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@@ -1355,8 +1355,8 @@ on the main system disk (normally <tt>C:</tt>) on Windows 9x/Me/NT 4.0,
and <tt>\Documents and Settings\</tt><var>your login
name</var><tt>\Local Settings\Temp</tt> on the main system disk on
Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003, so the capture file will
-probably be there. It will have a name beginning with <tt>wireshark</tt>,
-with some mixture of letters and numbers after that. Please don't send
+probably be there. It will have a name of the form,
+<tt>wireshark_iface_YYYYmmddHHMMSS_XXXXXX</tt>. Please don't send
a trace file greater than 1 MB when compressed; instead, make it
available via FTP or HTTP, or say it's available but leave it up to a
developer to ask for it. If the trace file contains sensitive