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From Frederic Roudaut:
I updated my previous patch of ESP : * It now check authentication for (similar to the ICMP checksum): - NULL Authentication - HMAC-SHA1-96 [RFC2404] - HMAC-SHA256 - HMAC-MD5-96 [RFC2403] (2) I put aside AES-XCBC-MAC-96 [RFC3566] because I did not succeed to have a working implementation. I added a field for any authenticator of 12bytes length (without authentication process) * I also correct the printing of this authenticator field which was decrypted :-[ . Thus, with this patch if libgcrypt is linked withe ethereal you should have the availability to : - decrypt packets - check authentication at the same time or not. If noone of these options are set (or libgcrypt is not available) you also may use the previous heuristic. svn path=/trunk/; revision=17858
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