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authorRoland Knall <roland.knall@br-automation.com>2016-07-22 13:31:07 +0200
committerGuy Harris <guy@alum.mit.edu>2016-07-22 21:59:31 +0000
commit4a6089795aa3dfcfa9cc2839190b05a10642c63e (patch)
tree264d3ea989511da3dd3f54aba24145aada00d0de /extcap/sshdump.c
parentcf4fc7baf95565a4725647704190b5455bb65f43 (diff)
sshdump: Change ws_close to closesocket
ws_close just calls _close(); that doesn't close sockets. closesocket() is the API to close a socket on Windows, and is defined as close() on UN*X, so using closesocket() will close sockets on Windows and UN*X. This way, we close the pipe socket correctly on Windows. Change-Id: I6d50e26bfabac5618c74a180cbe94d444b591bd4 Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/16582 Reviewed-by: Guy Harris <guy@alum.mit.edu>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/extcap/sshdump.c b/extcap/sshdump.c
index ab6988450f..a39f1bf3a5 100644
--- a/extcap/sshdump.c
+++ b/extcap/sshdump.c
@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ cleanup:
ssh_cleanup(&sshs, &channel);
if (g_strcmp0(fifo, "-"))
- ws_close(fd);
+ closesocket(fd);
return ret;