernet for WIM
00:E0:19 IngGiord Ing. Giordano Elettronica
00:E0:1A Comtec Comtec Systems. Co., Ltd.
00:E0:1B SphereCo Sphere Communications, Inc.
@@ -17009,11 +17010,11 @@
00:E0:7A Mikrodid Mikrodidakt Ab
00:E0:7B BayNetwo Bay Networks
00:E0:7C Mettler- METTLER-TOLEDO, INC.
-00:E0:7D EncoreNe Encore (Netronix?) 10/100 PCI Fast ethernet card
+00:E0:7D EncoreNe Encore (Netronix?) # 10/100 PCI Fast ethernet card
00:E0:7E WaltDisn Walt Disney Imagineering
00:E0:7F Logistis LOGISTISTEM s.r.l.
00:E0:80 ControlR Control Resources Corporation
-00:E0:81 TyanComp Tyan Computer Corp. Onboard Intel 82558 10/100
+00:E0:81 TyanComp Tyan Computer Corp. # Onboard Intel 82558 10/100
00:E0:82 Anerma
00:E0:83 JatoTech Jato Technologies, Inc.
00:E0:84 Compulit COMPULITE R&D
@@ -17027,7 +17028,7 @@
00:E0:8C Neoparad Neoparadigm Labs, Inc.
00:E0:8D Pressure Pressure Systems, Inc.
00:E0:8E Utstarco Utstarcom
-00:E0:8F CiscoSys Cisco Systems Catalyst 2900 series
+00:E0:8F CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 2900 series
00:E0:90 BeckmanL Beckman Lab. Automation Div.
00:E0:91 LgElectr LG Electronics
00:E0:92 Admtek Admtek Incorporated
@@ -17036,7 +17037,7 @@
00:E0:96 Shimadzu Shimadzu Corporation
00:E0:97 CarrierA Carrier Access Corporation
-00:E0:98 Trend
+00:E0:98 Abocom
00:E0:99 Samson Samson Ag
00:E0:9A Positron Positron Inc.
00:E0:9B EngageNe Engage Networks, Inc.
@@ -17047,7 +17048,7 @@
00:E0:A0 Wiltron Wiltron Co.
00:E0:A2 Microsla Microslate Inc.
-00:E0:A3 CiscoSys Cisco Systems Catalyst 1924
+00:E0:A3 CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Catalyst 1924
00:E0:A4 EsaoteSP ESAOTE S.p.A.
00:E0:A5 ComcoreS ComCore Semiconductor, Inc.
00:E0:A6 TelogyNe Telogy Networks, Inc.
@@ -17060,7 +17061,7 @@
00:E0:AD EesTechn Ees Technology, Ltd.
00:E0:AE Xaqti Xaqti Corporation
00:E0:AF GeneralD General Dynamics Information Systems
-00:E0:B0 CiscoSys Cisco Systems Various systems reported
+00:E0:B0 CiscoSys Cisco Systems # Various systems reported
00:E0:B1 Alcatel- Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
00:E0:B2 TelmaxCo Telmax Communications Corp.
00:E0:B3 Etherwan EtherWAN Systems, Inc.
@@ -17068,7 +17069,7 @@
00:E0:B5 ArdentCo Ardent Communications Corp.
00:E0:B6 EntradaN Entrada Networks
00:E0:B7 PiGroup Pi Group, Ltd.
-00:E0:B8 AmdPcnet AMD PCNet in a Gateway 2000
+00:E0:B8 AmdPcnet AMD PCNet # in a Gateway 2000
00:E0:B9 Byas Byas Systems
00:E0:BB Nbx Nbx Corporation
@@ -17121,7 +17122,7 @@
00:E0:EA InnovatC Innovat Communications, Inc.
00:E0:EB Digicom Digicom Systems, Incorporated
00:E0:EC Celestic Celestica Inc.
-00:E0:ED NewLink New Link
+00:E0:ED Silicom Silicom, Ltd.
00:E0:EE MarelHf Marel Hf
00:E0:EF Dionex
00:E0:F0 AblerTec Abler Technology, Inc.
@@ -17175,13 +17176,13 @@
00:FD:4C Nevatec
00:FE:C8 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
01:0E:CF PN-MC PROFINET Multicast
-02:04:06 BbnInter BBN internal usage (not registered)
-02:07:01 Interlan Interlan [now Racal-InterLAN] DEC (UNIBUS or QBUS), Apollo, Cisco
+02:04:06 BbnInter BBN # internal usage (not registered)
+02:07:01 Racal-Da RACAL-DATACOM
02:1C:7C Perq Perq Systems Corporation
-02:20:48 Marconi At least some 2810 send with locally assigned flag set
+02:20:48 Marconi # At least some 2810 send with locally assigned flag set
02:60:60 3com
-02:60:86 Satelcom Satelcom MegaPac (UK)
-02:60:8C 3comIbmP 3Com IBM PC; Imagen; Valid; Cisco; Macintosh
+02:60:86 LogicRep Logic Replacement Tech. Ltd.
+02:60:8C 3comIbmP 3Com # IBM PC; Imagen; Valid; Cisco; Macintosh
02:70:01 Racal-Da RACAL-DATACOM
02:70:B3 DataReca Data Recall Ltd.
@@ -17192,8 +17193,8 @@
02:CF:1C Communic Communication Machinery Corporation
02:CF:1F CMC
-02:E0:3B Prominet Prominet Corporation Gigabit Ethernet Switch
-02:E6:D3 BtiBus-T BTI (Bus-Tech, Inc.) IBM Mainframes
+02:E0:3B Prominet Prominet Corporation # Gigabit Ethernet Switch
+02:E6:D3 NixdorfC Nixdorf Computer Corp.
04:02:1F HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
04:03:D6 Nintendo Nintendo Co.,Ltd
04:04:EA ValensSe Valens Semiconductor Ltd.
@@ -17295,7 +17296,7 @@
04:7E:4A Moobox moobox CO., Ltd.
04:81:AE Clack Clack Corporation
-04:88:45 BayNetwo Bay Networks token ring line card
+04:88:45 BayNetwo Bay Networks # token ring line card
04:88:8C Eifelwer Eifelwerk Butler Systeme GmbH
04:88:E2 BeatsEle Beats Electronics LLC
04:8A:15 Avaya Avaya Inc
@@ -17329,7 +17330,7 @@
04:BB:F9 Pavilion Pavilion Data Systems Inc
04:BD:70 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
04:BD:88 ArubaNet Aruba Networks
-04:BF:6D ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+04:BF:6D ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
04:BF:A8 Isb ISB Corporation
04:C0:5B TigoEner Tigo Energy
04:C0:6F HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
@@ -17366,6 +17367,7 @@
04:E9:E5 PjrcComL Pjrc.Com, Llc
04:EE:91 X-Fabric x-fabric GmbH
04:F0:21 CompexPt Compex Systems Pte Ltd
+04:F1:28 HmdGloba HMD Global Oy
04:F1:3E Apple Apple, Inc.
04:F1:7D TaranaWi Tarana Wireless
04:F4:BC XenaNetw Xena Networks
@@ -17379,11 +17381,11 @@
04:FE:A1 Fihonest Fihonest communication co.,Ltd
04:FF:51 Novamedi Novamedia Innovision Sp. Z O.O.
08:00:01 Computer Computer Vision
-08:00:02 3Com
+08:00:02 BridgeCo Bridge Communications Inc.
08:00:03 ACC
08:00:04 Cromemco Cromemco Incorporated
-08:00:05 Symbolic Symbolics Symbolics LISP machines
-08:00:06 SiemensN Siemens Nixdorf PC clone
+08:00:05 Symbolic Symbolics # Symbolics LISP machines
+08:00:06 SiemensN Siemens Nixdorf # PC clone
08:00:07 Apple
08:00:08 BBN
08:00:09 HP
@@ -17392,46 +17394,46 @@
08:00:0C MiklynDe Miklyn Development Co.
08:00:0D IclInter ICL (International Computers, Ltd.)
08:00:0E Ncr/At&T
-08:00:0F SmcStand SMC (Standard Microsystems Corp.)
+08:00:0F Mitel Mitel Corporation
08:00:10 At&T[Mis AT&T [misrepresentation of 800010?]
08:00:11 Tektroni Tektronix, Inc.
08:00:12 BellAtla Bell Atlantic Integrated Syst.
08:00:13 Exxon
-08:00:14 ExcelanB Excelan BBN Butterfly, Masscomp, Silicon Graphics
+08:00:14 ExcelanB Excelan # BBN Butterfly, Masscomp, Silicon Graphics
08:00:15 StcBusin Stc Business Systems
08:00:16 Barriste Barrister Info Sys Corp
08:00:17 National National Semiconductor Corp. (used to have Network System Corp., wrong NSC)
08:00:18 PirelliF Pirelli Focom Networks
08:00:19 GeneralE General Electric Corporation
-08:00:1A DataGenl Data General
-08:00:1B DataGene Data General
+08:00:1A Tiara/10 TIARA/ 10NET
+08:00:1B DellEmc Dell EMC
08:00:1D AbleComm Able Communications Inc.
08:00:1E Apollo
08:00:1F Sharp
-08:00:20 Sun
+08:00:20 Oracle Oracle Corporation
08:00:21 3m 3M COMPANY
08:00:22 NbiNothi NBI (Nothing But Initials)
-08:00:23 Matsushi Matsushita Denso
+08:00:23 Panasoni Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd.
08:00:24 10netCom 10NET COMMUNICATIONS/DCA
08:00:25 Cdc
08:00:26 NorskDat Norsk Data (Nord)
08:00:27 PcsCompu PCS Computer Systems GmbH
-08:00:28 TiExplor TI Explorer
+08:00:28 TiExplor TI # Explorer
08:00:29 Megatek Megatek Corporation
08:00:2A MosaicTe Mosaic Technologies Inc.
08:00:2B Dec
08:00:2C BrittonL Britton Lee Inc.
08:00:2D Lan-Tec LAN-TEC INC.
08:00:2E Metaphor
-08:00:2F PrimeCom Prime Computer Prime 50-Series LHC300
-08:00:30 Cern
+08:00:2F PrimeCom Prime Computer # Prime 50-Series LHC300
+08:00:30 NetworkR Network Research Corporation
08:00:31 LittleMa Little Machines Inc.
08:00:32 Tigan
08:00:33 BauschLo BAUSCH & LOMB
08:00:34 Filenet Filenet Corporation
08:00:35 Microfiv Microfive Corporation
-08:00:36 Intergra Intergraph CAE stations
+08:00:36 Intergra Intergraph # CAE stations
08:00:37 FujiXero Fuji Xerox
08:00:38 Bull
08:00:39 Spider Spider Systems
@@ -17439,23 +17441,23 @@
08:00:3B Torus Torus Systems
08:00:3C Schlumbe Schlumberger Well Services
08:00:3D Cadnetix
-08:00:3E Motorola
+08:00:3E Codex Codex Corporation
08:00:3F FredKosc Fred Koschara Enterprises
08:00:40 Ferranti Ferranti Computer Sys. Limited
-08:00:41 DcaDigit DCA (Digital Comm. Assoc.)
08:00:42 JapanMac Japan Macnics Corp.
08:00:43 PixelCom Pixel Computer Inc.
08:00:44 DsiDavid DSI (DAVID Systems, Inc.)
-08:00:45 ????Mayb ???? (maybe Xylogics, but they claim not to know this number)
+08:00:45 Concurre Concurrent Computer Corp.
08:00:46 Sony
08:00:47 Sequent
08:00:48 Eurother Eurotherm Gauging Systems
08:00:49 Univatio Univation
08:00:4A Banyan Banyan Systems Inc.
08:00:4B Planning Planning Research Corp.
-08:00:4C Encore
+08:00:4C HydraCom Hydra Computer Systems Inc.
08:00:4D Corvus Corvus Systems Inc.
-08:00:4E Bicc[3co BICC [3com bought BICC, so may appear on 3com equipment as well]
+08:00:4E 3comEuro 3COM EUROPE LTD.
08:00:4F Cygnet Cygnet Systems
08:00:50 Daisy Daisy Systems Corp.
08:00:51 Experdat Experdata
@@ -17464,9 +17466,9 @@
08:00:55 Stanford Stanford Telecomm. Inc.
08:00:56 Stanford Stanford University
08:00:57 EvansSut Evans & Sutherland (?)
-08:00:58 ???Decsy ??? DECsystem-20
+08:00:58 Concepts Systems Concepts
08:00:59 Mycron A/S MYCRON
-08:00:5A Ibm
+08:00:5A Ibm IBM Corp
08:00:5B VtaTechn Vta Technologies Inc.
08:00:5C FourPhas Four Phase Systems
08:00:5D Gould Gould Inc.
@@ -17478,7 +17480,7 @@
08:00:63 Plessey
08:00:64 Sitasys Sitasys AG
08:00:65 Genrad Genrad Inc.
-08:00:66 AgfaPrin AGFA printers, phototypesetters etc.
+08:00:66 AgfaPrin AGFA # printers, phototypesetters etc.
08:00:67 Comdesig Comdesign
08:00:68 Ridge
08:00:69 SGI
@@ -17497,29 +17499,29 @@
08:00:76 PcLanTec Pc Lan Technologies
08:00:77 TslNowRe TSL (now Retix)
08:00:78 Accell Accell Corporation
-08:00:79 SGI
+08:00:79 DroidWor The Droid Works
08:00:7A Indata
08:00:7B SanyoEle Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.
-08:00:7C Vitalink Vitalink TransLAN III
+08:00:7C Vitalink Vitalink # TransLAN III
-08:00:80 Xios
+08:00:80 AesData Aes Data Inc.
08:00:81 Crosfiel Crosfield Electronics
08:00:82 VeritasS Veritas Software
08:00:83 SeikoDen Seiko Denshi
08:00:84 TomenEle Tomen Electronics Corp.
08:00:85 Elxsi
08:00:86 Imagen/Q Imagen/QMS [Now Konica Minolta]
-08:00:87 XyplexTe Xyplex terminal servers
-08:00:88 Mcdata McDATA Corporation
-08:00:89 Kinetics Kinetics AppleTalk-Ethernet interface
+08:00:87 XyplexTe Xyplex # terminal servers
+08:00:88 BrocadeC Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
+08:00:89 Kinetics Kinetics # AppleTalk-Ethernet interface
08:00:8A Perftech PerfTech, Inc.
08:00:8B Pyramid
08:00:8C NetworkR Network Research Corporation
-08:00:8D Xyvision XyVision XyVision machines
+08:00:8D Xyvision XyVision # XyVision machines
08:00:8E Tandem/S Tandem / Solbourne Computer ?
08:00:8F Chipcom Chipcom Corp.
-08:00:90 Retix
+08:00:90 Sonoma Sonoma Systems
08:01:0F SichuanT Sichuan Tianyi Comheart Telecomco.,Ltd
08:02:8E Netgear
08:03:71 KrgCorpo Krg Corporate
@@ -17834,6 +17836,7 @@
0C:CC:26 Airenetw Airenetworks
0C:CD:D3 Eastrive Eastriver Technology Co., Ltd.
0C:CD:FB Edic EDIC Systems Inc.
+0C:CE:F6 GuizhouF Guizhou Fortuneship Technology Co., Ltd
0C:CF:D1 Springwa SPRINGWAVE Co., Ltd
0C:D2:92 IntelCor Intel Corporate
0C:D2:B5 Binatone Binatone Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd
@@ -17891,7 +17894,7 @@
10:00:5A Ibm
10:00:90 HP
10:00:D4 DEC
-10:00:E0 AppleA/U Apple A/UX (modified addresses for licensing)
+10:00:E0 AppleA/U Apple A/UX # (modified addresses for licensing)
10:00:E8 National National Semiconductor
10:00:FD Laonpeop LaonPeople
10:01:CA AshleyBu Ashley Butterworth
@@ -18001,7 +18004,7 @@
10:78:D2 Elitegro Elitegroup Computer Systems Co.,Ltd.
10:7B:44 AsustekC ASUSTek COMPUTER INC.
-10:7B:EF ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+10:7B:EF ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
10:7D:1A Dell Dell Inc.
10:83:D2 Microsev Microseven Systems, LLC
10:86:8C ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
@@ -18121,6 +18124,7 @@
14:1F:BA:F0:00:00/28 Private
14:22:DB Eero eero inc.
14:23:D7 Eutronix Eutronix Co., Ltd.
+14:28:82 MidicomE Midicom Electronics Co.Ltd
14:2B:D2 Armtel Armtel Ltd.
14:2B:D6 Guangdon Guangdong Appscomm Co.,Ltd
@@ -18175,7 +18179,7 @@
14:5A:05 Apple Apple, Inc.
14:5A:83 Logi-D Logi-D inc
14:5B:D1 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
-14:5B:E1 NyantecU nyantec UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
+14:5B:E1 Nyantec nyantec GmbH
14:5E:45 Kaleao Kaleao Limited
14:5F:94 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
14:60:80 Zte zte corporation
@@ -18189,6 +18193,7 @@
14:74:11 Rim
14:78:0B Perkinel PerkinElmer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
+14:79:F3 ChinaMob China Mobile Group Device Co.,Ltd.
14:7D:B3 JoaTelec Joa Telecom.Co.,Ltd
14:7D:C5 MurataMa Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
14:82:5B HefeiRad Hefei Radio Communication Technology Co., Ltd
@@ -18272,6 +18277,7 @@
18:03:73 Dell Dell Inc.
18:03:FA IbtInter IBT Interfaces
18:06:75 DilaxInt Dilax Intelcom GmbH
+18:06:FF AcerComp Acer Computer(Shanghai) Limited.
18:0B:52 Nanotron Nanotron Technologies GmbH
18:0C:14 Isonea iSonea Limited
18:0C:77 Westingh Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC
@@ -18504,6 +18510,7 @@
1C:23:2C SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
1C:23:4F EdmiEuro EDMI Europe Ltd
1C:25:E1 ChinaMob China Mobile IOT Company Limited
+1C:27:DD DatangGo Datang Gohighsec(zhejiang)Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
1C:33:0E Pernixda PernixData
1C:33:4D ItsTelec ITS Telecom
1C:34:77 Innovati Innovation Wireless
@@ -18560,7 +18567,7 @@
1C:70:22 MurataMa Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1C:73:28 Connecte Connected Home
1C:73:70 Neotech
-1C:74:0D ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+1C:74:0D ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
1C:76:CA TerasicT Terasic Technologies Inc.
1C:77:F6 Guangdon Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd
@@ -18837,6 +18844,7 @@
20:76:8F Apple Apple, Inc.
20:76:93 LenovoBe Lenovo (Beijing) Limited.
20:78:0B DeltaFau Delta Faucet Company
+20:78:52 Nokia
20:78:F0 Apple Apple, Inc.
20:7C:8F QuantaMi Quanta Microsystems,Inc.
20:7D:74 Apple Apple, Inc.
@@ -18935,6 +18943,7 @@
24:0B:2A ViettelG Viettel Group
24:0B:B1 KostalIn KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik GmbH
24:0D:65 Shenzhen Shenzhen Vsun Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
+24:0D:6C Smnd
24:0D:C2 TctMobil TCT mobile ltd
24:10:64 Shenzhen Shenzhen Ecsino Tecnical Co. Ltd
24:11:25 Hutek Hutek Co., Ltd.
@@ -19123,11 +19132,12 @@
28:25:36 Shenzhen Shenzhen Holatek Co.,Ltd
28:26:A6 PbrElect PBR electronics GmbH
28:27:BF SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
-28:28:5D ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+28:28:5D ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
28:29:86 ApcBySch APC by Schneider Electric
28:29:CC CorsaTec Corsa Technology Incorporated
28:29:D9 Globalbe GlobalBeiMing technology (Beijing)Co. Ltd
+28:2F:C2 Automoti Automotive Data Solutions
28:30:AC Frontiir Frontiir Co. Ltd.
28:31:52 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
28:32:C5 Humax HUMAX Co., Ltd.
@@ -19424,6 +19434,7 @@
2C:40:53 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
2C:41:38 HewlettP Hewlett Packard
2C:41:A1 Bose Bose Corporation
+2C:42:05 Lytx
2C:43:1A Shenzhen Shenzhen YOUHUA Technology Co., Ltd
2C:44:01 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
2C:44:1B Spectrum Spectrum Medical Limited
@@ -19690,6 +19701,7 @@
30:B6:4F JuniperN Juniper Networks
30:C0:1B Shenzhen Shenzhen Jingxun Software Telecommunication Technology Co.,Ltd
30:C3:D9 AlpsElec Alps Electric Co.,Ltd.
+30:C5:07 EciTelec ECI Telecom Ltd.
30:C7:50 MicTechn MIC Technology Group
30:C7:AE SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
30:C8:2A Wi-BizSr WI-BIZ srl
@@ -19708,6 +19720,7 @@
30:E3:7A IntelCor Intel Corporate
30:E4:8E Vodafone Vodafone UK
30:E4:DB Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
+30:EB:1F SkylabM& Skylab M&C Technology Co.,Ltd
30:EB:25 IntekDig Intek Digital
30:EF:D1 AlstomSt Alstom Strongwish (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
30:F3:1D Zte zte corporation
@@ -19958,6 +19971,7 @@
34:E0:CF Zte zte corporation
34:E0:D7 Dongguan Dongguan Qisheng Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd
34:E2:FD Apple Apple, Inc.
+34:E3:80 GenexisB Genexis B.V.
34:E4:2A Automati Automatic Bar Controls Inc.
34:E6:AD IntelCor Intel Corporate
34:E6:D7 Dell Dell Inc.
@@ -19976,6 +19990,7 @@
34:F6:D2 Panasoni Panasonic Taiwan Co.,Ltd.
34:F9:68 AtekProd ATEK Products, LLC
34:FA:40 Guangzho Guangzhou Robustel Technologies Co., Limited
+34:FA:9F RuckusWi Ruckus Wireless
34:FC:6F Alcea
34:FC:B9 HewlettP Hewlett Packard Enterprise
34:FC:EF LgElectr LG Electronics (Mobile Communications)
@@ -20044,6 +20059,7 @@
38:42:33 Wildeboe Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH
38:42:A6 Ingenieu Ingenieurbuero Stahlkopf
38:43:69 PatrolPr Patrol Products Consortium LLC
+38:43:7D CompalBr Compal Broadband Networks, Inc.
38:45:4C LightLab Light Labs, Inc.
38:45:8C MycloudT MyCloud Technology corporation
38:46:08 Zte zte corporation
@@ -20076,12 +20092,21 @@
38:71:DE Apple Apple, Inc.
38:72:C0 Comtrend Comtrend Corporation
38:73:EA IeeeRegi IEEE Registration Authority
+38:73:EA:00:00:00/28 L-3Commu L-3 Communications Mobile-Vision, Inc.
38:73:EA:10:00:00/28 KingwayI KingWay Information Co.,Ltd.
38:73:EA:20:00:00/28 Eyesight Eyesight(Shanghai)Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.
+38:73:EA:30:00:00/28 ProchPla Proch plastic Co., Ltd.
38:73:EA:40:00:00/28 LightBlu Light Blue Optics Ltd.
38:73:EA:50:00:00/28 Istcontr Istcontrol
38:73:EA:60:00:00/28 LiveSent Live Sentinel
+38:73:EA:70:00:00/28 Pinggps PingGPS Inc
+38:73:EA:80:00:00/28 RockElec Rock Electronic Co., Ltd.
+38:73:EA:90:00:00/28 Lightfor Lightform, Inc.
+38:73:EA:A0:00:00/28 Shenzhen Shenzhen Cse Technology Co., Ltd
+38:73:EA:B0:00:00/28 Shanghai Shanghai ZoomSmart Technology Co., Ltd.
38:73:EA:C0:00:00/28 LgElectr LG Electronics
+38:73:EA:D0:00:00/28 Annapurn annapurnalabs
+38:73:EA:E0:00:00/28 Shenzhen Shenzhen Jixian Technology Co., Ltd.
38:76:CA Shenzhen Shenzhen Smart Intelligent Technology Co.Ltd
38:76:D1 Euronda Euronda SpA
38:7B:47 Akela AKELA, Inc.
@@ -20453,9 +20478,24 @@
40:42:29 Layer3tv Layer3TV, Inc
40:45:DA Spreadtr Spreadtrum Communications (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
40:47:6A Acquisit AG Acquisition Corp. d.b.a. ASTRO Gaming
+40:48:FD IeeeRegi IEEE Registration Authority
+40:48:FD:00:00:00/28 BeijingC BEIJING C&W ELECTRONICS(GROUP)CO.,LTD
+40:48:FD:10:00:00/28 FastProg Fast Programming
+40:48:FD:20:00:00/28 MithrasT MITHRAS Technology Co., LTD
+40:48:FD:30:00:00/28 RlContro RL Controls LLC.
+40:48:FD:40:00:00/28 DynamicE Dynamic Engineering
+40:48:FD:50:00:00/28 52ndRese The 52nd Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation
+40:48:FD:60:00:00/28 SwarcoTe Swarco Technology ApS
+40:48:FD:70:00:00/28 Cloud4wi
+40:48:FD:80:00:00/28 DorelJuv Dorel Juvenile
+40:48:FD:90:00:00/28 PlusOneG Plus One Global Ltd.
+40:48:FD:A0:00:00/28 Shenzhen Shenzhen Yifang Digital Technology Co., LTD.
+40:48:FD:B0:00:00/28 MagentaL Magenta Labs, Inc.
+40:48:FD:C0:00:00/28 EcotapBV Ecotap B.V.
+40:48:FD:D0:00:00/28 Nox NOX Systems AG
40:49:0F HonHaiPr Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd.
40:49:8A Synaptic Synapticon GmbH
-40:4A:03 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+40:4A:03 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
40:4A:18 AddrekSm Addrek Smart Solutions
40:4A:D4 Widex Widex A/S
40:4D:7F Apple Apple, Inc.
@@ -21237,6 +21277,7 @@
44:AA:50 JuniperN Juniper Networks
44:AA:E8 NanotecE Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
44:AA:F5 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
+44:AD:19 Xingfei( XINGFEI (H.K)LIMITED
44:AD:D9 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
44:B3:82 Kuang-Ch Kuang-chi Institute of Advanced Technology
@@ -21287,7 +21328,7 @@
44:F8:49 UnionPac Union Pacific Railroad
44:FB:42 Apple Apple, Inc.
44:FD:A3 Everysig Everysight LTD.
-47:54:43 GtcNotRe GTC (Not registered!) (This number is a multicast!)
+47:54:43 GtcNotRe GTC (Not registered!) # (This number is a multicast!)
48:00:31 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
48:00:33 Technico Technicolor CH USA Inc.
48:02:2A B-LinkEl B-Link Electronic Limited
@@ -21333,6 +21374,7 @@
48:52:61 Soreel
48:54:15 NetRules Net Rules Tecnologia Eireli
48:54:E8 Winbond?
+48:55:5C WuQiTech Wu Qi Technologies,Inc.
48:55:5F Fiberhom Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,LTD
48:57:DD Facebook Facebook Inc
48:59:29 LgElectr LG Electronics (Mobile Communications)
@@ -21570,12 +21612,12 @@
4C:8D:79 Apple Apple, Inc.
4C:8E:CC SilkanSa Silkan Sa
4C:8F:A5 Jastec
-4C:91:0C Corporat Corporativo Lanix S.A. de C.V.
+4C:91:0C LanixInt Lanix Internacional, S.A. de C.V.
4C:96:14 JuniperN Juniper Networks
4C:98:EF Zeo
4C:9E:80 KyokkoEl KYOKKO ELECTRIC Co., Ltd.
4C:9E:E4 HanyangN Hanyang Navicom Co.,Ltd.
-4C:9E:FF ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+4C:9E:FF ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
4C:A0:03 T-21Tech T-21 Technologies LLC
4C:A1:61 RainBird Rain Bird Corporation
4C:A5:15 BaikalEl Baikal Electronics JSC
@@ -21585,6 +21627,7 @@
4C:AA:16 Azurewav AzureWave Technologies (Shanghai) Inc.
4C:AB:33 KstTechn KST technology
4C:AC:0A Zte zte corporation
+4C:AE:1C SainxtTe SaiNXT Technologies LLP
4C:AE:31 Shenghai ShengHai Electronics (Shenzhen) Ltd
4C:B0:08 Shenzhen Shenzhen Gwelltimes Technology Co.,Ltd
4C:B0:E8 BeijingR Beijing RongZhi xinghua technology co., LTD
@@ -21709,6 +21752,7 @@
50:3A:7D Alphatec AlphaTech PLC Int’l Co., Ltd.
50:3A:A0 Shenzhen Shenzhen Mercury Communication Technologies Co.,Ltd.
50:3C:C4 LenovoMo Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology Ltd.
+50:3C:EA Guangdon Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd
50:3D:A1 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
50:3D:E5 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
@@ -21744,11 +21788,12 @@
50:65:F3 HewlettP Hewlett Packard
50:67:87 PlanetNe Planet Networks
50:67:AE Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
-50:67:F0 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+50:67:F0 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
50:68:0A HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
50:6A:03 Netgear
50:6B:8D Nutanix
50:6E:92 Innocent Innocent Technology Co., Ltd.
+50:6F:98 SehajSyn Sehaj Synergy Technologies Private Limited
50:6F:9A Wi-FiAll Wi-Fi Alliance
50:70:E5 HeShanWo He Shan World Fair Electronics Technology Limited
50:72:24 TexasIns Texas Instruments
@@ -21991,6 +22036,7 @@
54:9A:11:E0:00:00/28 BeijingH Beijing HTSmartech Co.,Ltd
54:9A:11:F0:00:00/28 Private
54:9A:16 UzushioE Uzushio Electric Co.,Ltd.
+54:9A:4C Guangdon Guangdong Homecare Technology Co.,Ltd.
54:9B:12 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
54:9D:85 Eneracce EnerAccess inc
54:9F:13 Apple Apple, Inc.
@@ -22061,7 +22107,7 @@
54:FD:BF ScheidtB Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH
54:FF:82 DavitSol Davit Solution co.
54:FF:CF MopriaAl Mopria Alliance
-56:58:57 AculabPl Aculab plc audio bridges
+56:58:57 AculabPl Aculab plc # audio bridges
58:00:BB JuniperN Juniper Networks
58:00:E3 LiteonTe Liteon Technology Corporation
58:04:CB TianjinH Tianjin Huisun Technology Co.,Ltd.
@@ -22150,7 +22196,7 @@
58:87:E2 Shenzhen Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co., Ltd.
58:8A:5A Dell Dell Inc.
-58:8B:F3 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+58:8B:F3 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
58:8D:09 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
58:90:43 Sagemcom Sagemcom Broadband SAS
58:91:CF IntelCor Intel Corporate
@@ -22249,12 +22295,13 @@
58:FC:DB:E0:00:00/28 AppliedD Applied Device Technologies
58:FC:DB:F0:00:00/28 Private
58:FD:20 BravidaS Bravida Sakerhet AB
-5A:E6:60 NyantecU nyantec UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
+5A:E6:60 Nyantec nyantec GmbH
5C:02:6A AppliedV Applied Vision Corporation
5C:03:39 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
5C:07:6F ThoughtC Thought Creator
5C:09:79 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
5C:0A:5B SamsungE Samsung Electro Mechanics Co., Ltd.
+5C:0C:0E GuizhouH Guizhou Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology Co. Lt
5C:0C:BB Celizion CELIZION Inc.
5C:0E:8B ExtremeN Extreme Networks
5C:11:93 SealOne Seal One AG
@@ -22299,10 +22346,12 @@
5C:51:4F IntelCor Intel Corporate
5C:51:81 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
5C:51:88 Motorola Motorola Mobility LLC, a Lenovo Company
+5C:52:1E Nintendo Nintendo Co.,Ltd
5C:54:6D HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
5C:56:ED 3pleplay 3pleplay Electronics Private Limited
5C:57:1A ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
5C:57:C8 Nokia Nokia Corporation
+5C:58:19 Jingshen Jingsheng Technology Co., Ltd.
5C:59:48 Apple Apple, Inc.
5C:5B:35 Mist Mist Systems, Inc.
5C:5B:C2 Yik YIK Corporation
@@ -22311,7 +22360,7 @@
5C:67:76 IdsImagi IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
5C:69:84 Nuvico
5C:6A:7D Kentkart Kentkart Ege Elektronik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
-5C:6A:80 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+5C:6A:80 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
5C:6B:32 TexasIns Texas Instruments
5C:6B:4F Hello Hello Inc.
5C:6D:20 HonHaiPr Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd.
@@ -22320,10 +22369,13 @@
5C:77:57 Haivisio Haivision Network Video
5C:77:76 TctMobil TCT mobile ltd
5C:7D:5E HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
+5C:81:A7 NetworkD Network Devices Pty Ltd
5C:83:8F Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
5C:84:86 Brightso Brightsource Industries Israel LTD
5C:86:13 BeijingZ Beijing Zhoenet Technology Co., Ltd
5C:86:4A SecretLa Secret Labs LLC
+5C:86:5C SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
+5C:86:C1 Dongguan Dongguan Solum Electronics Co.,Ltd
5C:87:78 Cybertel Cybertelbridge co.,ltd
5C:89:D4 BeijingB Beijing Banner Electric Co.,Ltd
@@ -22388,7 +22440,7 @@
5C:E0:F6 NicBr-Nu NIC.br- Nucleo de Informacao e Coordenacao do Ponto BR
5C:E2:23 DelphinT Delphin Technology AG
5C:E2:86 NortelNe Nortel Networks
-5C:E2:8C ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+5C:E2:8C ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
5C:E2:F4 AcsipTec AcSiP Technology Corp.
5C:E3:0E ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
5C:E3:B6 Fiberhom Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,LTD
@@ -22418,7 +22470,7 @@
5C:F2:86:E0:00:00/28 DaisenEl Daisen Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
5C:F3:70 Cc&CTech CC&C Technologies, Inc
5C:F3:FC Ibm IBM Corp
-5C:F4:AB ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+5C:F4:AB ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
5C:F5:0D Institut Institute of microelectronic applications
5C:F5:DA Apple Apple, Inc.
5C:F6:DC SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
@@ -22467,7 +22519,7 @@
60:2A:D0 CiscoSpv Cisco SPVTG
60:2E:20 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
60:31:3B SunnovoI Sunnovo International Limited
-60:31:97 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+60:31:97 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
60:32:F0 MplusTec Mplus technology
60:33:4B Apple Apple, Inc.
60:35:53 BuwonTec Buwon Technology
@@ -22806,6 +22858,7 @@
64:F2:42 GerdesAk Gerdes Aktiengesellschaft
64:F5:0E KinionTe Kinion Technology Company Limited
64:F6:9D Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
+64:F8:8A ChinaMob China Mobile IOT Company Limited
64:F9:70 KenadeEl Kenade Electronics Technology Co.,LTD.
64:F9:87 Avvasi Avvasi Inc.
64:FB:50 Roomread RoomReady/Zdi, Inc.
@@ -22860,6 +22913,7 @@
68:37:E9 AmazonTe Amazon Technologies Inc.
68:3B:1E Countwis Countwise LTD
68:3C:7D MagicInt Magic Intelligence Technology Limited
+68:3E:02 SiemensD SIEMENS AG, Digital Factory, Motion Control System
68:3E:34 MeizuTec MEIZU Technology Co., Ltd.
68:3E:EC Ereca
68:43:52 Bhuu Bhuu Limited
@@ -22970,6 +23024,7 @@
68:D2:47 Portalis Portalis LC
68:D9:25 ProsysDe ProSys Development Services
68:D9:3C Apple Apple, Inc.
+68:DB:54 PhicommS Phicomm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
68:DB:67 NantongC Nantong Coship Electronics Co., Ltd
68:DB:96 OpwillTe OPWILL Technologies CO .,LTD
68:DB:CA Apple Apple, Inc.
@@ -23043,9 +23098,11 @@
6C:41:6A Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
6C:44:18 Zappware
6C:45:98 AntexEle Antex Electronic Corp.
+6C:49:C1 O2ones o2ones Co., Ltd.
6C:4A:39 Bita
6C:4B:7F Vossloh- Vossloh-Schwabe Deutschland GmbH
6C:4B:90 Liteon
+6C:4E:86 ThirdMil Third Millennium Systems Ltd.
6C:50:4D Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
6C:56:97 AmazonTe Amazon Technologies Inc.
6C:57:79 Aclima Aclima, Inc.
@@ -23113,6 +23170,7 @@
6C:AE:8B Ibm IBM Corporation
6C:B0:CE Netgear
6C:B2:27 SonyVide Sony Video & Sound Products Inc.
+6C:B2:AE Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
6C:B3:11 Shenzhen Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co.,Ltd
6C:B3:50 AnhuiCom Anhui comhigher tech co.,ltd
6C:B4:A7 Landauer Landauer, Inc.
@@ -23132,6 +23190,7 @@
6C:D1:B0 WingSing Wing Sing Electronics Hong Kong Limited
6C:D6:8A LgElectr LG Electronics (Mobile Communications)
6C:DC:6A Promethe Promethean Limited
+6C:DD:30 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
6C:E0:1E Modcam Modcam AB
6C:E0:B0 Sound4
6C:E3:B6 NeraTele Nera Telecommunications Ltd.
@@ -23205,6 +23264,7 @@
70:3E:AC Apple Apple, Inc.
70:41:B7 EdwardsL Edwards Lifesciences LLC
70:46:42 ChyngHon Chyng Hong Electronic Co., Ltd.
+70:47:E9 VivoMobi vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.
70:48:0F Apple Apple, Inc.
70:4A:AE XstreamF Xstream Flow (Pty) Ltd
70:4A:E4 Rinstrum Rinstrum Pty Ltd
@@ -23335,6 +23395,7 @@
70:B3:D5:01:F0:00/36 SpxFlowT SPX Flow Technology BV
70:B3:D5:02:20:00/36 Ravelin Ravelin Ltd
70:B3:D5:02:50:00/36 ElsuhdNe Elsuhd Net Ltd Co.
+70:B3:D5:02:60:00/36 Telstra
70:B3:D5:02:80:00/36 At-Autom AT-Automation Technology GmbH
70:B3:D5:02:90:00/36 MarimoEl Marimo electronics Co.,Ltd.
70:B3:D5:02:A0:00/36 BaeSurfa BAE Systems Surface Ships Limited
@@ -23410,6 +23471,7 @@
70:B3:D5:0B:20:00/36 NdbTechn ndb technologies
70:B3:D5:0B:30:00/36 ReonixAu Reonix Automation
70:B3:D5:0B:40:00/36 Aver
+70:B3:D5:0B:60:00/36 LandisGy Landis Gyr
70:B3:D5:0B:80:00/36 Lucas-Nü Lucas-Nülle GmbH
70:B3:D5:0B:90:00/36 EasyDigi Easy Digital Concept
70:B3:D5:0B:A0:00/36 AyreAcou Ayre Acoustics, Inc.
@@ -23421,6 +23483,7 @@
70:B3:D5:0C:20:00/36 LookEasy Look Easy International Limited
70:B3:D5:0C:40:00/36 Tiama
70:B3:D5:0C:50:00/36 Precitec Precitec Optronik GmbH
+70:B3:D5:0C:60:00/36 Embedded Embedded Arts Co., Ltd.
70:B3:D5:0C:80:00/36 FinRobot Fin Robotics Inc
70:B3:D5:0C:D0:00/36 AmlOcean AML Oceanographic
70:B3:D5:0C:E0:00/36 Innomind Innominds Software Inc
@@ -23500,6 +23563,7 @@
70:B3:D5:14:E0:00/36 Innosoni Innosonix GmbH
70:B3:D5:14:F0:00/36 MobileDe Mobile Devices Unlimited
70:B3:D5:15:20:00/36 XpedPty Xped Corporation Pty Ltd
+70:B3:D5:15:30:00/36 Schneide Schneider Electric Motion USA
70:B3:D5:15:C0:00/36 WoodsHol Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
70:B3:D5:15:F0:00/36 Savroni̇ SAVRONİK ELEKTRONİK
70:B3:D5:16:10:00/36 MbConnec MB Connect Line GmbH
@@ -23621,6 +23685,7 @@
70:B3:D5:24:B0:00/36 ToseiEng Tosei Engineering Corp.
70:B3:D5:24:D0:00/36 InfoCrea INFO CREATIVE (HK) LTD
70:B3:D5:25:00:00/36 DatumEle Datum Electronics Limited
+70:B3:D5:25:20:00/36 SierraNe Sierra Nevada Corporation
70:B3:D5:25:40:00/36 Spectrum Spectrum Brands
70:B3:D5:25:50:00/36 Asystems Asystems Corporation
70:B3:D5:25:90:00/36 ZebraEle Zebra Elektronik A.S.
@@ -23754,6 +23819,7 @@
70:B3:D5:35:00:00/36 Tickster Tickster AB
70:B3:D5:35:20:00/36 Globalco Globalcom Engineering SPA
70:B3:D5:35:30:00/36 DigitalO Digital Outfit
+70:B3:D5:35:70:00/36 Moviment Movimento Group AB
70:B3:D5:35:90:00/36 Boutroni Boutronic
70:B3:D5:35:A0:00/36 AppliedR Applied Radar, Inc.
70:B3:D5:35:C0:00/36 AcsElect ACS electronics srl
@@ -23819,6 +23885,7 @@
70:B3:D5:3C:A0:00/36 Tti TTI Ltd
70:B3:D5:3C:C0:00/36 Teropta TerOpta Ltd
70:B3:D5:3C:E0:00/36 Aditec Aditec GmbH
+70:B3:D5:3C:F0:00/36 Engineer Systems Engineering Arts Pty Ltd
70:B3:D5:3D:20:00/36 Imagine Imagine Inc.
70:B3:D5:3D:50:00/36 OxynetSo oxynet Solutions
70:B3:D5:3D:70:00/36 RemoteSe Remote Sensing Solutions, Inc.
@@ -23996,6 +24063,7 @@
70:B3:D5:53:B0:00/36 MrLoop Mr.Loop
70:B3:D5:54:20:00/36 RtdsTech RTDS Technologies Inc.
70:B3:D5:54:40:00/36 SiliconS Silicon Safe Ltd
+70:B3:D5:54:70:00/36 CeLink Ce Link Limited
70:B3:D5:54:80:00/36 Digiverv Digiverv Inc
70:B3:D5:54:90:00/36 ProconAu Procon automatic systems GmbH
70:B3:D5:54:C0:00/36 HustyMSt Husty M.Styczen J.Hupert Sp.J.
@@ -24082,6 +24150,7 @@
70:B3:D5:5E:D0:00/36 EaElektr EA Elektroautomatik GmbH & Co. KG
70:B3:D5:5E:E0:00/36 Mikrotro Mikrotron Mikrocomputer, Digital- und Analogtechnik GmbH
70:B3:D5:5F:00:00/36 Managee managee GmbH & Co KG
+70:B3:D5:5F:10:00/36 FaterRas Fater Rasa Noor
70:B3:D5:5F:30:00/36 Rtone
70:B3:D5:5F:40:00/36 Fdstimin FDSTiming
70:B3:D5:5F:60:00/36 Freeflig FreeFlight Systems
@@ -24106,6 +24175,7 @@
70:B3:D5:61:A0:00/36 RocketLa Rocket Lab Ltd.
70:B3:D5:61:B0:00/36 Nubewell Nubewell Networks Pvt Ltd
70:B3:D5:61:C0:00/36 EarthWor Earth Works
+70:B3:D5:61:D0:00/36 TelonicB Telonic Berkeley Inc
70:B3:D5:61:F0:00/36 Labotect Labotect Labor-Technik-Göttingen GmbH
70:B3:D5:62:50:00/36 VxInstru VX Instruments GmbH
70:B3:D5:62:80:00/36 MectSRL Mect S.R.L.
@@ -24200,6 +24270,7 @@
70:B3:D5:6E:A0:00/36 Edgeware Edgeware AB
70:B3:D5:6E:C0:00/36 Crde
70:B3:D5:6E:D0:00/36 Wiingtec Wiingtech International Co. LTD.
+70:B3:D5:6F:00:00/36 Itelasof iTelaSoft Pvt Ltd
70:B3:D5:6F:20:00/36 P&CMicro P&C Micro's Pty Ltd
70:B3:D5:6F:30:00/36 Iungo
70:B3:D5:6F:60:00/36 AccoBran Acco Brands Europe
@@ -24218,6 +24289,7 @@
70:B3:D5:71:20:00/36 ApgCashD APG Cash Drawer, LLC
70:B3:D5:71:40:00/36 AlturnaN Alturna Networks
70:B3:D5:71:50:00/36 Riot
+70:B3:D5:71:60:00/36 LodeBv Lode BV
70:B3:D5:71:B0:00/36 Elsys
70:B3:D5:71:E0:00/36 MotecPty Motec Pty Ltd
70:B3:D5:72:00:00/36 Private
@@ -24232,6 +24304,7 @@
70:B3:D5:73:10:00/36 Phoniro Phoniro Systems AB
70:B3:D5:73:20:00/36 Tofwerk Tofwerk Ag
70:B3:D5:73:30:00/36 SaInstru SA Instrumentation Limited
+70:B3:D5:73:40:00/36 MansionI Mansion Industry Co., Ltd.
70:B3:D5:73:50:00/36 SwissAud Swiss Audio
70:B3:D5:73:70:00/36 SdBiosen SD Biosensor
70:B3:D5:73:A0:00/36 Private
@@ -24239,6 +24312,7 @@
70:B3:D5:73:D0:00/36 Netways NETWAYS GmbH
70:B3:D5:73:E0:00/36 TridentR Trident RFID Pty Ltd
70:B3:D5:74:00:00/36 PrismaTe Prisma Telecom Testing Srl
+70:B3:D5:74:10:00/36 How-E
70:B3:D5:74:20:00/36 YuyamaMf YUYAMA MFG Co.,Ltd
70:B3:D5:74:50:00/36 TmsiLlc Tmsi Llc
70:B3:D5:74:70:00/36 EvaAutom Eva Automation
@@ -24293,10 +24367,12 @@
70:B3:D5:7A:10:00/36 Excelfor Excelfore Corporation
70:B3:D5:7A:20:00/36 AlphaEss Alpha ESS Co., Ltd.
70:B3:D5:7A:40:00/36 PotterEl Potter Electric Signal Co. LLC
+70:B3:D5:7A:60:00/36 Electrol Electrolux
70:B3:D5:7A:70:00/36 Symbicon Symbicon Ltd
70:B3:D5:7A:80:00/36 Dieentwi dieEntwickler Elektronik GmbH
70:B3:D5:7A:90:00/36 Adidas adidas AG
70:B3:D5:7A:A0:00/36 SadelSPA Sadel S.p.A.
+70:B3:D5:7A:B0:00/36 Microgat Microgate Srl
70:B3:D5:7A:D0:00/36 Insitu Insitu Inc
70:B3:D5:7A:E0:00/36 ExiFlowM Exi Flow Measurement Ltd
70:B3:D5:7A:F0:00/36 Hessware Hessware GmbH
@@ -24344,6 +24420,7 @@
70:B3:D5:7F:80:00/36 SolveraL Solvera Lynx d.d.
70:B3:D5:7F:90:00/36 Css CSS Inc.
70:B3:D5:7F:B0:00/36 DbBroadc db Broadcast Products Ltd
+70:B3:D5:7F:D0:00/36 SysTecEl SYS TEC electronic GmbH
70:B3:D5:7F:E0:00/36 RchItali RCH Italia SpA
70:B3:D5:80:40:00/36 Pmt PMT Corporation
70:B3:D5:80:50:00/36 Eurotron Eurotronik Kranj d.o.o.
@@ -24354,6 +24431,7 @@
70:B3:D5:80:D0:00/36 DataPhys Data Physics Corporation
70:B3:D5:80:F0:00/36 Quickwar Quickware Eng & Des LLC
70:B3:D5:81:10:00/36 Cjsc«Int CJSC «INTERSET»
+70:B3:D5:81:30:00/36 WavemedS Wavemed srl
70:B3:D5:81:40:00/36 Ingenieu Ingenieurbuero SOMTRONIK
70:B3:D5:81:60:00/36 SmithMet Smith Meter, Inc.
70:B3:D5:81:70:00/36 AplexTec Aplex Technology Inc.
@@ -24465,6 +24543,7 @@
70:B3:D5:8F:30:00/36 TattileS Tattile Srl
70:B3:D5:8F:50:00/36 Stmovic
70:B3:D5:8F:60:00/36 Dofuntec Dofuntech Co.,LTD.
+70:B3:D5:8F:70:00/36 IESevkoA I.E. Sevko A.V.
70:B3:D5:8F:80:00/36 Wi6labs
70:B3:D5:8F:F0:00/36 Imst IMST GmbH
70:B3:D5:90:10:00/36 Ats-Conv ATS-CONVERS
@@ -24502,6 +24581,7 @@
70:B3:D5:93:60:00/36 FaroTech Faro Technologies, Inc.
70:B3:D5:93:80:00/36 JetiTech JETI Technische Instrumente GmbH
70:B3:D5:93:90:00/36 Invertek Invertek Drives Ltd
+70:B3:D5:94:00:00/36 Paradigm Paradigm Technology Services B.V.
70:B3:D5:94:10:00/36 Triax Triax A/S
70:B3:D5:94:20:00/36 TruteqDe TruTeq Devices (Pty) Ltd
70:B3:D5:94:30:00/36 AbbottMe Abbott Medical Optics Inc.
@@ -24519,6 +24599,7 @@
70:B3:D5:95:90:00/36 ZulexInt Zulex International Co.,Ltd.
70:B3:D5:95:A0:00/36 SigmannE Sigmann Elektronik GmbH
70:B3:D5:95:B0:00/36 SrsGroup SRS Group s.r.o.
+70:B3:D5:95:C0:00/36 WilsonEl Wilson Electronics
70:B3:D5:96:70:00/36 TattileS Tattile Srl
70:B3:D5:96:90:00/36 EmtelSys Emtel System Sp. z o.o.
70:B3:D5:96:B0:00/36 Focal-Jm FOCAL-JMLab
@@ -24534,12 +24615,14 @@
70:B3:D5:98:70:00/36 Axis Axis Corporation
70:B3:D5:98:90:00/36 Dcns
70:B3:D5:98:C0:00/36 Universi University of Wisconsin Madison - Department of High Energy Physics
+70:B3:D5:98:E0:00/36 AutocomD Autocom Diagnostic Partner AB
70:B3:D5:98:F0:00/36 Spacefli Spaceflight Industries
70:B3:D5:99:10:00/36 Javaspar Javasparrow Inc.
70:B3:D5:99:40:00/36 KeffNetw KeFF Networks
70:B3:D5:99:50:00/36 Laytec LayTec AG
70:B3:D5:99:60:00/36 Xpertsea XpertSea Solutions inc.
70:B3:D5:99:70:00/36 ProtomIn ProTom International
+70:B3:D5:99:90:00/36 Logicube Logicube Inc
70:B3:D5:99:A0:00/36 Kevic KEVIC. inc,
70:B3:D5:99:C0:00/36 Enerwise Enerwise Solutions Ltd.
70:B3:D5:99:E0:00/36 TrinityC Trinity College Dublin
@@ -24599,6 +24682,7 @@
70:B3:D5:A0:50:00/36 TransasM Transas Marine Limited
70:B3:D5:A0:60:00/36 KopisMob Kopis Mobile LLC
70:B3:D5:A0:70:00/36 IotrekTe IoTrek Technology Private Limited
+70:B3:D5:A0:80:00/36 Biobusin BioBusiness
70:B3:D5:A0:B0:00/36 Ambihome ambiHome GmbH
70:B3:D5:A0:E0:00/36 Vetaphon Vetaphone A/S
70:B3:D5:A1:00:00/36 W-Tec w-tec AG
@@ -24817,6 +24901,7 @@
70:B3:D5:BA:E0:00/36 Warecube Warecube,Inc
70:B3:D5:BB:20:00/36 MettlerT Mettler Toledo Hi Speed
70:B3:D5:BB:30:00/36 ApgCashD APG Cash Drawer, LLC
+70:B3:D5:BB:40:00/36 Integrit Integritech
70:B3:D5:BB:70:00/36 Innoflig Innoflight, Inc.
70:B3:D5:BB:80:00/36 AlKamelS Al Kamel Systems S.L.
70:B3:D5:BB:D0:00/36 Providiu Providius Corp
@@ -24848,6 +24933,7 @@
70:B3:D5:BF:30:00/36 Cg-Wirel CG-WIRELESS
70:B3:D5:BF:50:00/36 AcaciaRe Acacia Research
70:B3:D5:BF:60:00/36 Comtac comtac AG
+70:B3:D5:BF:B0:00/36 Sensor42 Sensor 42
70:B3:D5:BF:E0:00/36 AplexTec Aplex Technology Inc.
70:B3:D5:C0:10:00/36 Smartgua SmartGuard LLC
70:B3:D5:C0:30:00/36 XaviTech XAVi Technologies Corp.
@@ -24890,6 +24976,7 @@
70:B3:D5:C4:50:00/36 StiebelE Stiebel Eltron GmbH
70:B3:D5:C4:90:00/36 BtgInstr BTG Instruments AB
70:B3:D5:C4:B0:00/36 Anker-Ea ANKER-EAST
+70:B3:D5:C4:D0:00/36 RadaElec RADA Electronics Industries Ltd.
70:B3:D5:C4:F0:00/36 AeVanDeV AE Van de Vliet BVBA
70:B3:D5:C5:30:00/36 SLabsSpZ S Labs sp. z o.o.
70:B3:D5:C5:50:00/36 Intellig Intelligent Energy Ltd
@@ -24905,9 +24992,10 @@
70:B3:D5:C6:30:00/36 XentechS Xentech Solutions Limited
70:B3:D5:C6:80:00/36 MiniSolu Mini Solution Co. Ltd.
70:B3:D5:C6:A0:00/36 Private
+70:B3:D5:C6:C0:00/36 Mcq McQ Inc
70:B3:D5:C6:D0:00/36 CyvizAs Cyviz AS
70:B3:D5:C6:E0:00/36 OrionTec Orion Technologies, LLC
-70:B3:D5:C6:F0:00/36 NyantecU nyantec UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
+70:B3:D5:C6:F0:00/36 Nyantec nyantec GmbH
70:B3:D5:C7:30:00/36 CDN C.D.N.Corporation
70:B3:D5:C7:40:00/36 Qtechnol Qtechnology A/S
70:B3:D5:C7:70:00/36 YönnetAk Yönnet Akıllı Bina ve Otomasyon Sistemleri
@@ -25018,6 +25106,7 @@
70:B3:D5:D4:D0:00/36 Morey The Morey Corporation
70:B3:D5:D4:E0:00/36 Flsmidth
70:B3:D5:D5:10:00/36 AzcomTec Azcom Technology S.r.l.
+70:B3:D5:D5:40:00/36 JlWorld JL World Corporation Limited
70:B3:D5:D5:50:00/36 WmDesign WM Design s.r.o
70:B3:D5:D5:70:00/36 TriumphB TRIUMPH BOARD a.s.
70:B3:D5:D5:80:00/36 IdyllicE Idyllic Engineering Pte Ltd
@@ -25076,6 +25165,7 @@
70:B3:D5:DB:80:00/36 SistemSa Sistem Sa
70:B3:D5:DC:00:00/36 Ateme
70:B3:D5:DC:50:00/36 ExcelMed Excel Medical Electronics LLC
+70:B3:D5:DC:60:00/36 Idem Idem Inc.
70:B3:D5:DC:90:00/36 Sensoter Sensoterra BV
70:B3:D5:DC:A0:00/36 Dsan DSan Corporation
70:B3:D5:DC:C0:00/36 Eutron Eutron SPA
@@ -25168,6 +25258,7 @@
70:B3:D5:E7:E0:00/36 GroupeCi Groupe Citypassenger Inc
70:B3:D5:E8:20:00/36 RfTrack RF Track
70:B3:D5:E8:50:00/36 Explorer Explorer Inc.
+70:B3:D5:E8:80:00/36 BreasMed Breas Medical AB
70:B3:D5:E8:E0:00/36 MacnicaT Macnica Technology
70:B3:D5:E8:F0:00/36 Dismunte Dismuntel, S.A.
70:B3:D5:E9:00:00/36 GeteinBi Getein Biotechnology Co.,ltd
@@ -25185,6 +25276,7 @@
70:B3:D5:EA:20:00/36 Transpor Transportal Solutions Ltd
70:B3:D5:EA:30:00/36 Gridless Gridless Power Corperation
70:B3:D5:EA:40:00/36 GrupoEpe Grupo Epelsa S.L.
+70:B3:D5:EA:60:00/36 Galios
70:B3:D5:EA:70:00/36 SICESSrl S.I.C.E.S. srl
70:B3:D5:EA:B0:00/36 ApenGrou APEN GROUP SpA (VAT IT08767740155)
70:B3:D5:EA:C0:00/36 KentechI Kentech Instruments Limited
@@ -25362,6 +25454,7 @@
70:B3:D5:FF:E0:00/36 Private
70:B3:D5:FF:F0:00/36 Private
70:B5:99 Embedded Embedded Technologies s.r.o.
+70:B7:E2 JiangsuM Jiangsu Miter Technology Co.,Ltd.
70:B9:21 Fiberhom Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,LTD
70:BA:EF Hangzhou Hangzhou H3C Technologies Co., Limited
70:BF:3E CharlesR Charles River Laboratories
@@ -25395,6 +25488,7 @@
70:E8:43 BeijingC Beijing C&W Optical Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.
70:EC:E4 Apple Apple, Inc.
70:EE:50 Netatmo
+70:EE:A3 Eoptolin Eoptolink Technology Inc. Ltd,
70:F0:87 Apple Apple, Inc.
70:F1:1C Shenzhen Shenzhen Ogemray Technology Co.,Ltd
70:F1:76 DataModu Data Modul AG
@@ -25634,6 +25728,7 @@
74:E7:C6 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
74:EA:C8 NewH3cTe New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd
+74:EA:CB NewH3cTe New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd
74:EA:E8 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
74:EC:F1 Acumen
74:F0:6D Azurewav AzureWave Technology Inc.
@@ -26289,6 +26384,7 @@
80:8B:5C Shenzhen Shenzhen Runhuicheng Technology Co., Ltd
80:8C:97 Kaonmedi Kaonmedia CO., LTD.
+80:8D:B7 HewlettP Hewlett Packard Enterprise
80:91:2A LihRongE Lih Rong electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.
80:91:C0 Agilemes AgileMesh, Inc.
80:92:9F Apple Apple, Inc.
@@ -26314,6 +26410,7 @@
80:B2:89 Forworld Forworld Electronics Ltd.
80:B3:2A AlstomGr Alstom Grid
80:B6:86 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
+80:B7:08 BlueDanu Blue Danube Systems, Inc
80:B7:09 Viptela Viptela, Inc
80:B9:5C Elftech ELFTECH Co., Ltd.
80:BA:AC Teleadap TeleAdapt Ltd
@@ -26322,6 +26419,7 @@
80:BE:05 Apple Apple, Inc.
80:C1:6E HewlettP Hewlett Packard
80:C5:E6 Microsof Microsoft Corporation
+80:C5:F2 Azurewav AzureWave Technology Inc.
80:C6:3F RemecBro Remec Broadband Wireless , LLC
80:C6:AB Technico Technicolor CH USA Inc.
80:C6:CA EndianSR Endian s.r.l.
@@ -26739,6 +26837,8 @@
88:CC:45 Skyworth Skyworth Digital Technology(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd
88:CE:FA HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
88:CF:98 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
+88:D0:39 TclTechn TCL Technoly Electronics(Huizhou).,Ltd
+88:D1:71 Beghelli Beghelli S.P.A
88:D2:74 Zte zte corporation
88:D3:7B FirmtekL FirmTek, LLC
88:D5:0C Guangdon Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd
@@ -27184,7 +27284,7 @@
90:EA:60 SpiLaser SPI Lasers Ltd
90:EC:50 COBO C.O.B.O. Spa
-90:EF:68 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+90:EF:68 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
90:F0:52 MeizuTec MEIZU Technology Co., Ltd.
90:F1:AA SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
90:F1:B0 Hangzhou Hangzhou Anheng Info&Tech CO.,LTD
@@ -27893,6 +27993,7 @@ A0:9A:5A TimeDoma Time Domain
A0:9B:BD TotalAvi Total Aviation Solutions Pty Ltd
A0:9D:86 Alcatel- Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd
A0:9D:91 Soundbri SoundBridge
+A0:9D:C1 ChinaDra China Dragon Technology Limited
A0:9E:1A PolarEle Polar Electro Oy
A0:A1:30 DliTaiwa DLI Taiwan Branch office
A0:A2:3C Gpms
@@ -27976,7 +28077,7 @@ A0:E2:01 AvtraceC AVTrace Ltd.(China)
A0:E2:5A AmicusSk Amicus SK, s.r.o.
A0:E2:95 DatSyste DAT System Co.,Ltd
A0:E4:53 SonyMobi Sony Mobile Communications AB
-A0:E4:CB ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+A0:E4:CB ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
A0:E5:34 StratecB Stratec Biomedical AG
A0:E5:E9 Enimai enimai Inc
A0:E6:F8 TexasIns Texas Instruments
@@ -28268,6 +28369,7 @@ A8:1E:84 QuantaCo Quanta Computer Inc.
A8:1F:AF KryptonP Krypton Polska
A8:20:66 Apple Apple, Inc.
A8:24:EB ZaoNpoIn ZAO NPO Introtest
+A8:25:EB Cambridg Cambridge Industries(Group) Co.,Ltd.
A8:26:D9 Htc HTC Corporation
A8:29:4C Precisio Precision Optical Transceivers, Inc.
A8:2B:B5 Edgecore Edgecore Networks Corporation
@@ -28378,6 +28480,7 @@ A8:E3:EE SonyInte Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
A8:E5:39 Moimston Moimstone Co.,Ltd
A8:E7:05 Fiberhom Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,LTD
A8:E8:24 InimElec Inim Electronics S.R.L.
+A8:EE:C6 Muuselab Muuselabs NV/SA
A8:EF:26 Tritonwa Tritonwave
A8:F0:38 ShenZhen Shen Zhen Shi Jin Hua Tai Electronics Co.,Ltd
A8:F2:74 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
@@ -28387,11 +28490,11 @@ A8:F9:4B EltexEnt Eltex Enterprise Ltd.
A8:FA:D8 Apple Apple, Inc.
A8:FB:70 WisesecL WiseSec L.t.d
A8:FC:B7 Consolid Consolidated Resource Imaging
-AA:00:00 DecObsol DEC obsolete
-AA:00:01 DecObsol DEC obsolete
-AA:00:02 DecObsol DEC obsolete
-AA:00:03 DecGloba DEC Global physical address for some DEC machines
-AA:00:04 DecLocal DEC Local logical address for DECNET systems
+AA:00:00 DecObsol DEC # obsolete
+AA:00:01 DecObsol DEC # obsolete
+AA:00:02 DecObsol DEC # obsolete
+AA:00:03 DecGloba DEC # Global physical address for some DEC machines
+AA:00:04 DecLocal DEC # Local logical address for DECNET systems
AA:0F:85 Yamaichi Yamaichi Electronics
AA:38:C7 Kaloom Kaloom inc
AA:54:8B Tintri
@@ -28482,6 +28585,7 @@ AC:61:75 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
AC:61:EA Apple Apple, Inc.
AC:62:0D JabilCir Jabil Circuit(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd
AC:63:BE AmazonTe Amazon Technologies Inc.
+AC:64:17 Siemens- Siemens AG - Industrial Automation - EWA
AC:64:62 Zte zte corporation
AC:64:DD IeeeRegi IEEE Registration Authority
AC:64:DD:00:00:00/28 Jia-Teng
@@ -28589,6 +28693,7 @@ AC:DE:48 Private
AC:E0:10 LiteonTe Liteon Technology Corporation
AC:E0:69 IsaacIns ISAAC Instruments
AC:E2:15 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
+AC:E2:D3 HewlettP Hewlett Packard
AC:E3:48 Madgetec MadgeTech, Inc
AC:E4:2E SkHynix SK hynix
AC:E4:B5 Apple Apple, Inc.
@@ -28722,6 +28827,7 @@ B0:93:5B ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
B0:96:6C Lanbowan Lanbowan Technology Ltd.
B0:97:3A E-Fuel E-Fuel Corporation
+B0:98:2B Sagemcom Sagemcom Broadband SAS
B0:98:9F LgCns Lg Cns
B0:99:28 Fujitsu Fujitsu Limited
@@ -28738,7 +28844,7 @@ B0:AA:77 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
B0:AC:FA Fujitsu Fujitsu Limited
B0:AD:AA Avaya Avaya Inc
B0:B2:8F Sagemcom Sagemcom Broadband SAS
-B0:B2:DC ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+B0:B2:DC ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
B0:B3:2B SlicanSp Slican Sp. z o.o.
B0:B4:48 TexasIns Texas Instruments
B0:B8:D5 NanjingN Nanjing Nengrui Auto Equipment CO.,Ltd
@@ -28991,6 +29097,7 @@ B8:00:18 Htel
B8:03:05 IntelCor Intel Corporate
B8:04:15 BayanAud Bayan Audio
B8:05:AB Zte zte corporation
+B8:07:16 VivoMobi vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.
B8:08:CF IntelCor Intel Corporate
B8:08:D7 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
B8:09:8A Apple Apple, Inc.
@@ -29121,6 +29228,8 @@ B8:C6:8E SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
B8:C7:16 Fiberhom Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,LTD
B8:C7:5D Apple Apple, Inc.
B8:C8:55 Shanghai Shanghai GBCOM Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.
+B8:C8:EB ItelMobi Itel Mobile Limited
+B8:CA:04 HoltekSe Holtek Semiconductor Inc.
B8:CA:3A Dell Dell Inc.
B8:CD:93 Penetek Penetek, Inc
B8:CD:A7 MaxelerT Maxeler Technologies Ltd.
@@ -29158,7 +29267,7 @@ B8:E7:79 9solutio 9Solutions Oy
B8:E8:56 Apple Apple, Inc.
B8:E9:37 Sonos Sonos, Inc.
-B8:EC:A3 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+B8:EC:A3 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
B8:EE:0E Sagemcom Sagemcom Broadband SAS
B8:EE:65 LiteonTe Liteon Technology Corporation
B8:EE:79 YwireTec YWire Technologies, Inc.
@@ -29324,6 +29433,7 @@ BC:8B:55 NppEliks NPP ELIKS America Inc. DBA T&M Atlantic
BC:8D:0E Nokia
BC:90:3A RobertBo Robert Bosch GmbH
+BC:91:B5 InfinixM Infinix mobility limited
BC:92:6B Apple Apple, Inc.
BC:96:80 Shenzhen Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co.,Lt
BC:98:89 Fiberhom Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,LTD
@@ -29700,6 +29810,7 @@ C4:BE:84 TexasIns Texas Instruments
C4:BE:D4 Avaya Avaya Inc
C4:C0:AE MidoriEl Midori Electronic Co., Ltd.
C4:C1:9F National National Oilwell Varco Instrumentation, Monitoring, and Optimization (NOV IMO)
+C4:C5:63 TecnoMob Tecno Mobile Limited
C4:C7:55 BeijingH Beijing HuaqinWorld Technology Co.,Ltd
C4:C9:19 EnergyIm Energy Imports Ltd
C4:C9:EC GugaooHk Gugaoo HK Limited
@@ -29802,7 +29913,7 @@ C8:66:5D Aerohive Aerohive Networks Inc.
C8:67:5E Aerohive Aerohive Networks Inc.
C8:69:CD Apple Apple, Inc.
C8:6C:1E Display Display Systems Ltd
-C8:6C:87 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+C8:6C:87 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
C8:6C:B6 Optcom Optcom Co., Ltd.
C8:6F:1D Apple Apple, Inc.
C8:72:48 AplicomO Aplicom Oy
@@ -30033,7 +30144,7 @@ CC:55:AD Rim
CC:59:3E Toumaz Toumaz Ltd
CC:5A:53 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
CC:5C:75 Weightec Weightech Com. Imp. Exp. Equip. Pesagem Ltda
-CC:5D:4E ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+CC:5D:4E ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
CC:5D:57 Informat Information System Research Institute,Inc.
CC:5F:BF Topwise3 Topwise 3G Communication Co., Ltd.
CC:60:BB EmpowerR Empower RF Systems
@@ -30057,7 +30168,7 @@ CC:7A:30 CmaxWire CMAX Wireless Co., Ltd.
CC:7B:35 Zte zte corporation
CC:7D:37 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
CC:7E:E7 Panasoni Panasonic Corporation AVC Networks Company
-CC:81:DA Shanghai Shanghai Phicomm Communication Co.,Ltd
+CC:81:DA PhicommS Phicomm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
CC:82:EB Kyocera Kyocera Corporation
CC:85:6C Shenzhen Shenzhen Mdk Digital Technology Co.,Ltd
CC:89:FD Nokia Nokia Corporation
@@ -30278,6 +30389,7 @@ D0:7C:2D LeieIotT Leie IOT technology Co., Ltd
D0:7D:E5 ForwardP Forward Pay Systems, Inc.
D0:7E:28 HewlettP Hewlett Packard
D0:7E:35 IntelCor Intel Corporate
+D0:7F:C4 OuWeiTec Ou Wei Technology Co.,Ltd. of Shenzhen City
D0:83:D4 XtelWire Xtel Wireless ApS
D0:84:B0 Sagemcom Sagemcom Broadband SAS
D0:87:E2 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
@@ -30291,6 +30403,7 @@ D0:93:80 DucereTe Ducere Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
D0:93:F8 Stonestr Stonestreet One LLC
D0:94:66 Dell Dell Inc.
D0:95:C7 Pantech Pantech Co., Ltd.
+D0:96:FB DasanNet DASAN Network Solutions
D0:99:D5 Alcatel- Alcatel-Lucent
D0:9B:05 Emtronix
D0:9C:30 FosterEl Foster Electric Company, Limited
@@ -30389,6 +30502,7 @@ D4:11:D6 Shotspot ShotSpotter, Inc.
D4:12:96 AnobitTe Anobit Technologies Ltd.
D4:12:BB Quadrant Quadrant Components Inc. Ltd
D4:13:6F AsiaPaci Asia Pacific Brands
+D4:1A:3F Guangdon Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd
D4:1C:1C RcfSPA Rcf S.P.A.
D4:1D:71 PaloAlto Palo Alto Networks
D4:1E:35 TohoElec TOHO Electronics INC.
@@ -30436,6 +30550,7 @@ D4:55:BE Shenzhen Shenzhen Fast Technologies Co.,Ltd
D4:5A:B2 Galleon Galleon Systems
D4:5C:70 Wi-FiAll Wi-Fi Alliance
D4:5D:42 Nokia Nokia Corporation
+D4:5D:DF Pegatron Pegatron Corporation
D4:5F:25 Shenzhen Shenzhen YOUHUA Technology Co., Ltd
D4:61:2E HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
D4:61:32 ProConce Pro Concept Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
@@ -30679,6 +30794,7 @@ D8:AF:3B Hangzhou Hangzhou Bigbright Integrated communications system Co.,Ltd
D8:AF:F1 Panasoni Panasonic Appliances Company
D8:B0:2E Guangzho Guangzhou Zonerich Business Machine Co., LTD.
D8:B0:4C JinanUsr Jinan USR IOT Technology Co., Ltd.
+D8:B1:22 JuniperN Juniper Networks
D8:B1:2A Panasoni Panasonic Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd.
D8:B1:90 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
D8:B3:77 Htc HTC Corporation
@@ -31120,7 +31236,7 @@ E4:12:18 Shenzhen ShenZhen Rapoo Technology Co., Ltd.
E4:12:1D SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
E4:12:89 Topsyste topsystem Systemhaus GmbH
-E4:18:6B ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+E4:18:6B ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
E4:1A:2C Zpe ZPE Systems, Inc.
E4:1D:2D Mellanox Mellanox Technologies, Inc.
@@ -31268,6 +31384,7 @@ E4:E4:AB Apple Apple, Inc.
E4:EC:10 Nokia Nokia Corporation
E4:EE:FD Mr&DManu MR&D Manufacturing
E4:F0:04 Dell Dell Inc.
+E4:F0:42 Google Google, Inc.
E4:F3:65 Time-O-M Time-O-Matic, Inc.
E4:F3:E3 Shanghai Shanghai iComhome Co.,Ltd.
E4:F3:F5 Shenzhen Shenzhen Mercury Communication Technologies Co.,Ltd.
@@ -31334,7 +31451,7 @@ E8:2E:24 OutOfFog Out of the Fog Research LLC
E8:33:81 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
E8:34:3E BeijingI Beijing Infosec Technologies Co., LTD.
E8:36:1D SenseLab Sense Labs, Inc.
-E8:37:7A ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+E8:37:7A ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
E8:39:35 HewlettP Hewlett Packard
E8:39:DF AskeyCom Askey Computer Corp
E8:3A:12 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
@@ -31479,7 +31596,7 @@ EC:08:6B Tp-LinkT TP-LINK TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD.
EC:0D:9A Mellanox Mellanox Technologies, Inc.
EC:0E:C4 HonHaiPr Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd.
EC:0E:D6 ItechIns Itech Instruments Sas
-EC:10:00 EnanceSo Enance Source Co., Ltd. PC clones(?)
+EC:10:00 EnanceSo Enance Source Co., Ltd. # PC clones(?)
EC:10:7B SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
EC:11:20 Flodesig FloDesign Wind Turbine Corporation
EC:11:27 TexasIns Texas Instruments
@@ -31520,7 +31637,7 @@ EC:42:B4 Adc ADC Corporation
EC:42:F0 AdlEmbed ADL Embedded Solutions, Inc.
EC:43:8B Yaptv
EC:43:E6 Awcer AWCER Ltd.
-EC:43:F6 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+EC:43:F6 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
EC:44:76 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
EC:46:44 TtkSas Ttk Sas
EC:46:70 Meinberg Meinberg Funkuhren GmbH & Co. KG
@@ -31551,6 +31668,7 @@ EC:7C:74 JustoneT Justone Technologies Co., Ltd.
EC:7D:11 VivoMobi vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.
EC:7D:9D Mei
EC:80:09 Novaspar NovaSparks
+EC:81:93 Logitech Logitech, Inc
EC:83:50 Microsof Microsoft Corporation
EC:83:6C RmTech RM Tech Co., Ltd.
EC:85:2F Apple Apple, Inc.
@@ -31727,6 +31845,7 @@ F0:5F:5A Getriebe Getriebebau NORD GmbH and Co. KG
F0:61:30 Advantag Advantage Pharmacy Services, LLC
F0:62:0D Shenzhen Shenzhen Egreat Tech Corp.,Ltd
F0:62:81 Procurve ProCurve Networking by HP
+F0:65:C2 YanfengV Yanfeng Visteon Electronics Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
F0:65:DD PrimaxEl Primax Electronics Ltd.
F0:68:53 Integrat Integrated Corporation
F0:6B:CA SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
@@ -31892,6 +32011,7 @@ F4:15:FD Shanghai Shanghai Pateo Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
F4:17:B8 AirtiesW AirTies Wireless Networks
F4:1B:A1 Apple Apple, Inc.
F4:1E:26 Simon-Ka Simon-Kaloi Engineering
+F4:1E:5E Rtbrick RtBrick Inc.
F4:1F:0B Yamabish YAMABISHI Corporation
F4:1F:88 Zte zte corporation
F4:1F:C2 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
@@ -32449,7 +32569,7 @@ FC:EE:E6 FormikeE Formike Electronic Co., Ltd
FC:F1:36 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
FC:F1:52 Sony Sony Corporation
-FC:F5:28 ZyxelCom ZyXEL Communications Corporation
+FC:F5:28 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
FC:F6:47 Fiberhom Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,LTD
FC:F8:AE IntelCor Intel Corporate
FC:F8:B7 TronteqE TRONTEQ Electronic