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authorGuy Harris <guy@alum.mit.edu>2016-12-12 00:19:44 -0800
committerGuy Harris <guy@alum.mit.edu>2016-12-12 08:20:22 +0000
commitb604fff1363e40f2327bd5765264f687eb1ec04a (patch)
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Rename non-EBCDIC-specific routines.
Those routines can handle any single-byte character set whose characters map to characters in the Basic Multilingual Plane; it could be used for extended ASCII, but we have another routine for that, mapping only characters with code points > 0x7f, so we just say "nonascii" rather than "ebcdic". Change-Id: I3d55b5d58e3e7ab08f3dfbfdb57a0301a30e71d4 Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/19214 Reviewed-by: Guy Harris <guy@alum.mit.edu>
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diff --git a/epan/charsets.h b/epan/charsets.h
index 6d54d42fa6..055d05e698 100644
--- a/epan/charsets.h
+++ b/epan/charsets.h
@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ get_ascii_7bits_string(wmem_allocator_t *scope, const guint8 *ptr,
const gint bit_offset, gint no_of_chars);
WS_DLL_PUBLIC guint8 *
-get_ebcdic_unichar2_string(wmem_allocator_t *scope, const guint8 *ptr, gint length, const gunichar2 table[256]);
+get_nonascii_unichar2_string(wmem_allocator_t *scope, const guint8 *ptr, gint length, const gunichar2 table[256]);
WS_DLL_PUBLIC guint8 *
get_t61_string(wmem_allocator_t *scope, const guint8 *ptr, gint length);