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Don't bother telling users that the save and copy commands are "only"
available in Wireshark 0.99.x and only when Wireshark was built with GTK 2.6 or later. svn path=/trunk/; revision=43138
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The <command>save</command> button will save the currently displayed
- portion of the graph as one of various file formats. The save feature
- is only available when using GTK version 2.6 or higher (the latest
- Windows versions comply with this requirement) and Wireshark version
- 0.99.7 or higher.
+ portion of the graph as one of various file formats.
The <command>copy</command> button will copy values from selected
graphs to the clipboard in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.
- The copy feature is only available in Wireshark version 0.99.8 or higher.