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authorAnders Broman <anders.broman@ericsson.com>2006-02-27 09:01:10 +0000
committerAnders Broman <anders.broman@ericsson.com>2006-02-27 09:01:10 +0000
commit0fc74ff3357fd9444963b8d22e730a6198a43a02 (patch)
tree548d7de9d8881cab0456fbf2529800ea91f45b3b /file.c
parent7d208bc4e0a56e17f1d9eedb08bf9841775a41ea (diff)
From dider
file.c time reference menu callback doesn't set cf->filter, it dumps a core if you have a file big enough in find next/ find prev. addr_resolv.c leak memory, break list chain when snooping address. svn path=/trunk/; revision=17419
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/file.c b/file.c
index 2b3a020b7d..2f6d741bba 100644
--- a/file.c
+++ b/file.c
@@ -2742,6 +2742,7 @@ find_packet(capture_file *cf,
gchar status_str[100];
int progbar_nextstep;
int progbar_quantum;
+ char *title;
start_fd = cf->current_frame;
if (start_fd != NULL) {
@@ -2763,6 +2764,7 @@ find_packet(capture_file *cf,
fdata = start_fd;
+ title = cf->sfilter?cf->sfilter:"";
for (;;) {
/* Create the progress bar if necessary.
We check on every iteration of the loop, so that it takes no
@@ -2770,7 +2772,7 @@ find_packet(capture_file *cf,
large file, we might take considerably longer than that standard
time in order to get to the next progress bar step). */
if (progbar == NULL)
- progbar = delayed_create_progress_dlg("Searching", cf->sfilter,
+ progbar = delayed_create_progress_dlg("Searching", title,
FALSE, &stop_flag, &start_time, progbar_val);
/* Update the progress bar, but do it only N_PROGBAR_UPDATES times;