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authorGuy Harris <guy@alum.mit.edu>2005-09-11 22:25:33 +0000
committerGuy Harris <guy@alum.mit.edu>2005-09-11 22:25:33 +0000
commitd8873511a77f2b58b420b83d719b204e4e18d127 (patch)
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parent51875708f2d6af1b8b645e3ad4874b309bcf4d2c (diff)
Frame numbers are unsigned, and they start at 1; 0 is what's used for
"unknown" for frame numbers. Note that in epan/frame_data.h, and make the frame number in experts unsigned, and use 0 for "unknown", and display it as an unsigned number - and, if it's 0, don't display it at all. Fix the signature of "expert_dlg_draw()" to match what a tap's draw routine's signature is expected to be. svn path=/trunk/; revision=15760
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diff --git a/file.c b/file.c
index 8b6619b97c..80a2c9f829 100644
--- a/file.c
+++ b/file.c
@@ -875,7 +875,7 @@ read_packet(capture_file *cf, long offset)
/* Allocate the next list entry, and add it to the list. */
fdata = g_mem_chunk_alloc(cf->plist_chunk);
- fdata->num = -1;
+ fdata->num = 0;
fdata->next = NULL;
fdata->prev = NULL;
fdata->pfd = NULL;